Thursday, September 27, 2012

A great week!

We are off to a great week! However.... Charlee Kate has had a few rough afternoons. She has had great days at school, but when I pick her up she has a "come apart". I think she was off of her routine for 4-5 days and getting back on it hasn't been easy for her. We will get there though with time. My girl LOVES a routine and schedule! She is like her mama!!!!

Some friends have ask me where I disappeared to on FB. I have "liked" FB from time to time because I was able to reconnect with people. However, I see way more negatives about FB than positives. That is just my opinion and I could harp on it for hours, but it is like politics and religion, could be debated forever. I decided to deactivate for a little while and to my surprise, it took 2 days before I thought about doing a "FB check". That tells you how much I really thought about it. So.... I am going to stay off for a little while. Jeremy and I laugh and joke that it should be called "Fake book" b/c so many people post all these wonderful things happening, but never truly post what is going on in life. We get good laughs about it, but anyways, I am still here.... just not on FB for awhile.

Charlee Kate has started church choir on Wednesday nights. She loves it! This teacher is the same teacher who teaches her Sunday School. During the choir practice I can go to a bible study with some of the moms which is going to be fabulous! Looking forward to our Wednesday nights. I loved this devotional saying that I am about to post. Funny thing is... this is what I read about in my stress detox and we had in depth discussions on this in Sunday School. We ALL have some area of life that we are struggling with something. This has been a life saver this week! Focus on this thought:

"Dear Lord, I want to follow Your teaching and focus on the blessings You have placed in my life. Please help me learn to look through Your lens and to see today as a new day full of Your mercies. Mercies for me, and mercies for others. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
"So today when I'm tempted to get in a twit and start focusing on something that's wrong, I'll stop myself and say, "but" ... and then start listing things that are right."

Almost Friday... YAY!

This was one of my favorite little dresses on her! She had on the cutest shoes, but this was NOT a good afternoon. I barely got her still, so a smile and shoes, just wasn't going to happen. After dinner, she was a totally different child though! This was Tuesday.... now that it is Thursday, much better!

Just a day of riding together! Actually we were going to pick out counter tops! She was excited even though she had no idea what we were really getting.

My sister knows me well! She found this, knowing it would be something to add to my wish list. Love it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend stay cation!

Fall is definitely in the air. I loved waking up to 48 degree weather. We had our windows cracked and it was nice to feel the chill in the air. It was a nice refreshing weekend. After "running on fumes" last week, I feel like this week is off to more energy. I like weeks that we just schedule play dates and relax, especially with this cool weather!!! We finalized our kitchen countertops yesterday and renovations start October 1st. I am sooooo excited! I loved what we picked.... a pretty marble! It will be a big mess for a little while, but so worth it. I will post pictures as the renovations take place. I still have the rest of the house to post pics on too!

So the weekend was just great! We were by ourselves from Wednesday - Sunday because Charlee Kate was with my parents in Charlotte. She was so excited to go see her cousins!!! Jeremy and I took walks to eat dinner. We went to a nice restaurant one night, our favorite. It is so nice to be able to wear nice clothes and walk to dinner b/c it is not far away. I was craving a good fish and I ate a yummy one! Jeremy and I went to the game on Saturday. I had a long Saturday morning run, then off to tailgate for 4 hours, go to the game, then sushi afterwards. It was a much needed stay cation! The only thing I would have changed is for the weather to have been a little cooler. Today and Yesterday... MUCH cooler but it wasn't Saturday. I had a Bama tee, leather mini, and cowboy boots on. Got kind of hot! People watching is always a favorite for me, especially at a ball game. I did determine fringe boots were not the happening thing. Saw a few random people with them on and they didn't look that cute, not even the most expensive ones, but you know.... Each to their own. Someone may have thought the same about my leather skirt and tee, lol. Soooo.... it was nice to have a stay cation at home, relax, go eat, and get lots of stuff done. I don't have Mommy guilt while I try to do things that just have to be done on a daily basis. Normally we aren't this crazy, but with school starting, moving the first week of school, and renovating, it made us slightly crazy for a few weeks. We are slowly coming out of the fog!

Looking forward to a great week, a cool week, and another weekend at home!!!

Lots more pictures to come but this will have to satifsy until then.... our fabulous day at the game!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Running on Fumes!

Running on fumes this week. Not sure how that has happened, but it was a super busy weekend and Monday started off crazy with Open House at Ck's school,  so it made for a rough start. However, the exciting part is... it's Hump day! I had a great yard sale last weekend, which was my way of finishing our basement off. We cleaned and organized it for hours a few weeks ago, but needed to get the yard sale stuff out. That was a good feeling to finish it up. We have also had to finalize things for the kitchen and bathroom renovations so that has taken time here and there. Good thing we had an idea of exactly what we wanted. That starts soon and walls are going to be torn out too... all about to happen! So exciting, even if it will be a little mess for a bit.

Charlee Kate is sooooo looking forward to a trip to North Carolina for several days. She is beside herself excited! Even though I have been running on fumes, she has been the happiest little thing. I think everything is starting to "settle" for her. Routines work best for her! Our house is becoming more like "home", she absolutely loves school and her friends, its just nice to have her happy go lucky again. She just wasn't sure what all was going on when we were moving, then she was all over the place so we could move, changed classes at school, etc... Now... we are back to a routine. The best part about the week, is the weather. I just absolutely loved waking up to 52 degrees. Fall weather has to stay! This is the BEST part about living in the real south. FALL/AUTUMN!!!! 

