Thursday, August 27, 2009

I really wanted to protect my new cute car seat, so I got a car seat cover. Finding car seat covers to fit my car seat are not very easy. I started looking back in April, but I never found anything to jump out at me. NOW... I FINALLY found something I love! It will be here in a week or so. The baby may not be able to come home in it, but I love it so that is all that matters! It has a summer side that is more light weight and winter side. I am looking forward to the wintery/fall side the most. I am ready, ready, ready for FALL WEATHER!!! That is my most favorite time of year. It should be a really fun fall with a new baby : )

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of my favorites and I have a date!!!

For lots of people asking... September 4th is my induction date!!! I am on "stand by" for September 3rd, but the latest this baby will be here is the 4th. YAY!! Thank you for all the prayers!

I have been so lucky to have one of my favorite students for the 3rd year in a row. For Mindi and Haley.... she reminds me so much of Haley so I take her under my wing even more. I feel like this is "my Haley Cotton" in Florida, haha! I love this family!! A few back to school pics.

So what did the doctor say....

Baby is staying put for awhile. I have to admit I teared up when he told me this too, but then, AS USUAL Jeremy brought me back to reality. I have been soooo lucky to have such a great pregnancy and things are just progressing well. The baby has gained weight and everything looks wonderful, but it is just not going anywhere!!! He was going to set me an induction date of August 31st, but if my cervix did not open, then they would have to send me home. Right now we are waiting on the hospital to call us with a date but it will be Sept 3rd or after. They are shooting for the 3rd or 4th and either way, THEY WILL TAKE THE BABY. So..... there is an end in sight for sure!

The doctor said the baby is could be about 7 lbs 8 oz, but probably a little smaller. If so, baby is gaining all the weight, which is good for me. Less to lose I guess, but the bigger it gets the more anticipation I would have about delivery, haha! So needless to say, I am ready, but I feel wonderful during the day, a little uncomfortable at night, but baby and me are both very healthy so I have a lot to be thankful for. Maybe Baby Wilson will surprise me and come on it's own, early!!! I will post a date soon. I have been overwhelmed with how many people stopped by my classroom today at school or have called wanting updates. It has been sooo sweet!!! Until then here is a picture of my first day of school.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Do you think we are ready for football season? If you could see the baby's diaper bag, there is an Alabama outfit in there too just in case I need it. We have wanted to get our Alabama gear out for weeks now, so we just decided to do it! We have a new Alabama flag, of course the new Roll Tide wreath, and then our Alabama rug. You can't see me too much here, which is good because I am VERY aware that my face and calves are getting a little swollen. That has just happened and I notice it more and more. That means it is time in my opinion!

I will post on Tuesday after my doctor's appointment. It is hard to believe that this is my due date week. WOW! I have had my share of pregnancy fun like the nausea, carpel tunnels, sleepless nights that started awhile back, etc... but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I feel like I have been very blessed to have had such a wonderful pregnancy. NOW... I am ready to know if it is a he/she and see him/her. I will probably frustrate everyone again when we have a 2nd baby b/c we LOVED "not knowing" the gender of the baby. My friends that did this said it was so much fun, but now I truly believe them. Once Jeremy gets to tell me what this baby is in the delivery room, I am sure I will love my decision even more. However, Baby #2 is far down on my "to do" list so we don't have to worry with it yet. I will post pictures as soon as Baby Wilson is here. My photographer will be at the house a few days after we get here and her pictures are absolutely amazing. Hopefully you will be able to view them from her blog and website. I can't wait for you to see what all she does. Until Tuesday.... I am still going on like I am not even pregnant, haha!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still hanging in there

Well.... we are still hanging in there! 6 more days until the due date, but nothing has happened. I have really dropped and we get to go to the doctor on Tuesday. When we go Tuesday, we get to see the baby again by ultrasound and then hopefully get a date scheduled to have this baby! We are ready to see him/her! Until then, I am heading to the mall today to do things I want to do while I still have another day of no baby. The mall is 6 minutes from the hospital so that would be a good place for my water to break if it is going to happen in public!

39 weeks!!!
This picture was taken for Meet the Teacher Day and the response I got all day was "wow, you are pregnant!" LOL

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Ella is Here!!

I finally got some pictures, only because I am going to school in the mornings, haha! 38 1/2 weeks preggo!!!
I need to stand up more and not slump! Gosh, just when I think I am... I am not, haha!
First day of school for this year. 38 1/2 weeks pregnant!

Hopefully most of you know that Baby Ella is Kelly's baby.... but she was scheduled to arrive today. Kelly had a c-section and Ella was born at 2:44 today. She was 6lbs 8 oz and almost 20 inches long. She is so cute and Hunter loves "his Ella". He has totally taken to her very, very well! I will post pictures very soon of Ella.

