Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Mornings

Our mornings are usually pretty much the same and pretty much in a regular routine. However, this week.... potty training "clicked" and that has added to our routines, but the fact that it has clicked has been a blessing!!!! Of all weeks too... the one where Jeremy was gone ALL week, started back into a routine after a vacation, and super busy at school, but.... it all worked out fabulous! I try to keep our mornings simple and in order. That means the night before, everything is laid out and ready to go!!!! It makes it easier and more pleasant for her and for me. Nothing is harder, than going to school after a hectic morning. Now, sometimes things happen here and there, but overall, the things that can be prevented are. I just have to be organized though, that is my nature.

Here are some "morning" pictures. She loves to unwind and wake up to her "shows". I understand because I have my morning shows too. I couldn't wait for her to be able to show off her Spring and Summer wardrobe. I love it!!!!! Here is one of my absolute favorite dresses!!!!

This picture was so cute, even though her eyes were closed, so I had to include it!!!!

She is looking at herself in the mirror, LOL. She loves to see the dresses she wears.

Whew... good thing I took this picture because AFTER the picture, I realized we had to re-do those piggy tails

Blue... I just LOVE blue on her! This was a favorite because it is 2 colors of blue. Of course, back in the fall, blue became my color that I wanted everything in too. She has on cute peep toe blue shoes with a big red flower on them. I had to put socks on b/c it was chilly that morning, but they are so cute on her.

One of our first days back after Vacation and heading to church. The trees and everything blooming are just GORGEOUS right now!!!

Jeremy flies back in today from Tampa, but this was the day he left. She watched him out the window. It was so sweet, yet so sad. However, we have lots of girl time together so she is good!

We had a play date at Homewood Park on Tuesday with her friend from school, Sofia. She has talked about Sofia for a long time, so I decided we needed to schedule a play date. They were so cute together and just played and played!!! They will be together for at least 2 more years in the same class if they both stay at OLS. Such sweet girls.

Having a snack in the "car"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am a fall weather type of girl. I Love the leaves changing, I LOVE LOVE football, I love the anticipation of all the holidays that begin to arrive, and I love the cooler weather. However.... lately this touch of spring is exciting! (only b/c we haven't hit those ridiculous temps or humidity yet). But I love all the blooming trees and flowers, fresh air, more daylight, and of course.... I am a girly girl, so I LOVE all these bright colors that are out! That is so exciting!!!! Here are some cute cute shoes I must say. I have loved all the new spring stuff. Funny to see how some stores had horrible seasons last year, but this year they are amazing. I love it!

We are back in the swing of things and once I am in it, I am good to go, but Sunday night was rough. I have tried to keep in my mind how precious "time" is, even if it means daily routines and schedules. Our afternoons tend to be at the park, playing, or sitting on the couch and watching a show with my little girl (or even Jeremy and I enjoying 90210 or Greys). My new years resolution was to truly enjoy God's gifts and time because we never know how much we will get. Some days slip up on me, but for the most part, we enjoy our weekends and truly make the most of our time together. Speaking of time.... To end a vacation is always rough and tough, but I am on the countdown until Summer. 8 More Sundays and I can do that! Ready for some toes in the sand, days at the lake, and many days at home. We are due for a summer like that. Oh and not to forget some nice sweet treats. Do people really cut sweets out of their diet? If so, they are missing out on one of the finer things in life. Thank you God for good genes so I can keep sweets in my diet!!

Tomorrow is already hump day. A fun weekend ahead with friends, running a race, and then our usual church and local restaurant. I like a good weekend at home! I have lots of pictures of CK and will upload them tomorrow.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Fun!

Here are ALLLLLL of the pictures from Spring Break, but it was broken up into 3 posts so you have to read this one and the next two. The next two really give details of what all we did though.
We went out to eat with Steph and Matt the first night! We laughed until we had to call it a night. That is the kind of fun that is so uplifting! We had a blast! (This was the night I had the fish with the "head").
We took our own picture in the elevator, LOL. Not that great, but we got something.
The day we arrived in Baltimore, we ate at The Inner Harbor. It was just gorgeous!

