Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday already?

Lovely face I know... but the others turned out blurry. I really wanted a picture of her in this outfit too because it is purple (one of my favorite colors) and I have had it for over a year waiting on her to be able to wear it!

Normally this heading is NOT what would come out of my mouth, but each day I turn around and it is 11:00 pm. Not sure where the time is going! (not to sleeping, but I will just have to catch up this weekend, too much to fit in). Busy week, but GOOD! Lots going on at school which makes the days fly by. The afternoons involve everything under the sun, but its all fun stuff too. The best part is wrapping gifts, having the fire going, and then hearing Charlee Kate randomly sing "Jingle Bells" or "Rudolph". She LOVES Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer movie. She asks me non-stop yesterday if she could watch the movie with "red nose and snow bear". It is so cute and so much fun right now! Jeremy will be in Orlando so we will have some girl's afternoons with ice cream, maybe run to the mall, and then the Homewood Christmas Parade one afternoon as well. I think she will love it! It will be the weekend before we know it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The holidays!

How in the world is Thanksgiving over and now we are on to Christmas? I really really don't want it to get here fast. I have enjoyed every minute of our holidays and I want it to continue. Its been all about family, friends, and the time we all spend together whether it is just sitting around, eating, shopping, whatever. I have many exciting events that are going to take place over the next several weeks so I can't wait as I prepare for those events.

Our Thanksgiving holiday was great, with lots of fun activities. It started Thanksgiving morning with a turkey trot. Jeremy decided to do it with me at the last minute and we did 7 miles. It was nice! He hates running that long. He can handle it but would rather do insanity, which is 10 times harder, than run. Therefore, our MPH was about 7.5-8.2. He was pushing us but we had fun! His first race to do with me!!!! We didn't win the turkey though, LOL.
Another excitement from the weekend was definitely the Roll Tide win over Auburn! That is such a great rivalry and you NEVER know who will win no matter how good another team is. It is always up for grabs. Jeremy and my dad made the trip to Auburn, but I didn't have it in me after shopping. It was actually very nice just hanging out at my moms and watching the game on TV. I did a lot of her wrapping, as you can tell from the "bag pictures of Black Friday shopping". Those items needed a box and a home and did not need to sit in the bags long. It was just a nice day so even though the game would have been a blast, I enjoyed just watching it from the couch as well.

Shopping was so much on Friday (as I posted about). When I got to my house, I wrapped all my gifts to see what I had and still needed. We were so lucky all the favorite stores had such good sales. The sad thing is about 3-4 years ago Nordstroms used to be one of my favorites. Now I called Nordstroms a "glorified Dillards with expensive prices". I like Dillards, don't get me wrong, but it is sad how the economy is affecting so many stores and some are just nothing like they used to be. The only favorite store without black Friday sales was Louis Vuitton, LOL!!!

I hope to have lots of holiday posts. I have been waiting for after Thanksgiving so CK can start wearing her many Christmas outfits. They have multiplied, but I want her to wear lots of cute ones so I will try to post lots of pictures. I would love to get pictures of my decorated cottage up, but we will see. I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

We did manage to get our LIVE CHRISTMAS tree on Sunday when we came home. We came home that morning to a super clean house so unpacking was a breeze. It was so cold and rainy so the perfect day to stay indoors and do whatever. We got our tree and began to get the lights on it and put the ornaments up. Charlee Kate was so so eager to help and just loved every second of it. I could just watch her for days b/c she wanted to do every bit of it! We loved watching her. After we got it up, I ask Jeremy why it took us 4 years to do this. We have said we wanted a real tree for AT LEAST 4 years now, but every year we just do the same old thing and now I just love it. It just goes with the feel of the cottage. I was so happy with how it turned out and it is big, but we still couldn't get all of our ornaments on it. That was the best part, unpacking the ornaments and talking about them (where they came from, what year, etc...). Then I showed them to Charlee Kate, and she just loved to see what I would show her next. Merry Christmas! I love the feeling of Christmas!

She was helping Jeremy with the lights right here.
She wanted to stand on the stool as we added more to it. The tree doesn't look as big as it really is. I need to take more pictures, but these will have to do for now.
It is full of ornaments yet this picture doesn't make it seem that way. I did everything in red and turquoise this year as far as packaging, bows, etc... Love it!

I have a shoe tree that I put up every year. It has the cute high heels, boots, etc... that I have collected over the years. I love this one though... a Hunter rain boot, LOL! It was a new one I added this year.

Friday, November 25, 2011


A few Thanksgiving Pictures

Charlee Kate's Christmas Tree! I love the pink one

Again... truly thankful for so many wonderful things! The important and even the "non-important" things.

