Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mrs. Wilson is having a baby...

I know this may not interest much of you, but one of my student's wrote about me having a baby and it was so funny because I realized that this how some of them look at me. I used some of her spelling which makes it cuter. 

"Mrs. Wilson is having a baby. I wonder if it is having blond hair lic Mrs. Wilson with highlights in it. And I wunder if it is having blue eyes or brown eyes. Is it a boy or a girl? Or what if it is a tom boy. If it is, I will laugh at the fact of Mrs. Wilson is a girle girl and Mrs. Wilson would have a tom boy. Cause that would be weird, so so weird and crazy."

This student is my lowest student in my class, but she can come up with the cutest stories and this was funny.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the doctor said....

Here is the latest bump picture. Baby Wilson is definitely growing!!! Friday was our BIG doctor's appointment! We had the sonogram first and all the nurses were so excited to see what this little peanut (well banana at this point) is since we have waited for this to happen. Once they got all excited, I then informed them, that we wouldn't know. heehee! It was still so exciting to see every part of this baby from the chambers of the heart, to the brain, spinal cord, 10 fingers and 10 toes, etc... We did find out that this baby has long legs. I have no idea where that would come from! This baby moved all over the place too. We just loved watching it! I pray that nothing goes wrong, but would love to just see it one more time before we meet this baby in person!!! The sonographer told us to turn our heads when we got to the bladder and private parts. She never said a word. At the end Jeremy said "could you tell what it was". She said "Oh yeah, those legs were wide open". Then she just smiled. So until this baby makes it appearance, she is the only person that will ever know what we have. She did say the most important part was that the baby was very healthy and that is all we have prayed for!  The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me or the baby. It is all just great and we are so blessed! I look forward to my upcoming showers. The Bama one is in 2 weeks and the Tampa one is in 4 weeks. How exciting!!! I can't wait!

Here I am at 21 1/2 weeks!

Monday, April 20, 2009

New York City

Here are some New York City pictures. I finally got them up and I plan to post new bump pictures this week. I hope you enjoy them! I know these first 2 are duplicates, but I can't figure out how to delete yet. This is still a learning process.

Oops... I Know I already added this picture and then it is added twice. I can't figure out how to delete. Keep scrolling, new pictures below.

Sweetie Pie Restaurant atmosphere! The bottom picture is of our dessert there!
Mom and I at the hotel before heading out one day.. I think this was our rainy morning.

I love this picture b/c I feel like I have a pillow in my stomach! All the layers underneath sure did add to my bump. It is nothing like this in person, but may be by the time I have my shower. It sure is cute though so I can't wait until the baby really does look like this. 
Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate. YUMMY! I love this dessert!

FAO! A Very popular place to visit. Check out the bump here... much smaller than the other one.
One of my favorite places to eat that I would go to every time is called Sweetie Pie Restaurant. This was our dessert and it was sooo good. This was a very "chic restaurant" to go to. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bump picture... by popular demand!

I was not very good for about 3-4 weeks on taking "bump pictures". However, I got a couple in NYC that my mom took (of course the first one I was not aware of), but it does show the bump. I am over half way there, which is so hard to believe! We go for our doctor's appointment today so I will have a new posting with a picture of the baby this weekend. Enjoy this "action shot" and check out the one below as well. I have learned that some clothes make me have a big bump and some do not, but this outfit, did accent my bump a lot!!

It is not quite this big yet, but I am sure it is not far away. After a big lunch, this is what happens. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mrs. Wilson is a Pink Flamingo...

I LOVE how my students do their daily news each day on chart paper and they always comment on my outfit. Today's daily news was really cute! I guess if I would have taken a picture of myself, you could understand more, but I wore a slimming white dress so the bump was very obvious and a pink tie dyed jacket thing over it. This is what the students had to say about me today. I typed it in case you couldn't read it in the picture. 

Mrs. Wilson is a pink flamingo. I played football with my friends. Mrs. Wilson is a beautiful splendid pink flamingo. P.S. She was already splendid. 

I loved it!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It is nice to be home!

