Friday, September 30, 2011


I am not sure I even have the energy to type anything. This has been one of those weeks that would never end, that was tiring, and that I just wasn't quite as motivated for. However, it is Friday and I am so excited!!! K&K and the kids are here and we have a fun fun weekend ahead. Not to mention, the weather is just going to be BEYOND gorgeous! Gives me the fall fever and makes me super excited to be able to enjoy it every day and not just for a visit anymore. Pictures to come after this weekend. There will be tons!!!

Okay I typed that message on Friday, with the intention to put pictures, and never did. The weekend was just amazing and I couldn't have ask for a better one. It flew by but the week ahead is a super busy one!!! It is a big week. I will get to blogging, but it may be a few days and pictures will all have to come then! Sleep is #1 at the moment. Hope it is a much more motivating and easier week : )

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a swinging!

Our day of swinging at the Park. It was gorgeous, just absolutely gorgeous on Sunday afternoon. We went on a very late afternoon walk to one of my favorite parks b/c it has soooo many gorgeous big trees, its all shaded, and beautiful. We live near many many parks but we love this one. It is sort of nestled in the neighborhood and you don't really see it unless you are deep into the neighborhood. The whole time we were walking home (this one is about a mile walk one way) I told Jeremy nothing could be better than this moment. I have been WAITING for this fall like breeze and weather and so glad we have it and we can enjoy lots of Park playing afternoons.

There again, all I had was the camera phone because I didn't plan ahead, but it did okay. However, that is why the "swinging picture" are blurry b/c she was moving. She was squealing, laughing and having a blast. Then she wanted Jeremy and I on a swing. So at one point we were all 3 on a swing and it was cute. Until Jeremy and I both got off and felt motion sickness (equilibriums off). Man we are both getting old! LOL

Here is a glimpse of the park even though pictures don't do it justice at all!

Roll Tide!

Here are a couple of pictures I took last week and forgot to post them. She was enjoying watching her morning show!

It was a fun day in Tuscaloosa! My dad, me and Jeremy got to T-town by 9:00 on Saturday morning and got everything set up. It was nice to sit back and relax and just watch the people and football. We had the tent, all the food, the big TV, everything you could ask for. I guess the fact that we had such a good game, did help to top the day off for sure. There is a lot of fun and excitement when you enter that stadium that holds 101,000 and it is so loud! It was definitely a blast! We met my parents today and I got my little girl back. I was so excited to see her!!! It was such a fun weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Posting was a pain today for some reason... just scroll down to find pictures and words! There are all there, LOL. Here is my little one. She loved loved watching herself sing and dance the other day in front of the mirror! I couldn't help but take pictures! Video would have been better, but I wasn't fast enough.

Well it is Friday, super excited and ready for a good weekend. I am really going to miss my little girl, but she is with her Gammy all weekend and we need the weekend to do a few things. We have a fun date night planned tomorrow night and then the Bama game, tailgating, and fun fun for Saturday. I can't wait!!!!

So here are some pictures of our little girl that is growing and changing everyday. We took her to the doctor for her 2 year check up today and she is in great health! We were very pleased with the new pediatrician. In fact, her son will be in CK's class and the pediatrician offered to take all the medical paperwork to the school when she picked up her son... oh and this will be CK's NEW class that is. Yes it is hard to believe, but Charlee Kate is moving to a new school. She has been at an amazing school, with an amazing teacher, and adjusted so well to "school". However, we found out the week before she started that this would be their last year of preschool and they would be closing to go to a Mommy's Day Out program. It would not close until May.

So.... since there were only 2 more schools around "our bubble", I immediately called to put her on the waiting list. One of the schools was just amazing, beyond amazing, and was all I heard about before we moved here, but didn't think that getting in would happen because everyone would apply now that Dawson was closing. However, I knew I had 8 months so hoped we could get in one of them. Well, the amazing school had an opening for Charlee Kate that would open Oct 1st. All I could think about was "how in the world can I move my baby after she just got settled? this wasn't supposed to happen until May in my little world that I PLAN" LOL. Well as we have prayed about EVERYTHING, God had all new plans and this position opened. The more Jeremy and I thought about it, we knew that she was going to have to move sometime so we might as well move her now. I would rather her get used to the school she was going to be at as soon as possible. I went to tour the school, not sure if we would go with it and just loved it. From the tornado shelter, to the teachers, to the program, to the lunches they serve, etc... I just couldn't have been more impressed. Then if one little doubt came in my mind, God would send a bigger sign saying "it was okay". Since that day, I get signs NON STOP that it is all going to be okay and this is meant for her. It is such a great church and we are so excited!!!! (still in the bubble too).