1. Jeremy, Charlee Kate, our HEALTH!!! (our Chloe too!)
2. My family and friends
3. Being back in Bama
4. Fabulous jobs
5. a Roof over our head
6. food (even sweets to bake : )
7. The trips we get to take for a vacation or a break
8. The peace God gives us when things don't go our way IMMEDIATELY, but sure do show up and prove how perfect his timing really is!
9. The obstacles, pathways, and adventures we get to go on to get to where we want to be
10. The positive attitude to keep going on days that we are tired, worried, or just plain having a bad day. Then realizing, so many people have it worse and we are so THANKFUL!!!

What am I leaving out??? millions and millions of things! I just know that I am very thankful for all of our blessings. I am surviving on 4 hours of sleep and 14 hours of shopping, it is bed time! Looks like the Iron Bowl will be watched on TV for me... the couch looks better for lots of reasons but the main two.... anxiety with the Big game approaching and not wanting to fight the EARLY morning crowd in Auburn. Sitting at home sounds fabulous to watch the game!!! Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving day. In fact, just 4! That is horrible, I will have many more from here on out for ALL family events and just everyday events.

On a different note... Thankful for the fabulous Black Friday day! Gosh we have had this tradition for about 20 years. That is a LONG time! How do people miss out on this?? I know tons of people do not like the hustle and bustle, but I haven't missed it this long and probably never will. I love it! I don't fight the Target crowds, just the fabulous mall deals! After about 4 hours of sleep for one reason or another, I was up at 1:00 and never back to sleep until I hit the shower at 3:00 am and then off we went to Atlanta. It was a great shopping day from no traffic, to front row and valet parks (yes even on Black Friday), finding so many fabulous deals at all my FAVORITE stores, no traffic at all coming home on a late Friday afternoon through Atlanta, and lots of patient people. It was a fabulous shopping day! Going through this packed out car and bags will take place tomorrow!!!

ROLL TIDE! We were packed out!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful!

No need to re-post my "book long" post or any others from the year. I feel like somehow, someway every post points out something to be thankful for. We are beyond beyond blessed! Truly thankful for this amazing Thanksgiving Day and we have so much to be thankful for. I am looking forward to the rest of our weekend and the upcoming weeks and this holiday season. It is going to be a great one.

God has blessed us WAY BEYOND our measures this year. What a fabulous 2011 and I can't wait to see what is yet to come!!!

Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It all started when I was probably in the 6th or 7th grade, many many years ago, LOL. We would ALWAYS take off on Thanksgiving afternoon after being with our family for Thanksgiving lunch and go somewhere (usually Atlanta) to spend the night for a night or two and go shopping for Black Friday. It was always my parents, Kelly, and me. We did this EVERY year and we were always the ones up super duper early, which back then, 5:00 would be an early time for something to open. We had many dinners at the gas station when we would get to Atlanta or wherever our destination was because NOTHING, I mean NOTHING was open! We would always get the paper so we had our coupons cut out and a plan in place! We would hit up every mall, every SAMS, every store imaginable in the areas. Usually Kelly and I barely had room to ride in the car on the way home and this was in a big SUV. Kelly and I have MANY MANY things we still laugh about because we were always up so early in the mornings (fighting other people for tables at the food court, rushing for parks at the mall, and the all time favorite "stirrup pants story" and "McDonalds.... You didn't get YO hashbrowns". I love these stories and they make me laugh out loud while I type!!!

We continued this tradition every year I think (mom and Kelly might could help out on this) until I got married. Then Jeremy went a couple of years, maybe, but then it sort of changed. However, we still don't miss out on our shopping day! It may just be the girls and my dad still likes to go every now and then, but we never miss that shopping day! I love it and I think I always have so many fabulous memories from Black "weekend" in our case. This year, I wanted to go back to Atlanta. In years past, it has been hard because we were traveling from Tampa and didn't want to exhaust ourselves that much to go to Atlanta, etc... but my "game is back on". I am so ready to tackle it again. Kelly is in Pittsburgh so I won't have her there to go along, but it will be me and my parents. I can't wait!!! Now when I look back over the years, I think of how those shopping days have changed. I love the memories and will keep them going!!!

I have been a little MIA over the past few days friends, sorry!!!! You saw the post of Game day on Saturday which was perfect. Then Sunday, we went to Jeremy's parents for Thanksgiving. That was a wonderful day, but I started getting sick. Really, seriously.... on Thanksgiving again! Last year was punishment enough! However, it is Tuesday and I am starting to feel strong again so I SHOULD be good! I cannot miss Thanksgiving food or (shopping) for that matter. This sick stuff has to go away!

