Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not much matters right now but....

ELLA! Yes my mom has Ella and so of course we want CK to be with her and the girls to get time together! However, we didn't think that time was going to happen until Tuesday. Last minute, Jeremy and I took a trip to the lake yesterday and decided to stay ALLL day today. Well... my parents got Ella and came back to the river, so we decided last minute to go ahead and send CK (with me getting stuff to her in a few days). OH my, CK was so excited and the more time passed, the more excited she got. It was so cute! I mean nothing matters right now, but ELLA. She said "bye" to Jeremy and I with no hesitation at all!!! I will miss her for several several days, but she hasn't seen Ella since January, so it is by far due time. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Is it not summer already because we were enjoying our weekend WAY too much for it to end!!!!

We went to Yogurt Lab one afternoon for a play date. CK loves her some yogurt or "ice cream" as she calls it.

These girls are soooo cute together. They screamed non-stop they were so excited. They are together everyday too which is why it was so funny. This is Charlee Kate's friend Sophia, but CK calls her "SoPia". I love it!!!

Ahhh.... she looks so grown up with a pony tail. We were at the river and she is waiting on Gammy and Pop here.

Swim time after her nap. no need for a bow. It was a weekend of relaxing and not getting ready

I loved having my coffee on the porch. Everyone was still sleeping but I had my coffee and enjoyed time doing nothing.

Charlee Kate eating breakfast on the porch

Kabota riding!!! I was running and this is what was riding along beside me. 

Charlee Kate had no idea she would see Ella today until she woke up. They played in the pool and had watermelon before they left with Gammy and Pop to go eat. Ella was so sweet... I missed that sweet girl. Charlee Kate had no problems telling mommy and daddy bye. I will miss her this week, but she will be having more fun and that is what matters.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us... 11 years and counting. WOW, how in the world is that possible? How amazing it is and I am by far the luckiest girl in the world. To be married to such a selfless, amazing man, who is the best daddy to Charlee Kate and husband to me. He always finds the good in everyone, every situation, and never boasts about anything. Sometimes if something makes me mad, I just want him to agree, but he tries to make sense of why someone does what they do. After I go on and on, I stop and think because he is pushing to find the best in everyone no matter what the situation. I hope Charlee Kate takes after him for sure, in more ways than one. I prayed for her to have his facial features and I pray for her to be patient and selfless just like he is. She is with her "high strung mommy" a lot though, so not sure if he can be the dominant one and rub off on her, LOL.

All the little things he does are what I love...
*he opens the windows at night when it is freezing because I love the fresh air,
* lets me put my cold feet under him even though that is brutal sometimes
* works out the knots in my legs when I want to scream, but yet I need those knots out from running
* Pops my toes... funny but I love it, then one of them became swollen so we stopped that
* shops with me (that is a true man and NEVER EVER says "lets go")
* LISTENS to me (most of the time) when I think he isn't and remembers little things that I think he has NO IDEA about
* Runs with me, when he really wants to stop, but I beg him to finish it off with me
* Never complains about all my meals or my 1,000 desserts I make. And I KNOW for a fact that they are not always good!!!
* accepts that DD, Panera, and my local coffee shop make better coffee than me and will go get it
* Brings me lunch at school or a DP and then stays to eat with me!
* takes my toenail polish off b/c my nails are "newly painted" and I didn't take the toe polish off beforehand
* fixes CK's hair to the best of my instructions and puts her in exactly what I lay out... yet if I had NONE of it out or ready, he could pick out something just as adorable and handle it all just like I would!

The list goes on and on, but those are just a few of the things. Thank you GOD for blessing me with the most amazing husband! I would have put a picture on here but we decided to take a weekend to the lake, last minute, so no time for that. Pics to come soon : )

I am truly lucky to have been married to him for 11 years and hope we see many many more years together.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Miss Priss and our week

 Its been a good week, flying by as we keep ourselves super busy with finishing up a school year, Jeremy working and traveling, and then the afternoons include LOTS of playing and going on walks. Especially with this gorgeous weather we had in the 60's adn 70's. We all go on a walk for 45 minutes or so every night. That is our time to just walk, talk, listen to Charlee Kate sing or talk or tell stories. I love it!!! I am totally looking forward to a weekend of just that! Relaxing. So here are some pictures of Miss Priss. That she TOTALLY is! I am not sure who is brain washing her to loving dresses, wanting lip gloss all the time, and loving fancy shoes. LOL... not ME at all. THe funny thing is, she is just like me in the way that we love our t-shirts too as soon as we get home from school. She is my mini me!
 I loved this outfit and these pictures!

