Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Circus Weekend!

I have been waiting for this past weekend for awhile. I couldn't wait to take Charlee Kate to the circus. We were so excited! Of course, I did not tell her about it until the day of the circus. Within that small time period, she ask me about 10 times when we were leaving. After she figured out cotton candy was there, I think that was what she was most excited about. Once we got to the circus, we got her the cotton candy... her favorite.... and she absolutely loved the animals. The clown acts were not her favorite (or mine), but the animal acts were great. It was so much fun and she was at the perfect age! I saw so many kids younger than her STRUGGLING to survive the 2.5 hours so her age was perfect. I enjoyed the Circus myself, but watching her was the best part!!! It was a wonderful weekend!!!

I am home today because of bad weather that was expected to roll through this morning. We do not have to go to school until 11:00. Thankfully, all has been okay!!!

A few pictures of us heading out to see our parents on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and gave me a little Spring Fever but I am not ready to give up my winter yet!

Jeremy still has the long hair.... it was just wet here!

Heading to the Circus! I took pictures of the actual circus but didn't post those. She was more exciting!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Roll Tide Saturday!

Pictures can speak for themselves! It was a gorgeous gorgeous Saturday! Charlee Kate and I went out to breakfast and the mall together. Jeremy was at Ole Miss, but we expected him home by lunch. As soon as he got home, we headed to Tuscaloosa for the celebration parade and walk of Champions at Bryant Denny Stadium. After a fabulous "Roll Tide" afternoon, we had lunch and headed back. Perfect way to enjoy the day outside. Roll Tide!!! #15.... will 16 come next? I said last year, 15 would be pushing it, but it happened. You never know. I can't wait until football season again. 

Heading out to the mall!

 The parade was about to start and she just woke up from a nap in the car. She was not quite awake yet.

Last but not least... we had lunch with our good friends Lisa and Harper the other day. The girls had fun and here we are at our FAVORITE purse store. Any guesses? Whew... the purses and sunglasses were so tempting to these little girls, but definitely not in their budget. They need a few years on them.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rain went away... snow came!

So the last few days, well.... maybe week, it has rained and rained and rained. I think we got a brief break one day where it did not rain, but it was very cloudy and dreary. However, the rain finally turned into beautiful SUPER hard snow today! I seriously would call it a snow storm it was snowing so hard. Well maybe a snow storm for the south, not the north. Anyways, the ground wasn't cold enough to make it stick for a long time but because it snowed so hard and had such big snowflakes, it stuck a lot more than the weather men predicted. It was those beautiful big snowflakes that covered everything!

Luckily I was at a meeting at the Board and we left early. I ran to get Charlee Kate from school and Jeremy was already ready at home to head outside to make a snowman. Charlee Kate truly had a blast in the snow and loved making the snowman. That was the first thing she told me she wanted to do when I picked her up from school. After her snowman, we hung out inside and she would run to the window to check on it every now and then. Right before dark, the skies cleared and the sun started to come out. It is going to be below freezing tonight so we expect some of the melted snow to turn to ice, which caused the school systems to go ahead and call a late start for schools tomorrow, YAY! The other exciting thing is... the next 7 days seem to be all sunny and cold. That is how I like it for January. So ... the rain brought some fabulous things, SNOW and then LOTS of sunshine and cool weather for lots of days. We have a super long weekend ahead. Oh how I love them!

The last exciting thing that happened the last few days... I discovered laughing gas at the dentist. Why has someone not insisted I take this? Such a minor thing that I have been missing out on. I had to have a cavity filled... yes that is the result of all my sweets that I eat 24/7 and no matter what I do, it was inevitable. So I was dreading it, like always because the dentist is not my favorite. Well.... after that laughing gas and an hour and a half later, I felt like I was there 5 minutes. At one point I realized that Niagara Falls and Nascar were having a war inside my mouth (hint... the water they spray in your mouth and the drill) . Funny how those things don't matter with laughing gas. That is one thing I will use everytime I go from here on out. Lets hope I don't have to go for my cavities anytime soon though.

A few little snow pictures

Every penny I have paid for Hunter Rain boots for Charlee Kate and for me.... was worth it the last 7 days. I got allllll my money's worth during that time and they have been a staple in my wardrobe lately. I absolutely love them though! 

