Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve

Charlee Kate is at such a fun age and she has really enjoyed Christmas this year. It was time to start a few traditions with her this year. This would be our first year at home on Christmas morning with Santa coming to our house. My parents came to our house to spend the night and see Santa toys. We had our usual wonderful Christmas breakfast that morning after seeing Santa. We also started a tradition 2 years ago of having a live tree every year with the big colored lights and live garland. That has been a HUGE favorite of mine. I just love having the live ones. We did have our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast with the Jones's. Mom and I actually hit a few fabulous Homewood stores and found some great Christmas things on sale before they all closed, then we went to church for a sweet little Christmas program for children, and on to Gian Marcos.... a huge Homewood favorite local restaurant. We thoroughly enjoyed our day. It was a nice relaxing Christmas Eve day.  I was a little nervous about how Christmas Day would turn out because big storms were predicted for Christmas day and they were giving some major warnings concerning these storms. That always makes me nervous, especially on such a special holiday, but it turns out that all was okay. We never even came out of our pajamas on Christmas day. I don't think I have done that all year. We even watched 2 movies. Days like that are fabulous.... especially when its raining. The day after Christmas was SUPER cold (which I LOVE), but that is also the reason we were expected to have bad weather because of the cold front coming through. There were snow flurries that morning and it was so nice. Christmas Eve and Christmas day were both such wonderful days with our family! 

One of my favorite, gorgeous Christmas sights.... downtown Mountain Brook Village. It is gorgeous and the pictures do not do it justice. There is a huge tree out in front of Bromberg's so as we were riding around looking at Christmas lights, we stopped for pictures by the tree. 

There is a precious little white door on a wooden fence by my school. Everyday on the playground I think how adorable it would be to make pictures by this door.... so we stopped by this little area to take pictures before heading to eat at Gian Marcos.

She was not in a great mood to start with and then we saw Santa... aka... an airplane. However, the white smoke from the airplane can be turned into Santa when you need it to. This made her smile from ear to ear and we were able to get some pictures at this point.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Memories!

We are always making memories and this year, I wanted to capture every one of them with Charlee Kate. December has been such a wonderful month. We really tried to do as many Christmas things as possible without getting too busy. Once I was officially out of school, we headed to Jacksonville for just a couple of days. In those 2 days, we tried to see as many people as we could. We had Christmas at my Grandparents, breakfast with my childhood friend Emily and her little boy Asher, then Christmas at Jeremy's family's house, and last.... we had brunch with my Granddad before heading back to Birmingham. We crammed a lot in in 48 hours, but it was nice. 

I have had to split the pictures into 3 blog posts, so there will be several coming the next few days. 

Patsy and Asher and mom and Charlee Kate

We are beyond blessed to still be so close! My mom started keeping Emily when she was just a few months old. We have practically been like sisters all our lives. Charlee Kate loved sweet baby Asher and he was the sweetest baby. So easy going. 

Here is a picture 2 Christmas's ago.... this was before Baby Asher and right after Emily got married.
2 years later....

She looks just like her daddy right here! We had Christmas at Jeremy's parents on Saturday for a late afternoon meal. We had a great time with great food, opening presents, and playing games. Its nice when Charlee Kate is the youngest of 8 grandchildren. She has lots of people to baby her and play with her. 

Our nephew Josh in the background.... this is what its like with teenagers. We love it though!

Jeremy and Charlee Kate talking to his dad.... 

Out of 8 grandchildren, only 3 are girls! Here are the girls!

All the Wilson Grandchildren... Jake does have his girlfriend with him as well! I can't believe 2 are graduating and going to college this next year.

More posts to come!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Christmas Letter

For some reason... this year I ran out of Christmas cards and letters. Here is our Christmas letter for the year. I will post a picture of the card soon. So excited for our weekend before Christmas!

Christmas Letter 2012
Merry Christmas Everyone! It seems like I just sent this letter out. It’s been a great year and another busy one, but all things are good and such a blessing! A lot of you keep up with us on our blog and that is probably the best way to see what is happening in the Wilson House! Here is the blog address if you need it… Blog address:

Our year was full of many great things! I feel like we are actually settled here in Birmingham and this has truly become home. We have found a great church that we absolutely love, we both love our jobs and what we do, we bought a house, have met new friends through Charlee Kate’s school, church, and neighborhood, and have found all the doctors and necessities that you need to live day to day. Whew… doesn’t just happen over night but everything has fallen into place.

