Thursday, July 30, 2015

Busy as bees!

Well taking pictures has been few and far between lately but I will try to do better! After the visit with Kelly and the kids last week, we had a weekend at home. Jeremy and I snuck in a night out while my sister in law and niece and nephew came over and kept the kids last week. Then Jeremy and Beckham flew to Charlotte. Jeremy had work to do, aunt Kelly offered to keep Beckham. Woohoo!! Meanwhile back at home...Charlee Kate went to art camp at the Birmingham zoo and I put on my superwoman cape to try and tackle anything and everything imaginable! (Deep cleaning, organizing, rearranging, back to school shopping, errands, time with friends, you name it). It was nice at night to have girl time with Charlee Kate too!!! 

After all the productivity...I was ready to see my boys. We drove to Charlotte Thursday night to stay the weekend with K and K and kids. One last hooray before school starts! I can't believe Charlee Kate will be going into first grade and Beckham will be starting Mommys Day Out! 

Her first day of zoo camp! She was so excited but I think an all day camp is too much for her!
Charlee Kate and I had dinner at Flip Burger. Beckham was at the airport with all smiles
She wanted dessert and picked strawberry shortcake from the Cheesecake Factory. I mean this thing was way too big!! We brought 3/4 of this home but she loved it! 
Harper and Charlee Kate off to Zoo camp!
Aunt Kelly let's Beckham do whatever he wants...even at target 
Look at all the energy in this picture! 
I loved getting pictures from Kelly. Even though this little stinker keeps me running, I missed him tremendously! 
He loves loves his Hunter!! 

Lemonade Stand

Another fun summer event that we had hoped would happen! The Lemonade Stand! Luckily Charlee Kate and Ella were able to do their lemonade stand together. Mary Ryan also came over to do this with the girls. They had so much fun! Kelly and I enjoyed "setting it up". However it was super duper hot most of the time. I am not a summer time girl! We just took the heat and sweat though and had fun with it! 

Beckham had some snacks before Gammy took him in for a bath. He was soaked in sweat

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy 90th!

We celebrated my Granddaddy's 90th birthday on Saturday. We are so blessed to have two grandparents still alive, looking great, and going strong at 90+. My kids are lucky to know their great grandparents. It was a fun birthday party and the cousins (big and little) all loved seeing each other. 

Little princesses! They had a blast playing together! Granddaddy worked for Golden Flake for years! A sweet man brought the truck up for the party. 
Edited picture
We have SUCH great memories of playing in the Golden Flake truck as kids. The sweet man that brought his truck to the party let the little kids come in and pick out chips. It was such a treat and I loved doing that as a kid! 
We all went to the river for two days to play after the party. The riding toys are ALWAYS Beckham's favorite! (And Jeremy's too)
Headed to celebrate Mary Carter's birthday. One of her best friends!
I have a million of these pictures! He could sit and watch his daddy all day long work in the yard! 
Playing at Ross Bridge pool! He played and played! Today he was a happy boy
Two little twinkies...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy 4th of July

A few days after the 4th, I got my pictures! It wasn't easy and not the best background but I loved them!! I was bribing with M&M's so I had to be quick. 

He looks like such a big boy here! Too big for mommy!
My sweet little girl. Time freeze! 
He absolutely loves her!! ❤️💙❤️💙
The weekend at the lake. Turned out to be a great July 4th weekend!! Beautiful weather and all The Wilson's came 
Uncle Chad and Charlee Kate
Nana with all her grand girls 
The restaurant on the lake. We love this place
Pop's driving helper
Beckhan did not like the fireworks so we went in for an early bath 

Friday, July 10, 2015

A few days away...

Jeremy had some work to do in south Florida so I was able to tag along on this trip. Much needed break and time away!! I always miss my two little ones and think about them lots when they are away from me, but it's so good for us to get a little break. 

We changed locations literally at the last minute arriving in FL. It worked out so much better. We were in Boca Rotan at the Waldorf resort. Treatment and amenities were top notch. Weather was gorgeous, Atlantic sand was HOT, food was delicious...all in all a perfect getaway. 

I haven't seen this girl in 3 years!! It was like we never even missed a day. So thankful for this true friendship from my Floroda friend! (Few and far between)

No other cars available, except the convertible. Another last minute perfect addition to our trip
Riding down A-1 A....beautiful 

The Waldorf resort on its own island! 

I had BIG plans to catch up on sleep... However when I realized I could have coffee and look at this view, sleep took a backseat 
Another morning view
I may miss my kids but they have plenty of fun when we're away! Staying with Gammy and Pop

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer days...

Well I love summer time easy days. Pool for 3 hours, kids rest for 3 hours...sounds like great days. Thankful we have had lots of days at home for these type of moments. Some days it's just me and the kids having a late breakfast or eating lunch outside. I love it! Wouldn't trade these days for anything 

Charlee kate and Mary carter. Having some trampoline, sprinkler, and water balloon fun! 
Lake weekend! Charlee Kate likes to visit the "beach" here at the lake. It's just a little sand ha! I watch for little snakes (ugh!!)

The restaurant on the lake. This is also a little general store where we can get popcicles and Candy 🍭🍬
The Kabota tractor. Always entertainment for the big and little kids 
Cousin fun! They loved finding rocks together 
Eating a late late breakfast at my favorite place! Over Easy. CK stayed with my parents at the lake so it was just us with Beckham on this trip 

Charlee Kate's goofy face! Heading to the Homewood cheer ice cream social 

Weekly Sunday night cookout with The McElroys. Thankful for our awesome neighbors 
He thinks he is something with his new shades