I went to the doctor today. Almost 39 weeks. This doctor was hilarious and believe it or not, so much was happening that I left there with unanswered questions so I have to call back in the morning and find out some answers. I have made SOME progress, baby's head is VERY VERY close to falling out, haha! However, I think they may still see me next week. Everything is great though! The non-stress test was very good, baby was very healthy. No problems at all so we are just hanging in there.

I did have an "attitude adjustment" with myself in the car. I finally realized that this baby is so healthy and I am so lucky to have this baby in my tummy. I have had such an amazing pregnancy, no swelling, no "blow ups", and very few problems. Instead of this baby coming on MY timing and right now, it is best for Baby Wilson to come when he/she is ready. As much as I want him/her here, I am trying not to think about it anymore. For 36 weeks of this pregnancy, the gender of the baby has not driven me crazy, but NOW, it is driving me crazy and I want to know what it is and see what he/she looks like. Time will tell, but until then, I will be content being pregnant and we will see what happens. Keep us in your prayers.

If nothing changes, I will post after my appointment next week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What is happening?

So school starts Monday. I thought about this day for a long time, but can't believe it is here. I can't believe I start back to school and I am about to have a baby! WOW, things are crazy and wonderful all at the same time. I have never had this feeling of going back to school being no big deal. I guess that is because I won't be there long, haha! We have found someone to keep the baby come January. I am sooooo excited. This lady is such an answered prayer and amazing! She lives a few houses down from Kelly and right behind my school. What more could I ask for? I feel better about my baby going there than someone coming to my house. She will be almost like a grandmother to this child and for leaving the most important thing to me with someone... that is amazing and what else could I ask for???

I walked to the pool today. I had to get another pool day in mainly just to sit and relax, not because I needed sun. It was nice and the water felt good. There again, 2 people stopped and ask me if I needed a ride. I just say "no thank you. I feel good!". However, I was ask by 3 people, "have you not had that baby yet?" Dumb question. "Yes, I had it but still have this big belly and I am sitting outside." I know what they mean, but still think it is funny.

My parents came in today. They are here for the births of the babies! Kelly is having Ella on Tuesday with a C-section. Me, still waiting. They will be going back and forth and it will be a busy time I am sure, but still lots of fun ahead of us!!!

What kind of animal will I see seems to be the big question on my walks or when I go to the pool. I always see gators, but not today. It was a snake sticking it's head up out of the pond. UGH! I am over these animals, but especially snakes. Florida is having a huge problem with snakes, especially pythons. If they are in the road, you can guarantee, I will stop traffic to drive over it several, several times!!

So that is the latest with what is happening here. I get to go eat at one of my favorite places in South Tampa tomorrow morning. I can't wait! Pictures should come soon because I am trying to take more and more as the days go by. Maybe the next posting will be me going to the hospital. I think I am dreaming though, this baby is all snuggled and going no where right now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I checked out!

Jeremy and I had a great time in Orlando on Tuesday and Wednesday. I pooled it up while he worked on Wednesday. The cutest part was when this little 7 year old girl went running by and noticed the "bare belly" and stopped and literally did a double take. I laughed and so did her mom. That is bc it is a big belly!!

So here are all the reasons i have officially checked out...
1. I have developed carpel tunnels in my left hand, ugh!
2. I have 30 skeeter bites on ONE calf alone from walking at night. Normally this would be slightly annoying but being that I have no patience, it is majorly annoying!!!!
3. I dreamed I had a wooden doll last night instead of a real baby.
4. I had all day to shop at the best mall in Orlando and went thru it in an hour and a half. Now, granted.... stores are in transition so they are blah anyways, but I NEVER get tired of malls!! Something is wrong.
5. It is just about time!!!! I look like I am hurting in this picture. Not quite, but I feel the baby just keeps dropping!!!

Jeremy got in our new video camera and small digital camera. He is so excited!!! We do need the video camera to capture all of baby wilson's exciting events and we needed something smaller than my papparazi big one for days that we needed something smaller. We are ready!!!

Last but not least, Kelly and Kevin kept Chloe while we were in Orlando and she has this little gift made for me. I love the diapees and wipees basket that can travel from room to room. It also had tons of things in it that will be very useful for the hospital. I loved it!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Latest update... these seem to be more often now!

This is what I was told to eat before I came in. Like I needed to be told to have a chocolate doughnut or Dr. Pepper. However, this was from Dunkin Doughnuts and it would have been MUCH better from Krispy Kreme. It did the job though! It got the baby moving! So here is my latest update... The doctor's visit went good. The baby passed the non-stress test, but we still have to do them at each appointment to make sure he/she is moving okay and as long as he/she is growing. I go back in a week and will know lots more at that point.