Lots of pictures from Sunday will come tonight or tomorrow and many more on the way. Here is one little picture of my mantle, LOL. I love love it!!! The house has turned into the "cottage" I wanted. The little cottage from the movie "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz is always in the back of my mind b/c I wanted a cute little one like that in the movie, LOL. It is somewhat like it : )

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Perfect day

Yes, it was pretty close to a perfect day! It all began with a good night's sleep and not hearing an alarm before 5:00 a.m. Amazing how that feels!!! After we all slept super good, I turned on all the Christmas lights and had some coffee! We have all our trees up and all the decorations in the house, but we did REAL GARLAND this year and it is gorgeous. I will do it every year from here on out. The only thing left is the BIG CHRISTMAS tree. We have never ever waited this late for the big one, but we are doing a real one and they are not out yet. I am soooo excited about doing a real tree. I feel like I truly have a cottage now that it is all decorated and can't wait to go to the tree farm to pick out the perfect tree! I am feeling a little like The Grisswalds. LOL!

Okay I got off track... back to the day! Charlee Kate had such a sweet morning just playing while Jeremy worked out and I got in a good run, then we got ready for our big day. I had more coffee on the way out with a little pit stop at DD, then off to T-town we went. All the way there, Charlee Kate kept saying "Almost there!!!! Almost there!!!!". She was sooooo excited! She kept saying Roll Tide Roll too. I don't think I have ever seen her just go on and on about something and get so excited, when really, she didn't know what to expect or what we were really going to. We parked in "Dad's spot" and headed to the Quad to meet Charles. We picked up our tickets and headed to the reservation tent for some amazing catered food!!!! Not to mention that the weather was just gorgeous, about 60 degrees and overcast. Then we headed into the game, stayed through the first half and half time. Charlee Kate would clap everytime anyone clapped or shake her pom poms. She hugged us about 50 times and kept saying "I lub you mommy, I lub you daddy". Over and over and over!!! This was one of the first things (Bama game) that just about tied with her baba, a lollipop, or Deo (Dora). She never whined or cried the whole day. It was just new and she took in every second of it!

We decided to leave early to beat the traffic and allow her to nap just a little in the car. She played outside in front of the stadium for a few minutes then off we went. She took a great nap back, we made another stop at The Summit for a few great deals that were icing on the cake, and then home in time for some yummy soup and family time.

It was just the most relaxing easy day! It wasn't super crowded in T-town because we were just playing Georgia Southern, but it was the perfect game to take her to, the perfect weather, she was in the perfect mood... and it is all because we randomly decided this about 3 days ago. So glad we got decorated so it worked out. It was just so much fun and a perfect start to the holiday week!!!! Check out all the many many pictures! I didn't think twice to take a picture wherever we were with the papparazi camera.

I had several several cutesy Bama outfits, but I wanted her in something more fun and funky. This is what we went with. The smocked or the other cute ones would have been too cool for the day anyways.

I love this red tree... every year I love to look at this tree!

Eating two bites of a lollipop and she threw it down to play here. Something about this place just mesmerized her! I think her daddy was in heaven! She was doing his favorite thing! I think she may like this better than the mall, LOL
Heading into the game!

This was a quick picture before we left home because I wasn't sure if she would let me take lots of pictures, but she did!
This was her "ride" up until we made it to the Quad, where we left the stroller for game time

Feeding her inside the tent. She was a bottomless pit! You can't blame her, it was yummy food.

Friday night we went to eat with Jenn, Michael, and Jace at The Cheesecake Factory. Then off to the very short parade for Santa to make an arrival and for the lighting at the Summit. For 7 years I have received emails about this and this year, I was able to go! YAY!!!! The kids had a lot of fun playing together. This was in front of Anthropologie as they ran and ran and ran! So cute!!!!

Two very random pictures from the day... the top one just goes to show how hard she was playing. Check out that hair! Luckily we were leaving at this point. The bottom one, the cute little Juicy skirt that I love on her. Sags a little low, that means lots of room to grow, LOL!

The fun begins...

This may not be "fun" in your book, but my weekend started out great yesterday! We picked my car up from the dealership last night and it was so super clean. That totally makes my day b/c I don't have to do it and we have had some nasty nasty weather so it was so gross!!!! The other thing that was exciting was yesterday morning the Homewood Drum line came to perform at our school. They are awesome, just makes you want to play the drums. They are in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade so we will be cheering them on (hopefully they won't come on until after my Turkey Trot). Lastly.... my Friday was good and I got a little mojo back! I am so ready for the weekend.

I was telling one of my running partners the other day how things begin to "change" as you get into your 30's have children etc... She just got married and was asking me a few things, but I think back to the 7 1/2 years that it was JUST me and Jeremy. We had a blast, traveling and doing things that involved just the two of us. Then a little over 2 years ago we were blessed with our precious Charlee Kate and now we look forward to doing so many of those fun things WITH her!!! Don't get me wrong, we still enjoy some couple time to go on a trip every now and then, but our focus is so different! In December, Kelly and I are taking a girl's trip to NYC. We are super super excited! We have said that in a year (or probably 2 years) that girls trip will involve 2 sisters and 2 little cousins (Charlee Kate and Ella). We can't wait to take them on fun trips together, like sisters and we have decided that we have to make it a yearly thing for them to keep them close. I am sure Kelly and I will have just as much fun in the process too because we will be taking them to places that we absolutely love and can't wait to share with "the girls". Basically all of that to say...its funny how your focus can change, but all for the good! It was so neat to just talk it out on the run! I am so thankful Jeremy and I did have those 7 years together before we had babies. It was great growing time for the two of us and I feel like we are much better parents because of it!