So.... it continues to be a whirlwind around the Wilson household from getting over sicknesses, moving schools, and going non-stop, but it is all good things. It is all a WHIRLWIND of BLESSINGS!!!

Now we get to enjoy some good shows (YAY for 90210 and Grey's coming back on) and then so excited for a date weekend!

Puzzles... oh how she loves to do puzzles
Last Friday night we went to the Homewood Football Game. Charlee Kate sat there with her daddy watching it and loving it! It felt like Friday Night Lights! Aww... the tradition of high school football!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just some thoughts

Charlee Kate in her "Homewood outfit" before heading out to the Homewood Football Game!

I absolutely love weekends where we have nothing to do and I absolutely hate to see them go!!! It has been a wonderful one, time spent with friends, good cool weather with the windows open, football games, and just relaxing with the family! Makes me realize how much I have to be thankful for! I told Jeremy I still think I am living in my dream and its crazy to think I don't have to get on an airplane to fly back to Florida. Not that FL was that bad, but I always hated leaving "home". I love being near our family and friends!

I also stopped to think about how many friends came to visit me in Tampa and how much that meant to me. It was always nice to see faces that were from "home" when I was away from "home". A lot of those same people were the ones who came and greeted us first thing when we moved back. Thank you to all of our fabulous friends and family!

One more thing that Jeremy and I heard on the radio today.... do you know what the one thing is that Americans spend 53 million minutes on a MONTH???? Surfing Facebook! We laughed, of course, Jeremy said "not me" (b/c he doesn't even have an account) and then I said, well I only contribute about 5 minutes a day so I am not too bad off. Lots more things to do with that time, but that was crazy!

Off to another Monday, another week, but hoping for a good one!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Picture Day

It's been a great day! Friday already, WHEW.... I needed Friday! The weather was just absolutely perfect this morning! 55 degrees. I loved it and we have no plans for the weekend. Just enjoying fall weather, watching football (OF COURSE), and maybe going to eat brunch at a favorite outside restaurant. Just loving all this nice weather. Charlee Kate has been so stopped up lately so I am hoping for her to recover just a little bit over the weekend.

I realize every single day, the plan God had for us when we moved here. As I have said (for the 100th time), I waited and waited for this day and it is amazing how really perfectly God allows things to happen, all in his time. I feel like I have been teaching at my school for years. The people are so nice, so helpful, and I love the kids! It is amazing how 5 weeks with a group of people feels like "home" as far as work goes. Definitely blessed beyond!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend! More to post later.... that long, SUPER LONG, "Life changing blog post" is coming. Still working on it!

Today was picture day at Charlee Kate's school! Of course her hair has grown a lot and is really thick and today was one of those days it didn't do very good and looks like she has none! I didn't dry it good last night because I was almost asleep before her. Can't wait to see how they turned out anyways!!! Once it gets good and long I will fix her hair how my friend Karen always fixed Lily's. She always did the best job fixing Lily's hair! I miss that little one!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


She was so proud of them!!! They are so cute too. They are a little big so we ordered the Hunter Wellies to fill up the extra room until she grows into them. I love them on her! She has racked up on cute new shoes lately!

This was my "yesterday" post and I forgot to post it. Lucky us... it is raining today so we both got to wear Hunter Rain boots. However, the day has not been our best. Check out the happenings of my day so far....

- I have been up since 1:45... long story (Good news is everything is done for the day!)

