Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The Easter weekend was starting, along with spring break. Last day of school before I would have my babies a full 10 days to myself. Makes mommy happy!!!

Beckham's Easter egg hunt at school. We are so thankful for his teachers. They have been such a blessing to us, along with the Day school. 
Mom read to Charlee Kate's class the last day of school, as the mystery reader. It made CK's day and was such a big surprise 
Good Friday! Gorgeous weather...perfect morning for the family and the zoo
Photo shoot for Ivivva. (Lululemon for girls). Charlee Kate was excited and ready 

Our Easter bunny came on Saturday. Sundays are busy and it's so easy to lose sight of the meaning of Easter so we had Easter bunny fun on Saturday! 
What a surprise to these kiddos! 🐰
More Easter fun...tea cake /spring cookies

These two 💙💙💙

A little cat nap after church. Heading to my grandmothers to celebrate Easter with the family
The family in blue! It was a rainy Easter but a fun one
The day after Easter! Amazing! 🌷☀️

Monday, March 21, 2016

Gala 2016

Gala is something I get so excited about every year!! We had the best time this year. Each year it gets better. Each year I feel like we know more people. It supports such a great cause and I feel blessed to be a part of an organization that supports the Bell Center. 

The four of us went together this year. We had a blast and laughed a lot!
Finding the right dress takes me forever. I wasn't so sure this was the right one but looking back...I loved it!!!
The kids stayed with my parents. They took them in a train ride and to see the Easter bunny! They had a blast
Exhausted after all the fun
To finish up the weekend...we dyed 18 Easter eggs. Something that is still fun as an adult 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's day

I love this day for some reason...I think I just enjoy dressing the kiddos up in green because in the past I never cared. This year we wore green for two days. On Wednesday, March 16, I had 5 of Charlee Kate's friends over for a little St Patrick's day snack, scavenger hunt, then just play time! They had a great time. It's a sweet group of girls and I am so happy this is the group Charlee Kate gets to grow up with. 

The walk to school...started with green 
Beckham and I went to the zoo for half the day. It was beautiful out and such a relaxing way to spend the morning

After the zoo, it was lunch at Gilchrist 
Table was set! We had a lot of green and a lot of rainbow foods

I picked up these 6 sweet girls after school. They formed a line and ready to go

St Patrick's day! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The first Easter egg hunt for this season! We made it to the church right on time to hunt eggs. B could not shake a low grade fever that kept randomly popping up but he still enjoyed hunting for eggs. 

After church brunch at FIVE. Great jazz music, yummy food, perfect day. 

We go through the car wash a lot...and he still doesn't like it! 
Walks to school are so much fun. This little guy loves to see how many tractors we can find 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Little snow, little spring

Adults was planned months and months ago but the "cards" were against us! We made it work though and had a great great weekend! I wanted to see snow, relax, enjoy the winter mountains!! Even though a lot of other things didn't quiet fall into place easily it snowed the exact time we were there and we truly enjoyed the mountains! It was perfect so God was definitely hearing that "inner prayer" inside me praying for snow. There is just something about snow on the grounds and trees, a fire, and coffee. We loved every minute of it! 

We came home from the mountains to spring like temperatures. I do love spring too! The seasons are why I choose to live here! 
Monday called for a Kristie Kreme day! Beckham didn't want to eat them, just watch them go down the assembly line and get his Krispie Kreme hat. 💙🍩
Another springy morning...which calls for us walking everywhere 

A fun night out with friends. Mexican and then ice cream. These kiddos are too cute!