Some food for thought:
- I have realized that everyone in the neighborhood has recognized the "pregnant girl" that walks. I always pass these random people that say "you haven't had that baby yet?". I get it more and more now. I even walk to the pool. It only takes me 10 minutes, but twice, I have had people stop to see if I needed a ride. I guess they think I am hurting, but it is really funny how people have watched this belly grow that really don't even know me.

- I am enjoying my pregnancy right now and feeling great. That means baby wilson is definitely cozy in his/her womb! Everyone has their opinion of when Baby Wilson should come according to their birthday, event, etc... Believe me, if Baby Wilson could come on anyone's schedule, it would be mine, but I guess it will be up to him/her and God as to when this little angel appears. That is the beauty of it all I guess.

- My belly shots are getting few and far between. I may have one more bare belly shot to remember how this belly has DROPPED! Then after that, you won't see much of me, just actual Baby Wilson. I will be out of the picture for awhile. I do have a photographer coming into the house the first week the baby is born. I booked her back in February because these pictures were very important to me. She is going to be here all day so that is one last thing I have to worry about doing and I am sure her pics will be better than mine. I will post the link to her website as soon as I get them done. You will probably see some of my Chloe with the baby b/c I can't imagine otherwise!!!

- So those are the updates. I am soooo looking forward to one last night in Orlando this week and then one night to get together with neighborhood friends. I am enjoying every minute of the last part of summer. Where did it all go???

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A little bit of this and that...

NEW pictures of Baby Wilson. Look at that nose and those lips! That nose made Jeremy and I start dying laughing and she assured us, it really isn't that big! haha!

The picture below shows that Baby Wilson has his/her hand right next to his face.
This is just an updated blog. What is going on in our lives at the moment. Besides the fact that I just keep doing random things, I am totally ready. I would like to enjoy some time with friends this week, but we will see : ) Let me start with one of the best things, I slept like a rock the last 2 nights. I haven't slept or felt that good in I don't know when. During the day, I really forget I am preggo and just go, go, go. However, does that mean that Baby Wilson is all cozy and not going anywhere? If so, let me have the sleepless nights back!!! We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I will see if there is anything else that is really new at the moment. I am still getting kicked and elbowed all over the place. I am really going to miss that baby moving in my tummy, but yet, I can't wait to meet him/her.

Two things that really don't have to do with the pregnancy. I am SO OVER the heat and humidity of summer. This is why summer is not my most favorite season. I am also over the mosquitoes, so with that being said.... I can't wait for football season and for fall! YAY, ROLL TIDE. Baby Wilson has plenty of Roll Tide outfits that he/she is ready to wear.

I may take a trip with Jeremy to Orlando one night this week. I need to get one more in before the baby gets here and before school starts. School does start next Monday, but I kind of forget about that considering I won't be there that long. A couple of belly pictures we took this morning before heading to church! More info to come soon...

Friday, August 7, 2009

37 weeks, here we go!

Today was an exciting day as we went to the doctor. We got to see the baby again! Everything looks great! It looks much more like a baby now than it did at 20 weeks. The baby is measuring 5 lbs 11 ounces with a small abdomen. The doc said she wants to check this next week, but she isn't worried about it. We go back on Monday to see what is happening, but right now..... we are just waiting. I am going to take pictures this weekend. I haven't taken any that I liked lately and I need a few more to finish out this pregnancy. The doctor kept calling Baby Wilson a "she" then said, she had no idea. Last week, they called it a "he" so they love to play the game with us. It is pretty fun!!!
WOW!!!!!!! Check out that stomach! That makes Baby Wilson look much bigger than 5lbs11oz
Here is another picture of Baby Wilson growing and growing.... 37 weeks.

I have one more week of my "summer" left and then back to school for a few days or at least until Baby Wilson comes. I have officially done everything that I think I can come up with. House is ready and Chloe is ready. Chloe got groomed, very short I might add, but it will grow. She needed it short to grow back thick. She has to be ready to be in the pictures with Baby Wilson when the photographer comes. I am sure she is going to "love" that!!! More pictures and postings to come this weekend.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Daytimes are a breeze... night times, an enemy

This picture... 36 weeks still. New pictures of almost 37 weeks coming soon.

My days are still going great! Sometimes I forget I am pregnant and just keep on going. By night time, my body is reminded of being pregnant. Not much sleep is taking place, so I will just mark "sleep" off my to do list for several months now, haha! I do fall asleep really good at about 4:30 in the morning. Then I sleep until 8:00. As I tell my kids at school.... "you take what you get and don't cry a bit!" Doctor's appointment on FRIDAY!!!!