Friday, July 30, 2010

Where have I been??

Me, Charlee Kate, and Dad... eating at Bonefish. Mom is taking the picture of course and Jeremy was out of town.

Well we have been in Panama City for several days and now I am in Destin for a bachelorette party. I will have lots more pictures to post soon, but until then, here a few to get you through. I have taken millions and millions of Charlee Kate while being here. A lot of them are in her 5 birthday outfits, LOL. So those pictures won't be posted for awhile, but they will eventually make it. Until then, enjoy these few pictures. I hate to take the Neiman Marcus pictures down. I act like I haven't been to Interanational (only 500 times), but that rug is my favorite, not just because it was at Neimans, haha! I needed to update with what is going on with the Wilsons!!!
Look at that sweet baby! I could eat her up right now!

Playing at the condo!

Charlee Kate is all over the place now. She learned to finally crawl as you saw in the last few posts, but she is totally walking now! She still doesn't have it 100% by herself but she is trying to go everywhere. I said the whole time walking would come hand in hand with crawling with Charlee Kate. She is doing them both and loves that she can get into everything!
WE decided to head out shopping one day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommys little partner!

What an amazing day with my little girl. I have gotten WAY TO USE to having play dates and having her with me all day every day. It is too much fun! Today we did a little run with our friends and then headed to the mall. Charlee Kate was so good and just loves it. If she gets that 30 minute cat nap in on the way to the mall, she is an angel the whole time we are there. She loves here. Here are a few pictures at our usual stop first... Neimans. This time it was for pictures though and no shopping, haha!
I think she needs to do an advertising ad for Neimans considering she is reading their Encircle magazine!

The famous butterfly there
Eating pizza and french fries at the mall. Mae and Charlee Kate sharing

Notice Charlee Kate's foot on the table and the pizza that is on her foot. Real lady like!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wreaths, wreaths, wreaths!

What an appropriate picture of a wreath for this post!!! LOL

Well the wreaths are up and going! If you haven't checked out our website, please do! We have all kinds and we are always adding pictures. It seems to be getting busier and busier. More information to come soon, but let me know if you are interested in one. We have had some people do a little party on their own... if you get orders for 5 wreaths then yours is half off and if you get an order for 10 wreaths, yours is free.

Check it out!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Newest runner in our family!

Here is our new gym! It may not look like a lot but Jeremy has added so much to it and the biggest addition is the Life Fitness treadmill. We now have all life fitness and hammer strength!!! There are some things you can't see in the pictures, but I am soooo excited to have all the new equipment, so is Jeremy. We have a new runner ready to go!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The cute butterfly at Neimans....

We went out today with our friends Heather and Cooper to lunch at Cheesecake Factory and to do a little walking around the mall. Of course, Neimans is always a place to stop with Charlee Kate because she stops and plays in that area and the sales associates know her well, haha! Here she is playing on the butterfly rocking horse (even though it isn't a horse). It is so cute!!!
I know every mommy has one of these pictures, but sometimes, you just have to let them "have at it" in the tupperware cabinet
The WILSON GYM is now officially finished and up and going!!! haha! Pictures to come with that tomorrow

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Charlee Kate Crawling

How is it almost Wednesday already??? We have such a great week so far and yet so busy! Tonight we went to eat with some friends and this little girl, LILY, was in my class for 3 years. Boy how I will miss her next year. She is such a sweet little girl and loved playing with Charlee Kate. She could be a future baby-sitter for sure!
I had to post these cute little shoes that I just love love love! They are totally Charlee Kate or.. me!

One more video of Charlee Kate crawling. I love it! Lots of fun things planned ahead so I will keep posting with pictures

Busy bees!

Well we have been BUSY BUSY since we came back from Bama. Lots and lots of play dates, going to the mall, eating with friends, lots of good walks with Heather and Coop, a run with Jacki and Mae, and plenty of playing time. I have truly loved every minute of my time with this little girl! Not sure how I am going to give it up in a few weeks. Saturday we went shopping for a toy shelf and not sure where we were going or what we were looking for, and the first place I walked into... I found it! It is the most amazing place, very Anthropologie like. We ordered it to be exactly what we wanted and we will get it in a few weeks. I cannot wait! Pictures will be up as soon as we get it. Here is my little lovey before we went shopping.

She gets sweeter every day! (Spoken like a true mom right?). I just love to see that smile and hear that laugh when I come in the room. She FINALLY FINALLY started to crawl (video at the bottom). I really thought she was going to walk before crawling because she has taken a few steps, but on Friday she crawled before I realized it. I am so glad she waited until summer time to do that so I was with her. So exciting! She has also decided that baby food is no longer good and stopped eating it all at once! So we transitioned to real food very quickly and so far it is going pretty good. Of course, Pizza is a HUGE favorite along with dunkin donuts blueberry munchkins, watermelon, and green beans. I keep trying new things everyday, but they are not always a hit.

Today we went to church, came home and took a long nap, and went to the pool. Charlee Kate loves her some watermelon so she took a little break from swimming and had some watermelon too.

We are really looking forward to the upcoming week of fun times with friends. Everyday we have something planned, which makes the week fly by and I don't particularly like that part. Lots of pictures to come from the week : )

Charlee Kate crawling!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This week at home!

A night before going out for sushi! We had company in town so finally all 3 of us in a picture at our house.
Sitting in the Kitchen floor playing... I just said "Charlee Kate... how big are you?" and she throws her hands in the air and we say "SO BIG!!!"
Check out her donut on the floor behind her. That is real nice I know. She decided she over baby food and cut it out cold turkey! We are now straight real people food. So far she loves green beans, squash, pizza, dunkin donuts blueberry munchkins, watermelon, and she had a waffle this morning. I just hope she keeps it up.

Eating her pizza. I couldn't give it to her fast enough. She loved it!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bama Trip Part 2

We went back to mom and dad's lake house one night for the guys to fish and to eat dinner before we had to head back to Florida. It was so nice and peaceful! Jeremy's parents were able to come which was really nice for them to get out. We just love being near the water.... especially Jeremy! Here are just a few pictures that we took. We are now back in Florida and it was a bittersweet leave. We did not want to leave, but then you want to be back at your own house. Maybe not too much longer!!!

Enjoy the pictures and more to come soon!

My little girl LOVES some watermelon!