Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girl you are rockin the wedges pregnant!!!

This was what this really sweet African American told me when Jeremy and I were out today. I don't have a pic, but I had on high wedges and it was the funniest thing how she said it to me! The first picture is one we "tried" to take of ourselves and we only got belly, haha! Here is a new Baby bump picture below. We go for the doctor's appointment on Monday so I will be anxious to hear what she says. I will post more pictures soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Barefoot and Pregnant!

Beware before you scroll down to see the picture, there is a graphic picture of the stomach. Jeremy laughs because he says I am barefoot and pregnant and he is totally correct! Lately after a long day, this is what I feel like, barefoot and pregnant, but I absolutely still love it! Luckily the belly is not "crooked" because the baby is always moving that my belly gets all out of whack!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a great trip to Bama!

The one thing I was so excited about when we came home this time was being able to actually see some of my family and friends. I wasn’t going to be so rushed on this trip and that was such a relief. Jeremy was working for the most part, but I will get to visit a lot. Our first stop was to see our friends Lindsay and Todd, who we met in B’ham and who live there now. We can’t wait to live close to them and all of our other friends again. We were able to go to my favorite brunch place on Sunday called The Classic. On Monday, I had a good breakfast with my grandparents and then lots of fun eating at Jeremy's house with all of the nieces, nephews, and brothers. It was fun! Mom and I did some shopping in Birmingham of course too. I always have to make my trips to my favorite places in Birmingham. While we were in B'ham, we visited Sue and Bill and saw their new house. There is another reason for us to be back in B'ham, our family and friends just keep moving there!!!! We did visit the house at the river several times and I tried to enjoy just sitting by the pool. It was very nice!

Now that I have had my fun at the beach and here in Bama, it is time to go back to Tampa and I am ready to be home for a little while!

I am aware that me and Lindsay were not ready for this picture (because Jeremy was snapping non-stop), but Mary Florence was looking so cute. She looks a lot like her momma!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I miss it!!!

Jeremy and I made a visit by our old house. I MISS THIS HOUSE... not the location as much, but the house. Once I am in Birmingham, I have to live right in the middle of all the action, but I can't wait to come back!

The names will be....

This morning, I met my grandparents for breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast places, JACKS. Some things you learn to love once you can’t have them, haha! I took a picture of me with them, but haven't been able to upload it. I always meet my grandparents here because they love it as much as I do. However, this meeting was also a time for me to tell them what the names of the baby will be if it is a boy or if it is a girl. I didn’t want to tell anyone beforehand because the girl name would have a lot of meaning to my granddad.

If the baby is a boy his name will be LONG, but we love it and I guess that is all that matters. It will be John Parker Lance Wilson. Lance is Jeremy’s middle name and he really wanted his name to be a part of it if we had a boy. I completely agreed with him. I have always wanted “Parker” as a middle name forever so we decided on John Parker and that is what we will call him. He will have “two names”.

If the baby is a girl, her name will be Charlee Kate Wilson. I have had 2 other girl names in mind for about 2-3 years now and changed suddenly in January! The first thing my granddaddy says to me when I call him on the phone is “Shoot Charlee” (meaning for me to talk), but I just love it and I can see that little girl with pig tails and her name being Charlee. Since we decided on this name, I have learned of a 3 people with this name, one being Rebecca Romain’s little girl. It is becoming very popular. We love the names that we have chosen. I guess time will tell which one it is going to be!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to go, Bama here we come!

Our summer traveling is in full swing! We enjoyed a wonderful week here at mom and dad's condo. We had the most gorgeous weather and the ocean was clear all week. It was very nice to sit back and truly relax! Tomorrow morning we all head out. Jeremy and I are going to Bama for Jeremy to do some work and for me to "play". I am looking forward to going back and seeing lots of friends, family, and shopping of course. The week will fly by before we head back to Tampa on June 20th. Summer will be gone before we know it and Baby Wilson will be here before we know. Life is changing every day!

So cute....

This picture is a favorite of mine! Last night while taking pictures by the pool, Hunter gave me a pouty look and I loved it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Po and I'm Proud!

This saying is for all of those "good ole southern" folks that have been to a Po Folks in their life time. (Lindz.... thinking of our last PCB trip). Anyways, tonight was the night for us to go to a few places so we wanted some good veggies from Po Folks. The saying that is my title came from Hunter's coloring sheet and I started laughing. After I got a good laugh out of it, I decided to use it. Those veggies were delicious! Jeremy and Kevin were out of town tonight for work so it was mom, dad, me, Kelly, and Hunter. Pictures will keep on coming from the trip!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh to be a kid again...

We are at the beach and I am totally loving it! I couldn't wait to get here and just sit and relax and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. The best part is there has not been any humidity (yet at least). Mom and Dad got to the condo on Thursday and Kelly, Kevin, Hunter, Me, and Jeremy (along with all dogs) got here on Saturday. 

Today was a fun-filled day! First we went to the beach all day. Beware, the belly is getting quite big, very fast! Baby Wilson is no longer a little bump, but a really big one and all the growing is straight out. 

We cooked out and then we were off to the amusement park. Hunter was loving it! He rode go-carts, the train, the airplanes, and played putt-putt with the guys. Oh to be a kid again and just not have a care in the world except what are we doing next! This is going to be a fun week. I will post more as the week goes on. 

Loved the airplanes at first...
Now the airplanes are up high and he is not loving it so much anymore!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It keeps on growing!!!

Here are new pictures, yay! I have tried to take lots of pictures for my scrapbook so when I do, I post some here and there. This one actually shows the belly so beware, it is big! Nothing has really changed, except that Baby Wilson is totally growing!!! I am noticing huge changes in my tummy! Baby Wilson is also very very active! Always moving around, but I love it! We go to the doctor tomorrow for another check up and then we are moving to every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. Time is going by soooo fast!