 I may have figured out how to sort of make her smile. This isn't a great one yet, but better than the "scrunching up the nose" smile. That wasn't even a smile.

 Kevin was in town this week working with Jeremy. Last night we went to eat and had a sitter come. Charlee Kate LOVES her sitter, but she loved having the attention of Uncle Kevin too. When they picked her up from school he brought her three cookies from her FAVORITE Homewood Cookie place. Oh boy, she was loving him! Then... he colored with sidewalk chalk with her for awhile. She was in heaven.
 Coloring on the sidewalk
 Going for our walks
Charlee Kate eating dinner, while the guys talk.... check out the beautiful sidewalk art work!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in pictures

An "off day" and a well deserved one! A good run, errands to my favorite stores, lunch with my husband, then off to the shooting range we went. Little hesitant. After I was all ready, it took a little coaching from Jeremy to get me to actually SHOOT it, but I did. I would definitely say I need more practice, but the initial fear is gone. Having to shoot several times in a row was a little nerve racking, but I stopped "closing my eyes" while I was shooting, LOL.

Now it would only be appropriate that I wear a cute blinged out black gun shirt for my first shooting range experience, right? Can't go in and not look cute!!!

My target. I was off on some, but not so bad on some, LOL.  
Saturday morning I did the Statue to Statue 15k. It is technically the most challenging one in the south. It involves a lot of hills, but wasn't too bad. We ran the whole thing, which i was excited about because there is one hill that most start walking on, but it was fun and it didn't rain. Charlee kate and Jeremy were at the finish line and she loves to watch me finish a race. Soooo sweet!

 The "after race meal" was hotdogs. UGH!!! Not at 9:30 in the morning for me! Charlee Kate and I went to Panera for breakfast. She was showing off.

 After the race, we came home, played, Jeremy worked outside for at least 5-6 hours, and I cleaned for that long too. It felt so good to do that even though that is TOTALLY against my "rule" of no cleaning on the weekends. We just needed it and I am so glad it is all done. Jeremy took a break to eat lunch out in the garage b/c he was still kind of nasty and Charlee Kate wanted to eat with him.
Saturday night, after a clean yard and house, and very cool weather.... we went to a nice restaurant to eat and took Charlee Kate.It was so yummy and I didn't have to mess up my clean kitchen.
 Heading out to eat!

 Sunday we ran to Super Target and Walmart that morning. It was SUPER COOL outside. I felt like I should be going to a football game and it was fall. I just love that kind of weather. I better enjoy every minute before the super hot weather gets here.
 This nice weather means lots of walks for us.... Charlee Kate has her snack before we head out on a walk. Notice the flip flops on the wrong feet.
 Friday morning before she headed off to school and I headed off to run

Thursday, April 19, 2012


For what??? Lots of things, some big, some small, some just everyday things, but all things wonderful. Here is what I am excited about..
* 3 day weekend
* My day off tomorrow includes lunch, some errands, the mall, a run at my OWN time, and going to the shooting range. Oh yeah, that could be interesting, my first time ever!
* gorgeous weather (cooler. YAY!!!!) and that will be fabulous for my race on Saturday
* Trunk show clothes came in... boy did CK get some adorable things! This pink outfit pictured was one of my favorites!!!
* GYM equipment coming in. Oh yes it is time for a "real" house because we need our real gym back. Spin bike, stair stepper, huge commerical piece for doing everything imaginable, to go along with our elliptical, treadmill, and weight balls and free weights. How awesome. We are sooooo excited!
* 23 days of school left
* Anniversary coming up. 11 years! That is a blessing all in itself!!!

My list could keep going but those are the things that came to mind first. So excited! Happy LONG LONG weekend to us!
Her expressions in ALL of the pink outfit pictures were cracking me up. I love how long that hair is getting, the sides and top are finally growing too!

This shirt was from the trunk show, but the pants were another brand I love, but they looked so cute together!

Heading out on a Sunday to Hart & Soul

Not the best... but it will do! I will want these pictures someday even though I may not LOVE them.