Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend... projects, festival, and anniversary

Weekend... was great! It went totally different than what we had planned but was great! Lots of good things coming our way to the backyard. That has been an ongoing project we have wanted to work on so it is finally happening. We went to the Lake for a little R&R Friday night, had breakfast at a favorite... Cracker Barrel, then headed back to Bham Saturday morning. I guess we have never taken Charlee Kate to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (which we haven't been in forever) and she was a huge fan of their pancakes. I agree with her though! Got the house cleaned from top to bottom, then CK's little friend Harper (and her daddy) came over. The guys began digging out a fire pit in the back yard. This is something we will love when fall gets here! I took the girls to the school spring festival. They had a blast playing together! Sunday was a rainy day! We still made it to church, lunch, then off to find part of our backyard outdoor furniture. Some of it we knew what we wanted, but just waiting to find it. I can't wait to see it all put together! Jeremy got the 11 foot umbrella put together but the rest will take a few days.

Sunday was the actual day of our 12th anniversary! That is so hard for me to believe that I have been married 12 years and I am even old enough for that haha! Still feel 22! I am married to the most amazing husband and I am so thankful for Jeremy and our 12 years+ that we have spent together. We have honestly had a wonderful 12 years and so many things that have taken place in our lives... I see 2013 being an even better one. God has so much planned for our little family. My mom will have Charlee Kate and Ella at her house all week so we are going out to celebrate with a really nice dinner and then we have a trip planned in the upcoming months. Finishing out school first and that is only 18 more days. Whew... year is ending fast.

Here are a few pictures from the past several days...

Spring Festival Train ride
Spring Festival... hello kitty ice cream
The first face painting... a butterfly!

Last Wednesday... Picture day at school and then the choir performance at church

Singing in church. My videos are too large to upload but she did so good!

Charlee Kate with 2 of her little friends, Lexie adn Jane

Harper and Charlee Kate before heading out to the Spring Festival

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Almost Friday...

I am so ready for Friday this week. Its been a fast week, but definitely ready for the weekend. We are still here though, I still have PLENTY of pictures to post, but just haven't made it around to doing it. Not sure why. In the afternoons we walk to the ice cream store, or Steel City pops, or walk to eat. We have stayed on the go. Last night, Charlee Kate had her choir performance at church. She showed out, singing her songs, doing her motions, it was so cute! I was so proud of her. I will be anxious to see if she performs like that for her dance recital in a week and a half. Last weekend we were at the lake all weekend. I only took 2 pictures, but it was gorgeous. I wish the weather would stay like this all summer. I hope to upload more pictures and get more posts this weekend. Until then... here are some older pictures that I was behind on.

These pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago... I didn't have them all posted, but here are a few. My sister in law took some reallly cute pictures of Charlee Kate when we were home for Easter. When I look at these pictures, I realize how big that baby girl is getting. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet baby girl

Lets see.... what has happened lately with the Wilsons?? Lots of gorgeous spring weather. Lots of walking to restaurants, places to eat, Steel City Pops, meeting friends, etc... That is the beauty of being about 4/10 of a mile from Homewood and 6/10 of a mile from Mountain Brook. One morning I went out to exercise and went through Mt. Brook, then stopped at Starbucks to get my coffee on the way home. I love being able to do that! My friend Jennifer and I took a day off  last week to enjoy lunch. It was spontaneous and fabulous! Saturday, Jeremy participated in the Warrior Dash with his high school friends. It was in Georgia, but he had a blast. I am sooooo looking forward to a long weekend at the lake house this weekend. That is some much needed R&R. Other than that... everything is great. April is going by sort of fast, but has been a slow month. I think I am just ready for May and the beginning of summer time!

Charlee Kate was getting ready for dance and I found her sitting by the boot tray. She had collected all of her stuffed animals and "ba-bas" to put on the tray as well!

Saturday was a shopping day for the two of us while Jeremy was in Georgia at the Warrior Dash. It was late in the afternoon and my little girl was getting tired with the sun beating down on her. She begged me for her aviators like mommy's new CC ones. Well about 2 minutes into it... I looked back and this is what I saw.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gorgeous weekend

This weekend was just beautiful! These are the days that I wish we could have all through May, June, July, and August! 72 degrees, no humidity, just beautiful! It was also nice being at home. We got a lot done... spent a lot of time with this little girl. We planned a big neighborhood party on Saturday night. My neighbor and I got together to plan this. We both moved in at the same time, but were ready to get to know everyone a lot more. It turned out to be such a success and we loved it. All the kids had fun too. So many little ones that live on our street, its amazing. Charlee Kate had a great time too. However, that night when we got home, I was giving her a bath and she fell and hit her chin. She may have to go in and get stitches today... it is in the same spot that I got my stitches when I fell running. She is a trooper, but I feel so sorry for her and I was right there with her, which makes me feel even worse. I think she will be okay though.

Looking forward to another gorgeous weather week, but the rain that is coming in, will be welcomed!!! I am ready for the pollen to be gone. I had big plans to wash my car but then realized it would be pointless. 

Notice the band aid on her chin. Her daddy is a GREAT doctor... he missed his calling I think... but he has been working on it. She stole his hat and put it on.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter

We had such a great Easter this year! Charlee Kate loved hunting Easter eggs. She has been hunting them quite a bit lately. Easter was spent at Jeremy's house all day Saturday and Saturday night and then we went to our old church on Sunday, then to my Grandparents house for lunch. We had a great time seeing everyone, letting Charlee Kate play, and just relaxing. The only thing I regret is not taking nearly enough pictures of her with everyone. I am not sure how I slacked on that, but I did. I hope to do better!!!! I didn't even get great Easter pictures of our family but there are some of them. Charlee Kate loves dresses so she wanted to pick out about 5 Easter dresses. I guess I could have had wardrobe changes several times. I decided to not do the traditional smocked and go with something else. I loved it! Here are the few Easter pictures I have ; )

Jeremy was watching Charlee Kate in the mirror because she was not cooperating.

Mom trying to get her smiling and laughing and in a good mood for pictures!

Gammy and Pop with Charlee Kate

She watched a movie in Pop's office one night after her bath.

Her Easter basket was so cute fixed up, but I forgot to take a picture. I tried to snap one very quickly before it was torn apart. She had one of the cute Melissa and Doug dress up doctor's coat too. I love that!!!