- Had a great morning, headed to take CK to school. She sort of wanted her mommy today. She is very stuffy and it is soooooo yucky outside so I think she could have stayed home with me

- Got ready to leave her school and my key would not unlock my car. You have to LOVE technology now b/c my BMW doesn't require a real key so all we have are remotes. Called school and said I would be late (on the church phone b/c my cell was in the car)

- I left my umbrella in the car b/c I parked right by the door and I left my rainboots in the car b/c I would put them on for the long walk into the building. So.... off I went to WALK HOME IN THE RAIN to get Jeremy's car key. Oh yeah did I mention this is the ONLY day he is out of town? Thank GOD we live, work, and do everything in the "bubble"

- Got me an extra mile walk in, grabbed an umbrella, and came back with Jeremy's key. It doesn't work either. locking system is down on the car. Which means... NO PHONE, NO PURSE, NO CAR SEAT, NO LUNCH, I even stocked my bag with caffeine for the day since I was up so early, NO NOTHING!

- Call the school again, someone came to get me. There again Thanks for living in the "bubble"

- Got to school, where I work at the best school lunch place EVER.... it is taco day of ALL days! So lunch is not looking to hot.

*** I post all of that b/c it is kind of funny. It will all work out but it is literally one of those moments that I keep thinking what else could happen??? However, I have ALL day, so I may be adding to the list as it goes on : )

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just catching up!

What better way to start a blog than to say "ROLL TIDE". What a great game and the guys had a BLAST in PA. I am so glad that they got to enjoy a football weekend (even though the Steelers lost). My little girl was all decked out and ready for game day! This post is just a few "catching up pictures" for my Monday. My camera is broke! Yes, I am going crazy so until we get one, I will be using my phone a good bit, but I will still have the pictures coming.

Here is another Game day outfit. The zebra outfit does say "Roll Tide" but hard to see because of the jacket.

On Sunday, mom and I went to the mall. Charlee Kate found it very exciting to run through all the clothes and up and down the mall. She LOVES a mall. As soon as we pull in she starts squealing "mall, mall". That is before I even stay we are AT the mall. WOW, she is on the right track, mommy has trained her right. See Jacki... all those times we took the girls to the mall, now she is loving it, LOL.
Getting ready for the mall. I love those piggy tails!
Gammy has stayed with us this weekend while the guys were gone to the game. Charlee Kate loved having her Gammy here! She even got to stay out of school with her on Friday.
We went to the Galleria on Friday night. I did not know they had a train there that rode through the mall. Oh my little one loved that! She loves a "choo choo train"
Watching the 9/11 memorial. She was just intrigued by it. She didn't watch the bad stuff but the actual memorial service that morning! Check out the crocs with the Pajama top, haha!

10 Years Ago! WOW

As I sat to try and think of what to say for September 11th, I found myself just stuck, not knowing what to say. I stopped and read a few things about the 11th and found something a friend of mine said and she could not have worded this more perfectly!!!!

I can not believe that today marks the ten year anniversary of 9/11. It's amazing how time has passed and how things have changed.

What was I doing that day? I remember it like yesterday. I was still a newlywed. I had only been married 5 months. We were actually going to the beach that weekend to have wedding pictures made on the beach. I was heading out to class (watching Regis and Kelly like always) and saw the first plane hit. I was like everyone else, thinking this was something horrible that happened and it was an accident. Then the 2nd plane hit! I remember calling my mom and calling Jeremy. As I was in class, that was the only topic up for discussion. All ANYONE wanted to do was watch the Live coverage of what was happening. Then a few hours later, I remember gas stations piling up and the scaring, empty feeling hitting. What was next? What would happen now?? I can't even imagine what someone living in NYC felt at that moment. I am sure there is nothing like it because I didn't even live in NYC and still that is such a gut wrenching feeling. To think that there is someone in the world that evil to want to kill that many innocent people STILL is beyond my belief.

However, I do think that it has changed a lot of people for the better. We now stop and think about life and how precious it is! There is NOTHING you can take for granted, but I still cannot imagine what anyone went through that day in NYC or the families that were affected.

Those are the memories most vivid to me.

Now I think about how our world has changed and how my friends and I now have children of our own to protect from terror.