I never thought I would say "it is nice to be back in Florida", but I said that on Sunday. The trip was absolutely wonderful and if you read my posts from the last week, you were able to see what all we did on the trip. However, it was lots and lots of walking so I am glad to be back home. Mom and I had a great time in NYC. Of course, that involved lots of shopping and eating at good places. I did not find as many baby stores, but luckily I found those in Boston and Maine. I did fine lots of cute things for me though. NYC always has great shopping, but I didn't realize how dirty that place is until I left Boston and Maine. So crazy! One of the most amazing things about NYC was when I flew out on Sunday. I was able to get the most gorgeous view of Manhattan and the whole island, along with the Statue of Liberty. As many times as I have visited NYC, this was the best view yet! 

Enjoy the pictures in the next blog and I will post NYC soon.... and I will post a new baby bump picture. Baby Wilson is definitely growing!

Pictures are up!

I finally got our pictures posted! I tried to narrow them down, but I still feel like I posted too many for the blog. The postings for each picture are actually under the pictures. I tried to do them in order from when we arrived in Maine to leaving Boston. I will post NYC pictures soon. Those are on mom's camera. Thank you LeighAnn for helping me with my picture order and how to do this whole blogging thing, ha!
Our first night out to eat for some really good seafood!
This was the first picture we took when we got to Maine. You can tell we had to get up early, but we had to check out the beaches!

Jeremy thought it would be "fun" to take this little boat across this "little cable line" to get to the lighthouse. Luckily it was very windy and they were closed because I was not fond of the idea at all.
The cookie tour. Gosh, how I would love to be on this tour right now eating chocolate chip cookies all day! That is what I loved, loved!!
Our little bed and breakfast place. We loved this place! It was so homey and old! I could have decorated an adorable nursery in this old house. 

Jeremy's lobster! We had to taste real lobster coming straight from Maine. 

The beach where everyone took their dogs. If we could have taken Brady with us, he would have been in HEAVEN!
The beach is a little different than what we are used to.
Here are the rocks we were "jumping", but this was the only lighthouse we could get close to.

Lighthouse tour! I had to "jump" rocks to get to the lighthouse. Probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I made it safely!
Welcome to Kennebunkport, Maine. We loved this quaint little town! Lots of cute places to eat and shop and it was so relaxing. I need to go to this place right now and just sit. 

The Bush Compound!! Pictures really don't do it justice. We just sat there and looked at it forever. 

The only "bump" picture that I took on the whole trip. You can hardly even see it, but there is a new one coming this week!

This was a start of the 7 mile walk on The Freedom Trail. It was actually very interesting and I enjoyed it despite my "lack of interest in history". I know that is horrible, but it is much more exciting in person than in books. 

Here I am standing in front of the oldest restaurant in America. It was very good. We ate there for lunch as a break from our 7 mile walk. Check out those roads! These are the roads that Paul Revere traveled on. VERY OLD!

One of the last stops on the freedom Trail. I was so hot from walking almost 7 miles that I started stripping down! I couldn't go any further!

Here we are! We arrived early to get pictures and take in Fenway Park. We enjoyed being part of the crowd. It rained for about 5 minutes and this is when I took the picture, ha!

The Rays before the game started.

Go Gabe!!! I took a picture of Gabe Gross (Kelly's husband) at bat. Unfortunately, I forgot my big zoom lens so this was the best I could do. What an exciting game to be playing in!

Jeremy in front of Fenway Park!
The coldest day I think we had on our trip was.... the Rays vs. Red Sox game. Here we are leaving the game.

Thank you Kelly Gross for telling me about this breakfast place. We loved it! It was in Boston and it was called Thorton's!

Before we went to the Celtics game, Jeremy and I went to the restaurant CHEERS! I went years ago with my parents and Kelly, but I do not remember it too well. Jeremy loved this and he was so glad we went. 

Here is Jeremy at the Celtics Game! Yes we were up high, but he loved every minute of it!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Last of Boston...

