Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cheer bowling party

Cheer bowling party

Sunday afternoon Charlee Kate had a cheer/bowling party. This was her first time to go bowling and she loved it! It was definitely something we would do again. 

Beckham stayed back with his daddy while we went bowling. CK kept making these goofy faces so we went with no smile 
I enjoyed the bowling trip. I had a coffee and sat and watched the girls 
We took Leyton with us bowling. These girls really had fun together 

Her first time to bowl! It looked straight but didn't really go as planned 🎳
Pizza, French fries, and cake...a great bowling snack 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Veterans Day...a day off

A day off from school

Veterans Day turned out to be the perfect day! The weather was gorgeous, it was carefree and relaxing. And the best part was...I got to spend it with my two little loves. Those are some of the best days! 

We started our day with painting daddy's birthday cards and pictures. Beckham loves to paint!!! I think he would sit and do this for hours but as the mess grew rapidly, we finally had to stop. Next time this will be an outside project! 🎨
The kids love to go ride the carousel, have lunch, and get a cookie at the Galleria. They have already transformed the carousel to Christmas with the sleigh and reindeer. Kids loved it! Perfect morning on a day off from school

Thank goodness mommy plans ahead and we got there early! It was getting crowded as we left. 
Brown eyes like his daddy but he has his mommy's blonde hair
Friday spirit day is my motto! I have done this for years! So...on Fridays, we are Bama ready! Roll tide! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy birthday Jeremy

Happy birthday jeremy! I am Definitely a lucky woman to have snagged this guy 20 years ago. It's been an adventure and I can't imagine doing it with any other mention just a few...12 moves, 4 houses, 2 kids, a few headaches here and there, many many fun trips and travels, and our little fur baby Chloe. Thankful God brought him into the world some 30+ years ago and most importantly that we get to call him ours 

Our Florida friends were here....

We had several fun days with our Florida friends in town. What a blessing it is to have friends here in Birmingham that we met 10 years ago in a town where we knew no one. Several moves later, a few years older, 3 kids later, and probably a little wiser...we all still get to see each other. That's a blessing to have friends like that! Thankful for the Ciliberti's!

The very first morning...eating breakfast. These kids acted like they were long lost cousins. Never stopped imagining, playing, and laughing! We never heard the words "I am bored!" They had the best time playing 
Friday we went to the zoo. No one was there! It was short, fun, and then off to lunch. I wanted Ashley to eat and see as much of Homewood as we could. This little guy would rather watch tractors than see animals. 
These two entertained themselves on Beckham's toys

Off to the game we went. It wasn't the best football day bc of the weather but still a great adventure 
You do what you have to do in rain 

Girls getting silly! We hung around for a few minutes then the girls headed out shopping 
Ashley and Charlee Kate built an American girl doll teepee before game time 
Sunday fun!! Yummy treats, playing outside, the park...

These two loved the leaves! It was priceless watching them! It's amazing how wonderful leaves are. They literally played in them for hours!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Some October pictures...

One day before school...I had to snap her picture because this outfit still made her look like my little girl. Then Beckham wanted to jump in the picture in his pajamas. 

Sunday, October 25....fall carnival at Ross bridge. My dad took Charlee Kate and her friend Leyton 
Carving a pumpkin. Always a fun thing 

Charlee Kate wrote on the back of our pumpkin. I loved it!
Our morning walk through the tunnel to school 
Pajama day for red ribbon week 
Mix match day at school for red ribbon week
Red ribbon week: what do you want to be when you grow up? Make up artist 
My little guys "Friday spirit day" Roll Tide
It was the best day for the park!
Witches ride parade in homewood Catching candy 
Wear red day for red ribbon week! (We wore red and pink)

Monday, November 2, 2015


Halloween...always fun, crazy, and exciting! Our kids were "Bee" Ham this year...equals Bham. Haha. We love where we live! Beckham wasn't too excited for a costume so this was a cute way to have a costume for him. Charlee Kate loved being a bee and getting her makeup done. 

My little bumble bee. She looks so grown!!
Throw back to 5 years ago when she wore the same costume at 1 years old 💗🎀🐝
Our traditional Halloween is cooking with the McElroys and going out together. We are SO blessed to have our wonderful neighbors
These two cuties taking a ride and eating candy. I loved going trick or treating early this year. We had to beat the rain but it was perfect going when it was still light outside 
Halloween day! I made a pumpkin cheesecake French toast casserole, eggs, bacon, and the kids donuts! It was a tummy breakfast with Halloween happies!!