I hope our country spends today in reflection and remembers how we all joined together that day (and since) to protect our families from harm's way. I hope it doesn't turn into a day of politics and jargon. I hope we take time to recognize our resilience and comradery and how we are all more alike than different.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nick Chick!!!

This has been one of those days! Great, busy week, but chaotic, exhausting Friday. Not much left in me to blog.... soooo.....

ROLL TIDE!!! I hope the guys have a blast in Pittsburgh for the Penn State/Bama Game. Camera phone shot, but here is my Nick Chick. I will post much better pictures, words, and details later. Happy Weekend!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


This picture says it all! All 3 kids on a mini tricycle and Ella (who has some "face art" because she got into my eye liner). So cute! Of course you have all realized by now that I cannot just choose one picture so I always have MANY! If you didn't see all the cute pics from her school party, check them out on the post after this.
What a wonderful, priceless weekend! The moment those kiddos (Charlee Kate, Ella, and Hunter) all saw other Saturday morning, was absolutely priceless. As Jeremy describes it, "It was like Christmas!" They were sooooo excited! They had the best day playing non-stop and they never even left the house. It was so sweet to watch them play! I think the time away they have from each other has made them truly miss each other more. Kelly and I were able to enjoy some alone time for some retail therapy. That was super nice!!! Then the guys got to go out and enjoy a football game, of course, it was more fun to watch knowing BAMA had already won, LOL!!!

Our Sunday was very low key, but the best part was just watching all the kids play and have fun. Kelly and I let the girls blow out candles for their birthdays. We want to make sure they get together every year around their birthdays because they will probably never get to be at each other's parties because of the time their birthdays fall. We thought meeting in Atlanta for a weekend each year with them would be something fun. It was just such a fun weekend and it was so weird because it had been 7 years since we last made the trip to Charlotte, when we used to go all the time. Looks like we will keep I-85 pretty busy, but it is such a great and easy drive.

Jeremy and I decided to drive back about 7:00 on Sunday night. We got in a little after midnight and it was the best decision. Charlee Kate slept most of the way and then we had ALLL day Monday to just relax. It was a very rainy Monday and we loved sitting on our porch, drinking DD coffee, letting her play, and just relaxing while it rained. Knowing that rain was bringing in cool temperatures was the best feeling. It is no secret I have been DYING for these cool temps. I feel rested and ready for a 4 day week! The guys head off to Pittsburgh for the Penn State/Bama game this weekend. They don't like to miss a game if they don't have to. Mom is going to come stay and we are going to do a few things around here. Looking forward to it all!!!

One little bitty thing that just topped off my weekend (icing on the cake) was..... I found DD 4 miles from me. How have I missed it this long? My fabulous husband found it and told me and now I have one close by. Then my wonderful friend Jacki, let me know that all the pumpkin stuff was back at DD. That is my MOST FAVORITE and it is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love the pumpkin stuff that DD carries. I was so excited when she sent me a text to let me know. On our way to Charlotte, we found a DD and Charlee Kate even started screaming. There is nothing like their coffee. Of course, that is all is I buy for home, but NO ONE can make it as good as they can. CK loves their munchkins too! We are excited we found one! Its not on the way to school so we won't visit it very often, but I just love knowing I have one nearby. Now if we can just get Neimans here, WOW, I would be super excited, LOL

Heres to a good week!!!

THe girls blowing out their candles after we sang Happy Birthday to them!

I love this little Juicy Romper on her! Wish they had it in my size!

Charlee Kate would NOT let Ella put her arm around her. Not sure why.... lollipops were allowing us lots of picture time!

You can't forget Sweet Brady! Charlee Kate just loves Brady. He is so good with the kids

She loves to give Hunter hugs!

Swimming and stopping for a snack

Ella and Hunter gave Charlee Kate bubbles for some of her birthday present so they wanted to take LOTS of bubble baths. Worked for us, that confined them!

My camera is sooooo acting up and even has to go to the shop : ( I will have to use my camera phone for awhile, YUCK! Anyways, this picture is blurry but you can see how long and thick her hair is getting
I love love the new red chucks to wear with all the Bama outfits! This was part of her birthday gift from K&K and the kids