Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Easter weekend was a gorgeous one! Here are some Easter morning pictures! 

Beckham was falling asleep as we were going into church but at least it's a family shot

She was so excited about her Easter basket 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy anniversary!

To the best husband, best friend, and best daddy that a girl could ask for! Happy 13 years!! It's been a great 13 years and God has brought us through so much but we have so many blessings to be thankful for. I hope we have many many more! Happy anniversary Jeremy!!! 

Catching up!

A quick visit that Jeremy and Beckham took to Jacksonville one day! Love this picture of 3 generations! B still in his jammies but that sweet smile is priceless
Picture day at her school

Dr ordered a head ultrasound because she thought he might have fluid on his brain. Praise God all was clear! He never even knew it was happening 
Charlee Kate talking to Thomas (one of her best little friends and our neighbor). He is in the window! How cute is that! Lord help us in 10 years! 
A gorgeous Saturday of painting outside

Off to church. Dedication Sunday for babies born in the past year or so

He was sleeping during the pictures

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter weekend

It started with Good Friday! It was such a rainy day! Daddy took both kids to Jacks for breakfast. Charlee Kate loves those pancakes! 
On Saturday we had gorgeous weather! I had a good long run bc it was nice and cool out. Charlee Kate played outside for about 4 hours with our neighbors. Nonstop playing!!! We did make it to see the Easter bunny....I love these two! 

At the mall...going to see the Easter bunny 
Saturday night we went to the NCAA national championship for gymnastics. It was really cool! Roll tide!! 
Charlee Kate liked the VIP snacks just as much haha
Beckham didn't move the whole time. There was so much going on that he didn't know what to think 

Easter morning! The Easter bunny had fun this year. Her favorite thing was her Elsa pajamas!!!!
He liked the musical light up ball
Playing while mommy gets ready for church 
She wanted her hair rolled and a little blush on. Oh she danced and looked at herself for hours. She kept saying how beautiful she felt 👗👛💄
Cleaning and organizing make up! I like that she does this for me.
 More pictures on Easter to come!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

ACM awards 2015 Dallas!!!!!

Oh I excited or what for this trip next year! Diamond level tickets, tickets to the 2 day party...all at the cowboys stadium, hotel's going to be a blast! I have to start planning outfits now!

After watching the show in Vegas a week or so ago, Jeremy and I began looking into the details of going. This would be one of those things we only did once so we decided to go! I have just now realized how lucky I was to get the presale tickets the second they went on sale because there are none! We are in the club level...I can't wait!  My sister and I did the MTV music awards in Miami 10 years ago and we were star struck and that was amazing! This is going to be fun fun no doubt!!! Lots of country music that weekend so is it all boots mixed with a fancy dress?? Lots of time to decide! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I love pictures of these people!

A birthday party with Sofia! They had fun doing gymnastics 

It was a rainy Monday but a perfect day for a new raincoat and new hunter boots
Bunny ears! She loved them and they looked cute on her! They are Grannas
His whole body moves when he smiles because he gets so excited! 

He loves bath time!
Sitting outside enjoying a gorgeous day
Priss pot! I love her in bright colors 

I picked little Miss Priss up from school one day early to play outside. It was just gorgeous. Of course, she had her pj's on but I didn't care! Just enjoyed being outside. 
Organic here!!! Much bigger garden this year! Jeremy and Charlee Kate started their garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, squash, jalapeños, and corn! So it when Jeremy grows good veggies