Today is our last day in Boston. It has been a fun trip and definitely a great city! I just love big cities. Yesterday we walked the freedom trail, which actually turned out to be interesting, against my beliefs of not really liking history. I have never been into it that much, but I found it very interesting. We walked for about 7 miles. Last night was the Red Sox/Rays game. We hated that the Rays lost, but had a great time at the game. We had wonderful seats and got to see Fenway Park in full swing. We felt like we were at the first Alabama Football game for the season, but instead it was baseball.

Today we ate at a great breakfast place recommended by my friend Kelly. We shopped Newberry Street, which is sort of like a Rodeo. I enjoyed this! It was so nice out and very few people. I did a lot of shopping for the baby and the nursery. We head to eat at Cheers and then to Celtics basketball game tonight. We have covered some sporting events on this trip. Tomorrow Jeremy will head back to Tampa and I will head to NYC to meet mom. I always look forward to NYC and there are some fun places I have booked to eat at, thanks to US Magazine, ha!

Pictures to be coming soon....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain....

Today Jeremy and I left Maine to head back into Boston. It was a gorgeous morning as we left Maine, but as we began to approach Boston, the weather was getting cloudy and rainy looking (really snowy looking). I was already trying to figure out where I would "hide out" during the Red Sox vs. Rays game because sitting in cold rain was just not going to work real well with me. Today was opening day for the Red Sox. We had no idea this was taking place when we planned on going to the game. The best part is, they are playing the Tampa Bay Rays so it could not have been more exciting to get to see the two play or hope that we get to see them play, especially after last season. Everyone we came in contact with just "assumed" that we would be pulling for the Red Sox and Jeremy very politely pulled out his Rays hat to show them otherwise. By about 10:30, I get a text from my friend Kelly, whose husband plays for the Rays. She says the game is cancelled and Jeremy immediately says "you are lying, who told you that" with this look on his face like "it can't be!!!!". She did proceed to tell us that the game was postponed for tomorrow afternoon and she could still get us tickets. He was much better and much more excited at that point. I have to admit, I was relieved too because the weather should not be anything like today. I hear that going to Fenway Park is wonderful and a baseball field Jeremy wants to say he went to and watched a game at.

Because of the rain that was moving in, we did take some long walks through the city and down Newberry Street before it actually started raining. We had lunch and then ended up at the indoor malls because it started pouring. After much shopping, we came back to the hotel to relax and Jeremy wanted to watch the game. We have a full day planned for tomorrow. Again, pictures will come soon, but nothing good from this rainy day. GO RAYS!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bush Compound

It was a compound to say the least.... with plenty of places for others to stay, a tennis court, 5-6 black cars lined up for service I am sure, and then markers for how close you can get to the house from the water. We took a drive along Ocean Avenue, which is right down from where we are staying. We found the Bush Compound about 5 minutes down the road. This was so exciting because we are one of the many "Bush fans" but the house... well compound, was on it's own little inlet. I took lots of pictures and will post those soon (check posting below as to why I can't post pictures right now). 

Relaxing by The Sea...

We arrived in Boston yesterday morning after we had a wonderful flight in! That is always a good thing because flying can make me a little nervous no matter how many times I have flown. We drove through New England and to Kennebunk Port, Maine. What a gorgeous town!!! The president has a mansion here and Sr. Bush does as well. The houses are very very old and it is amazing! It reminds me of gorgeous Homewood, the only difference is, it is by the sea. The water and beaches are totally different than our beautiful Florida beaches, yet, they are still amazing! 

When we arrived at the Bed and Breakfast yesterday, we made it just in time for a cookie tour around all the B&B here in Kennebunk Port. I was in heaven being able to walk in and have hot cookies all day. It has been nice and relaxing so far. We have had our share of Maine lobster and we took a drive seeing lighthouses, the beach, and all the gorgeous sites here in Maine. 

I have definitely taken some gorgeous pictures, but just realized that I left my adapter to load my pictures at home so I will have to wait until I can get moms on Thursday. Until then, it will just be word postings!

We are off to walking through the town! We have done lots and lots of hiking and walking I think. I have definitely been able to sit back relax and enjoy this trip, but the best part has been that I FINALLY, FINALLY felt the baby move today. Such an exciting flutter!!! Maybe because the baby and I were starving by the time we found lunch, but it was exciting to say the least!!!