Jeremy told them our anniversary was in a month and they sent this up. YUMMY!
After we did our "half marathon" through Baltimore we had a very late lunch at Capital Grille and ate outside. It was so nice. I could do that everyday!

I don't think this needs a caption as to what it is
This might need a caption. After running so much, Jeremy thought we needed bikes. We wanted to see part of D.C. but fast! Soooo... off we went on our bikes

After seeing the sights, we headed to Georgetown... really cool place!!! So many fabulous stores and restuarants. We had lunch at Thunder Burger and it was decorated so neat. Picture doesn't do it justice. The booths were all pink zebra or gray snakeskin. I loved it!
I HAD to put a picture of Steph and me in but it was so not good! The helmet from the bike.... after 6 hours....did not do much for my hair, LOL! We had so much fun hanging out in D.C. for about 5 hours!!! I miss this girl!
Steph took this picture after we turned our bikes in
Real cute uhh? OMG this was at the end of the day, 12 hours later from a helmet, wind, and going non-stop, but the background was cool!

My glass is half full!!!

Does vacation have to end? I know that is probably the dumbest question and really... who says "I am ready to go back to work?". I mean I do love our daily routines and usually enjoy getting back into the groove, but still not quite ready. I think we just truly needed this vacation that I want it to continue. The being with my family non-stop, sleeping, eating wonderful meals, no house work/chores/extra random things that sometimes wear us out, later workouts (beat 5:00 a.m. anyday), and the list goes on and on. It has been a true blessing to have time with our little family for several days and then Jeremy and I were able to just get away as well. To be a spur of the moment type of trip, it worked out so perfect, leaving from the beach b/c I feel like we had 2 complete vacations. Once we got home we still had 2 good days and knowing that I had absolutely nothing to do.... whew, makes it so nice and wonderful! I still think we truly appreciate this break, our time away, etc... because of what we do and what all it took to get to this point. God truly laid the path! I learned that a long time ago though!

However.... lets look at the glass half full.... the faster we get back to work, the faster Summer comes and it will be here quick! 8 weeks is really all! There were a couple of times in the year I was "wishing" for my FL school schedule, but now I am loving my AL school schedule when they will still have 2 weeks left and we are out of school. Its coming fast!

So thankful for the many blessings we had this week of gorgeous weather everywhere we went, relaxation that was much much needed, my parents for taking care of CK while we had time away (and poor baby didn't feel that good), and for the mental break I had. Awww.... to think of how far we have come in a year, so glad that this summer is not going to be so crazy like last summer. I am ready to just enjoy. Here are a few pictures that I did upload from my camera from the past week. Have a fabulous weekend!

Did I mention in my other post that Jeremy DOES NOT run past 3 miles?? If so, I have begged and begged him to! He says he put in his time in high school and college with basketball, which is fine, but every now and then I want him to be my long running partner and it takes some hard core convincing. When we were in Baltimore and did our "half-marathon", I refused to show him the GPS until we were done. I knew that was the only way to get us back to the hotel. I was super proud of him, no complaining. We were pooped when we finally had lunch at Capital Grille that day though.

Did I also fail to mention our other "kid again" game? Playing monopoly! On the Ipad of course! Technology is amazing these days! That is what we did on the plane ride there and back. It was fun and sure did make the time go by fast. I forgot how much I loved that game and how much fun it was to truly be kids again. That is what we were on our trip and it was soooo care free and fun. Well I guess we were kids "with a kid" too, LOL....

SOOOOO... I just realized I have 57 pictures. This post will be pictures with her and in a few days I will put more from our trip!

The very first beach day was just gorgeous! Its funny how you forget about the beauty of the beach and then God had it laid out perfectly this day!!!

Heading out for a night to eat and then on to Destin to shop at the outlets!

This was after several several hours of eating out, shopping, then getting yogurt! She had all her balloons and you can tell she had a good time! Time to head up and go "night night"