Looking forward to some much needed rest, date nights, Bama game on Saturday, and all projects that can be finished in the upcoming 5-6 days. My little angel will be having a blast with her cousins, aunt, uncle, and Gammy and Pop! 

Pictures.....Church day.... She loves her sunday school and church and we have been visiting trying to find the perfect class for us as well!

One of my favorite MJ outfits! I even bought this dress in one size larger b/c I love it on her and it goes with so many of her cute pants! She was pointing out her new shoes too. She loved them and had to wear her new Livie and Lucas!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Good week!

Whew.... this has been a good week, BUSY, but gone by super fast. I have had Jeremy here all week and that has been nice! We have been in project mode and working on the house. As I find things (old things) in the house and think of what I want, I add to my project list! We will see how much I get done this weekend. Yard sale first.... how in the world we have stuff to get rid of, I don't know, but if I questioned it... I am getting rid of it. That means I don't want it in this house. I did have a day to go to lots of stores in downtown Homewood. I could completely furnish every single thing in my house from those stores. Love it!!! It is also fun to get rare items here and there though. This has been a fun process.

I am excited for another weekend in our home. It is becoming more like home. I was VERY torn to leave our "other street" in Homewood. We loved it and the people there. However, I always wanted to live on this particular street that we bought on, but never thought we could. I couldn't be happier though! I just love our house, my porch and big swing, and I love our neighbors. They seem to be more of our age too! What a plus! Thankful for Friday! A much deserved weekend and the fact that 70 degree temps are on the way, makes me super excited! I am a fall winter spring girl... not much of a summer type of girl. Fall also means PUMPKIN stuff is out. I kind of keep pumpkin going all year, but I love to see it out at Dunkin, the stores, the candles, etc.... It is my favorite and I love to make pumpkin bread! I make it good, healthy, but since we aren't obese or have a gluten allergy, I like to keep it on the "good" side, LOL! So yummy! Lindsay is my pumpkin bread friend, she loves it as much as me.

Last but not least, one of the best things the last few weeks is a 10 day stress detox I have been reading. It is a devotional. It is so amazing and definitely something I have needed after the last 5-6 weeks. I printed each devotion out for something to keep in mind! It's weekend time... hope to have lots of pictures. Roll Tide!!!

Here are some school day pictures from this week! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend at home!

It was a MUCH MUCH needed weekend at home! I hope we have several more weekends like this. Of course, this nice fall weather just made my day! I absolutely love it and I get such a spurt of energy when the fall crisp is in the air! Our weekend was very low key! We took Charlee Kate to the Homewood Football Game on Friday night. She loves the band... Homewood's band is the size of most college bands so they are pretty amazing! Saturday was project day and oh we accomplished so much in our new house. Still several more things to do before renovations start again, but it felt so good. Sunday was sunday school and church. I went on a very long run, which I have not done in a very long time for several reasons (moving, school starting, out of town, renovations, day to day tasks, humid weather.... and so on), but I was ready to get started again in some nice weather and it was fabulous! The rest of the day was at home. I feel like this is home already! Every project and every thing we do here is so exciting b/c we are making this cottage more and more OUR home. Love love love it!!! Pictures from our week below: 

Charlee Kate was headed to church in this picture. She kept on asking when it was time to go. She was excited but wanted to take candy corns, her baby, and her ba-ba of course!

Game day outfit!!! Roll Tide! Awesome start to the season

I have a "mommy's helper" who was in my class last year. They are the sweetest family and they have the most gorgeous house. I have been there several times for ideas! Love it! This sweet little girl's name is Ella Grace. She plays with Charlee Kate when we have things to do around the house. She came last week as I got ready for my MJ party and Jeremy was out of town. Then we had her come Saturday when we started our "basement" project. 

The basement! I haven't taken the "after picture" yet, but will soon. This basement looks amazing! Sooooo organized and I just love it! This was just as it started, Jeremy was pulling down all the things that were left there and had probably been in the house years and years! I did find some more really cool doors and other really cool things to re-do. Love finding treasures in my old house!

And here is the stump to the massive tree that was removed. Pictures really really don't do it justice. It was so massive. So sad for it to have to go!

 Thursday Charlee Kate started her dance class. She takes it through a dance company here in Homewood, but they come to her school every Thursday morning at 9:00. It is so nice that she can do that at school because she is super tired in the afternoons.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little Roll Tide.... Dallas Way!

We had a fabulous time on our trip to Dallas. It was a much needed get a way after the chaos of the last 5 weeks. Don't get me wrong, being home would have been nice too b/c I need time in the new home, but it was still fun! I didn't get any Friday pictures. Our day Friday, was flying into the airport, shopping and eating!! Jenn and I shopped and ate out at nice places all day long, never even looking at our watches. That is something that hardly ever happens. We laughed so much that night that our stomachs hurt. That is how a trip with friends should be!!!

Lots of great pictures below. It was a great game! So glad Bama started the season off right!!! 


The Cowboys stadium was awesome! I am sure there were many fans there that were not Bama or Michigan fans b/c who wouldn't love to go to the Cowboys stadium and watch college football??? But... it sure was more exciting being a fan, especially a Bama fan! Awesome game! Club/suite level tickets too!

Heading out the day after for a little fun! Still sporting our Bama gear!

Out to eat our last night.

Time to head home. We were all ready to see our babies!!!