Monday, August 27, 2012

Back and its an overload!I

So.... lots of pictures because I actually had time to load them and they are all here. I just put them all on one blog post. I feel like we are slowly coming out of the crazy busy schedule we have had. I KNEW August was going to be a whirlwind, but it was all good things, just lots of it all at once. From starting school, to closing on the house, starting the RENO on the house, moving into the house, getting projects started, CK's new school, CK's birthday party, getting ready for a trip, etc.... Not to mention trying to keep up with everyday routines, chores, and then needing to run errands. It's all coming together though. Thank goodness Jeremy has been around the last couple of weeks b/c I have needed his help as we get back in our routine. Jeremy took CK to school everyday last week so she could go a little later. That means, I had to give "hair instructions" b/c she was always asleep when I left. He did so good! He also took pictures when I ask him to. Even though I would have liked to be the one there doing all of this, it was okay that he was!!!

So.... picture overload, but I am glad I finally have several. You may notice how big this little girl is getting. WAY TOO BIG for me! I can't believe how time has passed.

Charlee Kate's first day of 3K with one of her teachers. Her teachers are so precious to her this year. I already love them dearly!!!

Eating her breakfast at home before heading off to school

Her little friend Sofia. Oh she LOVES LOVES Sofia.

Ready for school in her MJ dress! Daddy did good with piggy tails!

Charlee Kate's birthday will probably always be celebrated a week ahead because her birthday will fall on Labor Day most of the time. We celebrated her birthday this past Saturday with her little friends. We kept it short, sweet, and simple! She absolutely loves "ice cream", aka... yogurt, so we had it at the yogurt shop. It turned out really cute. She waited all day for her party to start and that was hard for her!


Nana was able to make it for the party!

Gammy and Pop were there for the party too : )

Friends with lots of ice cream

The 3 little friends from school

Time to sing Happy Birthday!

What a way to eat the cupcake. All she does is lick the icing anyways, haha!

Opening presents was kind of crazy, but that's the beauty of a 3 year old party.

Off to church on Sunday. It was the day to register her for Sunday School, Wednesday night choir, and meet her teachers. I can't wait for her to start these activities. I think she will love them!

Look at this newborn picture and now a 3 year old picture! How is it possible!

I will get to the point where I can post house pictures (before and after). Here are a couple of pictures of our street and the first picture is my FAVORITE house! Well I have 2 favorites, but this is one of them. I just love it. I love our precious neighborhood and street!!!! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are in!

We are in and all my "stuff" is in ONE place. YAY!!! I just like having everything all together, but for the last year, some was stored, some at our little cottage, and some just hard to see/find b/c it was in such a small space. We are now all under one roof. We have made LOTS of accomplishments over the last few days, but still need a good week to be all in and settled. The RENO will still be going on, but as long as most of the things are put up away, etc... that does make it a little easier and makes it more like HOME. This will be the home that Charlee Kate remembers. Of course, she remembers our old little cottage at this moment b/c we just moved out 3 days ago, but in years to come, I doubt she will remember it. It will be this new house that we just moved in and call our HOME.

Yesterday was Charlee Kate's first day of 3 year old class. Not sure how that is possible, but it is. She just has new teachers but all the little kids are the same ones from last year so that is good. She has some sweet friends in there. She went right in and started playing. It is so hard to let her go and to know that she is no longer in my little nest. I have to just pray and trust God as she gains (and will continue) to gain this independence and guidance from her teachers. As a parent, I care about the academics, BUT.... I care MUCH MORE about her being safe and feeling loved. I just pray that she has teachers that will love on her and make her feel loved (especially when she is missing her mommy!). Okay enough of the firsts, so much happening, but it has truly been blessings in our lives. I am amazed at how wonderful this transition is going. I was over the moon this time last year because I was finally back in Homewood, teaching here, living here, near our family and friends! This year, I am even more giddy at the fact that it is truly HOME, we have a house that is now HOME, we have made new friends, found a new church, etc... that is where Charlee Kate will grow up. I love to see all of this changing and happening.

Now that school has officially started.... bring on the Fall weather, leaves changing, Fall clothes, and of course FOOTBALL!!!!

