Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend in Tuscaloosa

We planned a weekend in Tuscaloosa for the Ole Miss game awhile back. I was excited to take both kids, but have the hotel so close when we needed to go back. These babies will grow up loving these AL football games and tailgating! We stayed at the new hotel in the new downtown area. It had great hallways for the kids to play and was super close to everything we needed. Charles kate loved all the furniture. She would strike a pose whenever I pulled my camera out. 

Since we were spending the weekend in Tuscaloosa, I took a run through campus and downtown and the river walk. I love to visit a place more on "foot". You learn so much more about it
We get to see Josh a lot in the fall. Charlee kate always loves to see her cousins. It was super hot though!!!
Watching Game Day! 
Hanging out on the Quad
Hanging out with these two in the hotel room. Just relaxed and played! Days like that are much needed!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A September week

Everyday there is something exciting happening. We meet friends for breakfast or lunch, go to the zoo, walk to the bakery or get a popcicle, have a play date..or just stay at home and rest! I feel like we are in our groove now. Both kids love school and everything has actually gone well. I am definitely looking forward to more fall weather! I love this time of year! 

Cheer picture day!! She looks way too big to me!  Cheer has been a lot of fun for her. I thought it might get tough going to the away games, dragging B there, etc... But we have loved it! Homewood (little guys) are a pretty good football team! 
These two are something else! 💗
Monday morning school day! These fall mornings have been fabulous! Walking the kids to school is one of my favorite parts of the day! Look how big B is in the stroller! (Luckily the new ride came in the next day)
Wednesday school day! That sweet face!
My lunch date at Gilchrist. He's so much fun these days 
The weather changes and things blooming have caused a lot of congestion for this girl but she still has a smile on her face! 

Watching the Homewood Homecoming parade. Charlee Kate's first parade to march in

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturdays in the South

This is one of the many reasons I love the south...Saturday football! We love AL football and the first home game had great fall weather! CK was so excited and ready for the game! 

Silly faces are always a must! Especially with these two

I had the day to myself with my little guy. He loved the carousel at the mall
The daddys gave these girls a super fun day! 

Charlee kate got to see Jake and watch the band
The Crimsonettes! Girls in "sparkly" outfits! Makes them happy!!
These two have been going to games together since they were 3. I hope they stay friends forever! 💗

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A few September days!

Charlee Kate had her first game to cheer at last week on her birthday. She loved it! By the 4th quarter she is usually asking me how much longer but likes it otherwise. 
Friday spirit day! It's a southern thing and I believe in Friday spirit day! Showing our Roll Tide spirit! 
Charlee Kate and Mary Addison. Sweet friends 

Beckham shows his game day spirit on Fridays too...even if he's just hanging out with mommy! 
Trying on see if they fit! I have to bribe him to do this 
Labor Day weekend spent at the lake with The Hardens! Great friends.... Great weekend! We watched football, relaxed, kids played, sat outside...such a nice treat
Of course the riding toys were brought out! 
Getting ready to ride sea doos 
Back at school after a long, fun Labor Day weekend 
He prefers talking to random people (as long as mommy or daddy are close by)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy birthday

You We are so blessed that God gave us this sweet girl 6 years ago! She is always full of life, creative, imaginative, picky, can be stubborn, girly girly girly, but has the biggest/kindest heart! She absolutely loves to play with my shoes and clothes, loves...
- make up
- jewelry
- cheering
- her friends
- being outside 
- candy
- anything sweet 
- her baba
- playing with friends
- NYC 
- her school

And the list goes on and on. I am so excited for all the fun celebrations we have had for her special day! 

She wanted an art party this year. I had an art teacher do the party at her studio. It was such a success and so much fun. Probably one of my favorite parties yet! 

The set up for this party was easy. I decorated the table, put up a few more things here and there, and that was it. Much easier than the past 😜

Her art teacher Mrs Hubbard
Pop and Gammy wouldn't miss the party
So glad Nana made it this year. Both grandparents were a huge help!!!

All her friends painting lollipop pictures
Her best friend Harper

Beckham did enjoy the party 

Strawberry cake from Dreamcakes! Yum!

The piñata! It was fun but piñatas are crazy

Cute little area for presents 
The party favors...cookies and little craft crayons or paint
We hand delivered paint invites 🎨