Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is what it's all about....

Relaxing, eating out, spending time with friends and family, sitting by the fire, sipping coffee, then all the fun extra things like sleeping and shopping!!!! I love my Christmas Holidays

Remember a post about 3 months ago of my friend Emily and her Nashville wedding???

Well here we are again, meeting for breakfast. It really is amazing how we can pick up where we left off no matter how much time has passed. She is my lifelong friend and always will be. Me, mom, and CK met Emily and Patsy (her mom) for breakfast. It was a lot of fun and CK definitely took the place apart.

Mom and Patsy

Here are pictures of us with Haley (Mindi was here too but she was taking the picture). We have had Christmas celebrations with them for as long as I can remember. We all started keeping Haley when she was 6 months old and since then, she has pretty much become a "Whatley member". I love that "Miss Cotton"
How is Haley not a baby anymore? Now she is playing with MY BABY!

Charlee Kate loved to eat mom's turtle pretzels, but she would eat the pretzel part and give the chocolate and pecan to mom. So yes... basically she just liked the pretzel

My Miss Priss and that is what she has been lately

The doggies like to enjoy the fire too

This has been the best ever... I have like 3 cups a day with how cold it has been. I love it

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It doesn't get any better than this!

Does it get any better than this!!! Charlee Kate is watching it snow and boy did it snow big time! Again, it was absolutely the most perfect Christmas.

Look at that face!!!! This is the face we got when she saw her Santa Claus stuff

One of her favorite gifts..... her stroller to put her baby dolls in

Just a quick snow picture, she would rather watch it snow on the inside with Gammy

Me, Jeremy, and my dad, took a ride to the top of the mountain on the golf cart, but a golf cart with wheels equipped for this, LOL. It was gorgeous and this is when it really started snowing hard. Thank goodness for the UGG boots that are like rainboots, keep my feet warm and doesn't mess up the outside.

I decided to just watch as they built the snowman. The first one fell so they had to do another one

This is when it first started snowing. We didn't realize we were going to be so lucky and get lots of snow

This is a classic. Jeremy tried to put my hood on, obviously I wasn't too fond of that, LOL

Christmas movies, coffee, sitting and relaxing, I wish we had these days all the time.
The vacation in Bama just keeps on going, even though Christmas is over. We can't wait for another Christmas season next year and WOW, what an amazing year we have had.

Oh what a Wonderful Christmas!

How is the most amazing and wonderful time of the year already over. I truly took in and enjoyed every minute of it, but it still went by much faster than I wanted it to! My mom and I flew into Bama Wednesday night and that is when the fun began! We had Christmas at Jeremy's parents on Thursday, enjoyed a great day with the Jones's (our life long friends) on Christmas Eve, rode around to see Christmas lights on the golf cart Christmas Eve night, then Christmas day was the most gorgeous WHITE Christmas!!!! The day lasted forever..... it was truly an amazing Christmas! Enjoy the pictures below, they tell the story of our time here in Bama. The best part is, many more days to come.

**These first 2 are just a "sneak peak" at all my Christmas day pictures. I can't put 62 pictures in one post and those are just the edited pictures.... more pictures to come each day**
This is what I spend the majority of my time doing... taking pictures to capture every moment possible.
The story begins up until Christmas Eve... I will post more of the other days as the week goes on
Christmas Eve with the Jones's... the beginning of the cold. I love it

What is the first clue this picture is NOT in Florida??? There could be lots, but the number one clue, lots of land, lots of trees, and it is someone's house, not a park. LOL
Charlee Kate and Jace on the golf course

Charlee Kate's new backpack. She can keep up with her own toys at the airport now, LOL

This "crazy goofy pose" picture dates way way back! We have tons from the years past

Lets get ready for the picture.....
And we are still working on it...
Still hasn't happened, but I sure look like a dork
Aww.... there it is. Haha, it takes a lot because we are always laughing. I just love these girls and so glad that we still get together with them.
The Jones crew
Jeremy was responsible for watching both kids on the golf course

So... Jace decided to step in all the poop he could find. Jeremy was an awesome baby-sitter

My little girl
Playing at the airport before heading to Bama
In Tampa before coming back to Bama... "I Rock my Hairbows"