Her big snowman that she was so proud of!

Her pants were supposed to be short... but they look a little weird here. This green is one of my favorites. It was part of the MJ Winter collection.

Wednesday... when I was at the dentist... Jeremy picked Charlee Kate up from school. He had her bathed and fed when I got home, then took her to church choir and picked her up. Those are my daily routines so it was so nice for him to do that for me that day.

You think she was happy with me here? 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello... another week!

Whew... I am not sure how I missed a post for a week. It was a busy and productive week last week so I never even thought about it. The weekend was pretty much hanging out at home, going to some friends house for a little while for an adult party, then church. It was very rainy all weekend so we pretty much stayed inside. I am not complaining about these relaxing weekends though. They are needed after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, even though we still love that! We are great though... made it through another football season and seeing AL win another National Championship. So exciting!!! Roll Tide! We do have the AL celebration in Tuscaloosa this weekend to look forward to and the Circus that is coming up. We can't wait! 

This picture was taken this time last year! WOW how she has grown up so much! Check out the Comparison. She doesn't have that baby face as much! 

 What a mess! This was after school one day... obviously... but I could still eat her up. She absolutely loves her school, begs to go, and begs to stay. She loves playing with her friends. After the weekend is over, she is ready to go back! (She is usually ready to go on Sundays, but she makes it until Mondays). That makes me feel so good that she loves it so much.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Roll Tide!

What a great day for the State of AL! For 4 years in a row, the State of AL has had a team in the National Championship. That is so exciting! Can't wait to see the outcome of tonight! My little girl is Bama Ready!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year... 2013

Happy new year. January 1,2013! I never thought I would be at such a great stage in life. I just want to freeze all these wonderful moments. Our holiday break was absolutely wonderful. As always, I get the "blues" when I have to get back into reality. I love lazy days when we are all home, times with so many family and friends, little trips, the happiness that Christmas brings, and the extra time off with Jeremy and CK. However, getting back into a routine is good, just always much harder the first couple of days. 

Our after Christmas days were just as great as the ones before. We had the Hardens and Ashlee over one night. That brought out some great laughs. Then we headed back to Jacksonville for one night while Jeremy enjoyed dinner with high school friends, my parents took me and CK out for my birthday, then my parents kept Charlee Kate while Jeremy and I took off to ATL for a couple of days. We always do that this time of year and we always enjoy our shopping, relaxing, and eating out. We miss Charlee Kate when we are gone but its good for it to just be us every once in awhile. This year we went to Jeremy's uncle's holiday party in downtown ATL that overlooked the city. It was so much fun! I always enjoy a fun Christmas party. Then we headed back to the lake house for a couple of nights with old friends and celebrated New Year's Eve! Kelly and Ella did a last minute trip back to Bama so that made it even better. All in ll, definitely a fun fun break and lots of time with my little girl.

I can definitely say we were blessed in 2012 and look forward to another wonderful year, with maybe even less going, going, going! We need a few months of stay-cations after buying a house, renovations, and new car. Honestly it sounds kind of nice just being home for awhile and enjoying our normal new house! 

I can't forget one exciting event coming up.... The national championship! Whew, let's hope 

it's a good one, but still... Miami is a fun place. Happy new year!

My mom taped Charlee Kate singing me Happy Birthday! It's priceless! I love how she says happy birthday to "she"

Off to ATL....CK had just woken up. The camera did some crazy eye things.

Heading out to the big party in Atlanta. It was FREEZING! I swore I was wearing the cute black shorts or dress, but I couldn't do it. The wind was just cutting through us.

The girls at the lake house for the New Years Eve Party. Charlee Kate, Ella, and Malena

Making rice krispie treats and decorating them!

Charlee Kate woke up early and missed her normal nap. While Kelly was holding her she fell asleep at 5:00. She was so exhausted! I know she really missed her routine and house.

When we took an all girls picture with their kids, Ella wanted me to hold her. Worked out since my child was sleeping, haha! I will claim her anyday!

Charlee Kate and Zoe. The last little one to arrive!

All the guys.... they go way back to Elementary school! And... their little girls!

One of the boutiques that I have followed for a long time online, but my college friend starting going right when they opened. She definitely had some cute things!