I have just been a horrible picture taker for 2 months now. I have no idea why b/c that is not in my blood. I have to get it together again! I do have pictures from her first day and a few others, but I just haven't had time to load them. My nights are unpacking, cooking, putting away, playing with her, and just trying to get all settled. I will post some in a few days!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life as we know it..... is busy!

As if everyone's life is not at this time of the year!!! Each day is a blessing and I am so grateful for all the fabulous things that are happening in our life. School has started again, but I have had so much more extra time in my room this year because of the pushed back "start date" for the kids. I love not being a "newbie" at school, for having so many wonderful friends here, and my school being right down the street from my house. I love it! However, the beginning of the year is always crazy for a teacher just getting back into the routine of things!

The other super busy thing is the house. We closed on it last week FINALLY! A tree (that is hundreds of years old, gorgeous, big, etc.... was too close to the house, so it has to come down!). The sellers had to schedule all of this and it is taking place soon. SO big, that this will be a production that involves a crane! We really hate to see it go, but we had no choice. It had to. That just held everything up, but it all finally went through and that day after closing, renovations started! They haven't stopped at the house since we closed! All the walls, trim, doors, are being painted. Floors sanded and completely re-done. Those 2 things had to be done before we could move in. Then the kitchen, bathroom, outside of the house, will take place while we are living there. It is sooooo exciting though. I have learned so much about hardwoods alone and how older hardwoods are better than ones now. Reason is... the grain of the wood they used "back then" and "back then" the trees were "older" that they cut down so it made for better hardwoods and now a days, people chop them down all the time, so they aren't as old, not as good of hardwoods. Interesting! Jeremy ask the guy if he could use the wood from our tree coming down (for the kitchen floors b/c it was the only room with no hardwoods and we have to add them). LOL... he was kidding, but leave it to Jeremy to come up with a come back that fast. So.... in a week, we will be in the new house for GOOD, but the RENO will still be going on for a little while.

So my nephew and Jeremy moved most of everything over to the house and stored it in the basement last week. That took a lot of time and so glad it is over. Our nephew is a HUGE help to Jeremy! He stayed with us for several days. Since we were at a "lull" we went to the lake house this past weekend and it was gorgeous! No humidity and Sunday morning it was 57 degrees. Loved it!!! We needed that little bit of rest b/c we probably won't rest again until the Dallas trip. Our biggest pieces of furniture, which seems to be most of it b/c it is all big, is getting moved this upcoming weekend. Its so exciting, but all of that is keeping the Wilson's busy! (along with Jeremy working, CK's birthday party coming up, MJ party at my house, etc...) It is so worth it.

Here are the most recent pictures taken of my little angel. She has really developed into a MOMMY's GIRL! I would be lying if I didn't say I LOVE IT (most of the time), but she is my side kick!!!

I love these little smocked swimsuits on her. They are just my favorite! She was waiting on her nails and toenails to dry. She loves for me to paint them!
Nana and CK
She loved laying the grass with her cousin Ryan and looking up at the sky! She thought it was so fun! The little things in life that kids truly appreciate!
Watching TV at the Lake

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I can upload pictures again!!!

Photos are now up! I had to buy more storage for my blog b/c I Had so many pictures on it. Now I can start updating again. I am so glad b/c I was worried about that. However b/c I knew uploading pictures was hard, I did not take any in the last week. Ella has been here with mom since last Wednesday. Mom got Charlee Kate as well for about 4 days, then I got both girls for 3 days, now Ella is back with mom, and CK heads there tomorrow night. Fruit basket turn over it is!!!! We like the girls to be together as much as possible though when Ella is in town and they have a blast together. I did so much with the 2 girls, but just never took pictures and I was so mad at myself. I am doing better and back on my kick. 

Our days have been fabulous! We love the Birmingham Museum of art and the exhibit there for children. It is one of the best things we have found to do in Birmingham! We also joined the McWane Center. That is one of those places I can go for an hour, but after that, it can drive you crazy. Now we can just go in short spurts and that is such a relief. Other than that, lots of good cooking and hanging out at home. The girls kept saying they wanted to "watch the Olympics". They loved watching it together. In the meantime of all the going back and forth, I was by myself for 2 nights, so I met up with an old college friend and that has been amazing! Pictures to come soon, but we are so glad that we are able to get back together. 

Here are a few pictures I took of Charlee Kate awhile back or a few weeks ago. I will post again in a couple of days : )