Charlee Kate is so full of life, energy, and definitely independence. Boy… when she hit 3 years old, that independence kicked in big time. At some moments it is so cute and other moments are a little more challenging! She absolutely loves school, always wants to go, and loves her friends Harper, Sofia, Max, and Ian. She talks about them all the time. She also absolutely loves her Wednesday night children’s choir and Sunday school. Her teacher “Miss Betty” just makes her day. She has always loved singing, but now she really gets to sing. I can never get her to sing “on cue” but if you listen to her in the bath tub, in the car, going to sleep, or playing by herself… she sings everything imaginable and songs I didn’t even know that she knew. I love it! She has a huge imagination and can play for hours by herself if she wants or with someone. She loves to talk to herself, create things that are happening, and “parent” her babies. I can actually hear how Jeremy and I parent her, because she does the same things to her babies. That is definitely a good eye opener for both of us. I just don’t know how she is growing up so fast on me.

Jeremy and I are both still with our same jobs. He still sells Life Fitness and Hammer Strength exercise equipment and has AL, MS, and part of FL as his territory. As for me, I am still teaching in Homewood and still in 4th grade. I absolutely love the school and the system. We have made so many friends just being at this school. It is also exciting that my best child hood friend, Jennifer, and I both teach the same grade in the same school system. One of the perks of living here in Homewood is being 2 miles from my school and about ½ mile from Charlee Kate’s school. We don’t have to go too far!

Jeremy and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in April. We took a random trip to Baltimore and Washington D.C. It was mainly time for us to just get away and see something new. We did get to spend time with my friend Stephanie in D.C. and that was a lot of fun. It was actually a really fun place to visit. We also took a trip to Dallas in September for the Bama game at the Cowboys stadium. We went with some close friends and had a blast! We did enjoy lots of time at the lake house as much as possible and tried to make 2 beach trips, but it seems to rain and storm both times. I enjoy the beach at winter time too though! Since Bama is going to yet… another National Championship… South Beach is in the very near future!!!

Just when I think a year can’t get any better, it does! The best part of it all, is how truly blessed we are to have our family, friends, health, and be back home! I just absolutely love this time of the year and I want to take in every minute and second of it!!! We truly hope that you and your family have also had a blessed year and have a very Merry Christmas.

With all our love, Jeremy, Jamie, and Charlee Kate (and Chloe)

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Relaxing weekend

 Our weekend was a fabulous one, very relaxing and not too much happening. It is nice to have those around this time of the year! Jeremy and I had a date night one night... Friday Eve or Weekend Eve. Charlee Kate loves it when Jenna, her baby-sitter comes to stay with her. She gets so excited!!! We have spent a lot of time lately on the swing on the porch. This is one of our favorite spots, read books, play or whatever. Charlee Kate loves to go out there and look out the window.

This is such a fun time of the year. So many special things taking place and Charlee Kate just loves anything and everything that we do related to Christmas. It makes it so much fun for us! One Tradition I started with her, that I remember VERY VIVIDLY as a child, is the advent Candy calendar. I still have mine that I had when I was a little girl and that is the one Charlee Kate uses. She gets so excited to get her candy each day and she is counting the days until Christmas! Last week of school....I hope the rest of the Christmas season goes by slow and that we truly enjoy the fun time with each other more than anything else : )

Saturday, we took Charlee Kate to her friend Mary Florence's birthday party. She had so much fun playing and was fast asleep as soon as we got in the car! That night we took her to the Birmingham Zoo to their Zoo Light Safari. She loved riding the train and looking at all the many many colorful lights.

The train ride at the Zoo!
Sunday was a rainy day ALLLLL day long! We made it to church but then came straight back home. That afternoon after CK's nap, we made a Gingerbread house and Gingerbread train. This has to be the most favorite thing to her. All the candy... decorating... eating some! She loved every minute of it and so did we.

Off to school we go! She always ask me "Is today a school day?". She wants to go all the time!

Friday, I left School Early to help be a mom to prepare for CK's party at school. We decorated gingerbread cookies, made trail mix, ate lots of yummy snacks, and watched how cute all those little 3 year olds were. She was so ready for her Christmas party at school!

Birthday Party on Saturday at the Jumpy Place!

One day when I was out of school, I ran by and had lunch with CHarlee Kate. She was so good and she so enjoyed it! I loved being there and boy... she ate tons of lunch that day too! The ladies that make their lunch must do a great job!