Friday, April 30, 2010

I should be a rock star... so they say

I have had a lot of these students for 3 years. I am really going to miss them (most of them). Here is a picture of my cute little kids. My little girls have become so grown up. They always like to point out what i wear, which is always funny to me. The other day they told me I should be a rock star!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 9th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the best husband ever! It has been 9 wonderful years and I just hope for many more. He is such a great daddy to our little girl and I am very blessed to have him!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Only in NPR

This gave me a good laugh....when Kevin was at the DMV on Monday morning.... he saw a mullet. As Kelly said, I didn't even know that these hair cuts were still allowed anymore!! Enjoy a good laugh because I surely did. Can you find it? Oh... just FYI, I very rarely have time to really proof my blogs. I try to but I just want to get the pictures and words on the page so if there are sentences or words that do not make sense... just read between the lines.

When Kevin was at the DMV this morning.... he saw a mullet. As Kelly said, I didn't even know that these hair cuts were still allowed anymore!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am the best....

Parent. LOL! I know you all are laughing or wondering why I wrote that. This morning we had our class for Charlee Kate's dedication. The lady in charge kept telling everyone there "you are the best parent and God had you in mind for your child". It was a good class.... I realized how important my roll as Charlee Kate's mamma is and it's all about my time with her. The "stuff" meaning grades, extracurricular activities, materials items, etc... doesn't matter nearly as much as the time that I spend with her. She will remember what we did together more than the other "stuff". So..... I took her to target and the grocery store with me today, haha! We had a blast!

She was soooo tired after church today. She was OUT in about 1 minute.
Getting ready for church and Charlee Kate is pulling a cheerleader move

A random picture that surely deserves a good laugh! I was soooo determined to get everything home that i could when I came back from Bama at Spring Break. I put Charlee Kate's car seat in a Christmas Tree bag and stuff other crap in there too. It was very comical to say the least, but I got it all home and put away. It was worth the trouble.

Friday, April 23, 2010

She is such a big girl!

OH BOY did she love her new car seat!! Can you tell by the smiles!! (more pictures below). She was so excited to be sitting up instead of laying down. However, she was in such a good mood this morning as usual, but talking like crazy! Even her Mimi said "she is sooo talkative" and she was loving it. Did you notice the cow print material on her car seat? I do love it, but now I think I need zebra. I may keep the cow print, but her name will be monogrammed in hot pink. I just won't tell Daddy until after it is done. haha! He will think I am crazy.
Mommy and her crazy head pieces!! It was so funny though that I couldn't take it off. Oh and she has the cutest gold gladiator sandals to wear with this outfit, but I let her jump on her bouncy without socks and she got a blister on her toe so I am having to keep socks on her right now with medicine on it. That was a bad mommy move!
At least the socks have ruffles

Loving the car seat and it works great in the new car!
She had to REALLY check this car seat out!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I know....

Her bow is BIG and CRAZY, but it looked so cute with this outfit. Can't wait for her to wear it when she has lots of hair.
Charlee Kate is doing great. I am amazed that she is almost 8 months old. She is growing and changing everyday; however, she is still very calm and laid back, just like her daddy. Here are the new things going on with Charlee Kate...

1. She now loves her bouncy seat and will squeal and bounce non-stop, but she likes it better when I am working out. I guess the elliptical, TV going, etc... is very exciting for her.
2. I SWEAR she is saying mama!! I point to myself and say mama over and over and then she repeats it in the same voice.
3. We are working on "bye-bye" non stop. She almost has it.
4. Right now it really appears that she has no desire to crawl. She just doesn't want anything bad enough to go get it. Everyone says she will crawl when she is ready. I guess I can enjoy this last little bit of time that she is stationary.
5. She has 2 teeth on the bottom and they are so cute. However, I still LOVE my teething tablets and motrin.
6. She still LOVES being OUT of the house and on the go. She will laugh and talk to anyone when we are out and about
7. She still sleeps 11 straight hours every night, which is wonderful for mommy and daddy
8. Believe it or not, she is getting thin some and getting hair, but I am probably the only one that notices, haha!
9. This weekend she is moving to a big girl car seat. This infant car seat is not her favorite at all anymore!!! I can't believe it!

All in all, she is doing great and just a happy baby! My favorite thing ever is to see that sweet smile when I go to pick her up in the afternoons. It just melts my heart!


Outfit was a little big... showing some skin, haha!

I think the hair is going to be brown, but still hoping for some blonde. Now the real question.... when do I pierce her ears. This is probably a very opinionated question that Jeremy and I will decide on when we are ready, but I want her to have them pierced. Can they just put them in there without them hurting though??? Who knows when I will decide.

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Car

It is time to say bye-bye to the Rover and welcome the new 5 series!! I remember getting the first Land Rover and I was so excited, but it was bitter sweet. I hated to see my 3 series go awhile back when I got the Rover. Well it was the same feeling today, bitter sweet as I transitioned back to the BMW. I am sure it won't be the last Rover I see though. I will always remember how that Rover saved my life when I had my wreck. However, I love the new car! It has been raining since I got the new car so I haven't taken a picture yet, but I will soon.

Charlee Kate did so good at the dealership for about 3.5 hours. Here she is just laughing and talking. Every single person that walked by she laughed and smiled at.
Bye-bye ROVER!!
Signing the new papers... that sure was a lot of fun

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday Kevin

On Thursday night, April 15th, we went out for Kevin's 40th Birthday. This was our night to have our first real sitter at our house that wasn't family. This is Krista. She works at CK's pediatrician's office and she was absolutely amazing with CK that night. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful baby-sitter in the area.
Kelly got a limo to drive us around for the night. We went to eat at Malio's Steakhouse in Tampa. It was very good and got lots of recommendations from some people that the best restaurants in Tampa. His real birthday is Sunday, April 18th... Happy Birthday Kevin!
It was Jeremy's job to "stall" Kevin while we waited on the limo because it was a surprise to Jeremy. I think Jeremy was just as excited when he came out and saw it
Kevin and Kelly
Me and Jeremy
One of the appetizers... escargot. Kelly talked me into trying it
I tried it. Basically just salty and slimy. No taste... haha!
I was concentrating hard
Parts of Tampa from the restaurant

The best part, dessert. It was soooo yummy!
The guys
On the way home

I think I was imitating how CK is always clapping here, somehow she is much cuter when she does it

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Weekend is here

I am so excited for the weekend to be here. I think this is the first weekend in a really long time where we have nothing to do. I have to run to the mall, squeeze in a long run on Saturday, and take Charlee Kate to the pool again!!!! So excited about fun things to do this weekend. Oh.... and I am slowly getting her summer gear that I totally wasn't prepared for. She now has a monogrammed towel and cute sun hats are on the way, so I am getting there!!! Enjoy a few pictures of her from this week.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good eats with Good friends!

Back at school and back to the daily routine.... here are a few pictures of Miss Priss at 7 1/2 months old!!!

Going out to eat with our friends Porter, Susan, and Wyatt.... best known as THE TARGET friends. The babies are 2 months apart exactly!!! We love spending time with them, but we realized if our babies get married... the would be a house divided b/c they are huge AU fans and of course we are HUGE Bama fans. LOL

She loved watching Wyatt talk and play. She was just entertained in watching him.
Babies eating puffs
Bad picture of Ck... but she LOVES to hold the leash and walk Chloe. This our nightly thing