Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Doctor visit and my helper

On Tuesday, Charlee Kate went to the doctor with me. The nurse practitioner always comes in to listen to the heartbeat first, them my doctor comes in. She is precious and always so sweet! She was wonderful with Charlee Kate and let her help with the machines to hear the heartbeat. Charlee Kate thought she was big stuff!! It was so sweet! I never get tired of hearing that heart beat!  

After the doctor, we headed to The "Cheese" Factory, as Charlee Kate calls it, and this was her  request. It was such a nice afternoon. All is well, baby is great! About to start the once a week visits! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beach pictures... just a few months late

LOTS of OVERDUE pictures and I have many more blog posts saved and ready to post! First of all... I updated some pics on my blog that have been there FOREVER! I also have beach pictures from this past summer. Better late than never!!!
We had a great weekend and enjoyed the  weather for sure! Charlee Kate and I had a fun shopping day, ALL DAY. Saturday! I have always been one to buy ahead for Chrismas. I just enjoy shopping for Christmas. I just wanted to make sure I was way ahead this year with baby coming in December. 

These pictures are long over due but better late than never. The guy that took them at the beach had a big problem with his computer and he could not find them for a long time. However, we finally have them and here they are. As I was looking at them, I was reminded that I am SO EXCITED that it is Fall and the holidays are coming up. Hot, summer time is not what I am wishing for, even though it was a great summer. I was 4 months pregnant in this picture. Wow... time has definitely flown by!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween parade at Charlee Kate's school

Little Halloween Parade at Charlee Kate's school! Her mermaid costume! She is very big about nothing being "itchy". That is super hard when it comes to Halloween costumes, but she loved this little outfit and for Halloween, I just want her to love it! She had a Halloween parade at school then a little carnival. It was very cute!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Nursery.... I dreamed about having another nursery for a long time. So it was soooo exciting for me to FINALLY be able to put one together. I worked for several months on this. Everything was painted or made, nothing just bought at a store unless it was maybe a lamp. (I haven't learned how to make those yet, haha). The furniture was Charlee Kate's, I just painted it. The "mobile" so to speak... was obviously made from a tree twig and I added the stars. I bought those at Anthropologie years ago. The "LOVE YOU" sign was designed and painted by a woman here in Homewood. The bins were something that took me forever to find but I finally did find them. I made the chalkboard labels. Jeremy and I created the "Alabama" art work on the wall. The curtains are all a gray velvet....  the bedding was designed after hours spent with a lady here in Homewood looking at different fabrics to finally find what I wanted. I wanted it to be soft, peaceful, and nothing fancy or in style for the "moment"... (like chevron). The picture frames were of course made by Kelly! Loved those! The angel wings I saw and decided to make since so they were just in a picture but I could not buy them anywhere. I will take a picture of the baby with the wings each month. The little wooden rocking chair my granddad made YEARS ago. Charlee Kate has one as well! I think that sums it up, but it was my perfect little nursery. I love it! I turn the lamps on and light candles everyday in there. It is just the perfect little place to me. Now... it just awaits a little baby : )

Monday, October 21, 2013


Pictures.... yes I have actually taken a lot lately but just don't have them all up yet. Working on that. Here are just a few from Saturday (in Tuscaloosa) and Sunday (heading to church). Do I even have to mention that 40's, 50's, and 60 degree weather is just making me smile!!! I love it regardless, but especially when its time to exercise and exercise being pregnant. I hope the 70's and 80's are long gone for awhile.
I had a photographer take belly pictures on Sunday. I originally did not plan on this until I saw one of my friend's pictures that I just loved and I decided to at the last minute. Charlee Kate just completely showed out! I can't wait to see those pictures and I will post them. Nursery pictures are coming this week too... lots to come!

This was what she really wanted to show me, but I made her turn around. Most people would not want a "back side" picture"
Haley and Charlee Kate tailgating! Several years ago, this would have been ME holding Haley. WOW... so hard to believe that time has flown by. I wish Haley lived right by me to babysit her all the time!

Friday, October 11, 2013

When Charlee Kate is gone...

Charlee Kate was with my mom for several days playing with Ella last week. They had a lot of fun. We had a busy week but then headed to pick her up by Friday. This blog post is just random of the last week or so but a few pictures to catch up.
My Halloween treat container: I have had this "Spooky Snacks" container forever. I decided it needed a little updating because I still loved it! This is the new spooky snacks. I didn't take a "before" picture, but I like this one much better.

Charlee Kate and Ella at my parents' house... My mom set up their own Movie Theatre... They were watching The Wizard of Oz with their popcorn.

This cracks me up! Mom fixed them breakfast one morning... CK told her she wanted "white egg". What she meant was a boiled egg, but Mom fixed her egg whites. That is what I would have thought too. Then
 Charlee Kate showed her she wanted an egg in the egg shape, then mom knew what she meant. She is such a stinker!

Now that I have Charlee Kate back...a few weekend pictures! She sure does miss Ella, Grammy, pop, and Nana! I am glad she is back with me though bc I missed her too!!

JSU homecoming parade getting candy!

Hanging out with old high school friends! CK and her daddy!!
Charlee Kate loves to lick a bowl...but then again don't we all? Barbara always makes up something so here is Charlee Kate licking the bowl! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day off

I have definitely enjoyed a long weekend! Yesterday was a personal day/mental health day whatever you want to call it. With the gorgeous fall weather it was perfect!!! I have a new energy that's come back! Again people say it's the nesting phase even though that's normal for me. I am ready to start wrapping some cmas gifts and pack a hospital bag. Anything to stay way ahead! 

I ask Charlee Kate to stay home yesterday but she wanted to go to school and play with her friends. I guess it's a good sign she loves it so much! We slept in, then walked to school. She loves to walk and especially yesterday. She loved that weather! She ask me if I would pick her up in the stroller! Of course I did. It's always easy to walk through downtown and do a little shopping when we are out and about in the stroller. It was such an amazing day! It won't be long and I will be doing that everyday with a little one next to her in the stroller!! 

Pictures before we headed out Monday!

Goofy smile but she is getting so big!