So that was my random testimony for a blog post today! I have lots of cute pictures to post. I can't wait to post them this weekend. ROLL TIDE!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh I am so excited for the weekend!

Well tomorrow is Friday and I couldn't be more excited!!! For lots of reasons and the number one reason is because it is almost Thanksgiving and we have SUCH a fun weekend planned. The other reason is.... I have had my mojo motivation as a teacher for several weeks, but it has dropped drastically the last couple of days. I think I am like my students and need a mental break for a few days! We have had a super busy week with trying to get the house decorated, but we finally got it all done after going through boxes, picking and chosing my favorite decor b/c this house won't hold it all, then getting in the attic about 2-3 times, but finally done and I couldn't be more pleased! I just love it! We will do the big tree Monday and that is all that is left. I am so excited that we can enjoy our fun filled weekend and I am not cleaning and going through boxes. Yet, it is all Christmasy!!!

I had my first tornado warning day in the hallway with the kids on Wednesday. I have a feeling that will be a regular thing here. We don't take it lightly, but I just hate tornadoes. I know that "hate" is a strong word, but I feel like it is very appropriate when I am talking about tornadoes. They are just so scary! There were some storms that went through, but luckily we were all ok!

I put in a few more pictures of Charlee Kate at the river and the trees from last weekend. They have just been gorgeous this year. I love them and can't get enough of seeing them everyday! So... excited for some fun family days ahead, Christmas events, the Turkey Trot, and a little extra sleep might do the body good as well!!!

More pictures to come of our weekend once it is here.

I am very OCD and need to iron my floors, LOL! I didn't have too many issues while decorating, but I did knock over a candle that had been lit for a very long time. That resulted in wax EVERYWHERE. What a major pain!!! The best way to get it up, put paper bags on top and iron away. It worked! Not a lot of fun though!!! I would much rather be ironing clothes rather than my floor.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Busy yet simple. That describes our daily routines each week. We are busy 
with everyday chores, yet our lives are simple! We love to take walks, eat dinner
 together, and whatever else we can come up with. We save all the extra outings
 for the weekends! This sweet little face keeps our lives simple b/c we want to
 play with her all the time! This week is tough with Christmas decorating, cleaning, 
preparing for Thanksgiving, and observations at school, but we are almost half way 
there! We can make it! So blessed and thankful for such a precious child, family, 
friends, our health, and being back home! We are a blessed family!

Monday, November 14, 2011

It was a good day!

It was a good day/Sunday/weekend for Jeremy, I think. I hope he enjoyed the little extra treatment because he always is so good to us! I think he was a little surprised with his Birthday gift! I try but I have to think hard!!! I cooked a big meal on Sunday night. Then yesterday (which was his actual birthday), we went to a great little restaurant in Mountain Brook. We have tried a bunch of new ones and our "favorites list" keeps growing! It was so yummy and seeing all the Christmas lights was gorgeous! We are looking forward to Friday night at The Summit as they "light up the Summit" and Santa comes!!! I hope he enjoyed the day!
Charlee Kate by Jeremy's birthday sign

Oh how I LOVE LOVE her new pink tweed coat! Hot pink is running a close second to my "blue phase" this fall/winter. My blue items are growing by leaps and bounds. I need to post some favorites, they are pretty close to the Missoni leggings too!

Time to go out to eat for his birthday!

Just wait until you see pictures of Charlee Kate and Ella (coming in December). We have the cutest Christmas outfit for these two girls and Kelly and I are so excited! I can't wait to post pictures, but think I will wait until they are actually in them to post!! SO cute! We have been looking for weeks and weeks and CK has plenty of adorable smocked, applique, boutique, etc... but I think this tops them all! Having a girl is so much fun!

Last but not least... as I was reading this article in one of my Health magazines I saw something Dr. Oz had to say. It may not mean it is an EVERYDAY thing, but this is most days! Good thoughts!!!
Dr. Oz's way to Boost Energy! I like this... no excuses most of the time...I should be good to go because I get the majority of them in!

1. Exercise (especially in the morning)
2. Eat Breakfast (he even suggested oatmeal, which is my HUGE "go -to" breakfast)
3. 5 mini meals
4. Drink LOTS of water (This I do for sure)
5. Get the right vitamins... now I make sure I get all the right ones thanks to my doc!
6. Sleep Enough
7. Go outside... we do this almost everyday with CK