Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Park City living!

Park City?? I knew it would be a neat place...Sundance film festival here (has to be nice if all celebrities come right?), high class area, mountains, etc... But it was VERY unusual that we were going somewhere and didnt know what we were going to do when we got there. I think that made it more exciting though. By the time this trip was over...we found another new vacation spot for our family. Kids will love it one day and I am afraid mountains in the south don't compare. 

Sunday...we flew out. We were flying into Salt Lake City...Park City is 30 min away. Of course delta always overbooks flights but we took a flight a few hours later in exchange for free meals and flights and now we have free flights to come back another time. Can't beat that! Sunday was a traveling day then laid back once we got here. First thing I noticed, besides mountains of course, was the cool weather in Park City. I was immediately in heaven! 

Monday: we slept in, worked out, cooked breakfast. We were staying at a resort so we had a big condo and it was nice to cook breakfast and take it easy in the mornings with mountain views. We hit downtown Park City, shops restaurants, Olympic park (watching everyone ski into a pool kept my attention), then explored the mountains. Later that afternoon we headed back to get ready for dinner. We had reservations at The St Regis at the top of the mountain. Eating outside was just breath taking. Sat by the fire pit after dinner and made s'mores. It was cold but it was the most perfect night. Very rarely did we look at a clock! 

Tuesday: my favorite day! Slept in, made breakfast, and headed out hiking way up the mountains. Now hiking was amazing, i found a new love. I think those workers underestimated us though as we were asking our questions to begin. Here are MY assumptions as to why: 1. I was preggo 2. Everyone else looked "outdoorsy" with their backpacking gear and we (mainly me) were in fancy workout clothes, make up, earrings, and I had a water and my lipgloss instead of a backpack. Kind of funny but we did a hike for over 2 hours and survived just fine. We could have gone longer but wanted to make sure we made our spa appt. So after hiking, we took the gondola lift to the top, ate lunch, then off to a 2 hour spa treatment and then the pool. Dinner was sushi that night...the perfect day! 

Wednesday: we hiked again that morning bc we loved it. Had breakfast on the balcony, headed into the city for some shopping. I am definitely your Girly girl shopper and in other ways too but my outdoor relaxing activities hit the spot for this trip! I must say the weather was a #1 reason too!! 

It's a trip to come back to for sure! We cant wait to bring the kids one day. Definitely a baby moon vacation that was much needed! Now I am ready to see my baby girl 

Heading up on the first hike 
We are up there!
The white trees... Pretty cool

Our only nature friend we saw...that's ok with me!
Out to dinner!

Downtown park city
Another hiking day

The s'more table to make by the fire pit

Daily views...

I could be a mountain girl!

Is it possible to be a southern girl, love some AL football, but still have these Park City mountains? It's possible I am sure, but you can't really have them both all the time. I have truly enjoyed this Park City trip! Lots of pictures to come soon. CHarlee Kate is our motivation to come home bc no humidity and this weather does NOT make me want to go home!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Girls day out!

It was full of fun today! When CHarlee Kate is with me, I try to make it all fun. We have so much fun together and she is a great side kick! My "mini me". It all started with going to the Cinderella play with Harper and Lisa. The girls loves it and it was cute! Then off to a long lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! That was sooo yummy as always! Then CHarlee Kate and I had a few errands up our sleeve. She is such a good shopper! After those first 2 events the day was almost gone so we made the errands quick but they were fun and productive! 

I have made 2 posts in one day! Whoo hoo...I am on top of it! Haha

Heading out for our girls day! 
They were waiting to go into the play

After it was over and meeting the characters
Cinderella...she did have brown hair, a little confusing but they loved it

The girls were in rare form here...the Cheesecake Factory!

One productive errand! Of course, my partner in crime had to help me out from FL...Ashley! She knows her stuff on handbags!

Big girl shoes

I had a friend give me a book when CHarlee Kate turned one called Birdie's Big Girl Shoes. It was all about a little girl named Birdie who wanted to wear her momma's high heel fancy shoes. This was one of CHarlee Kate's favorite books for such a long time... And still is. Now...I have a "Birdie" in my house. She loves loves to try on mommys big girl shoes and she always goes for the high ones. 
She was trying them on with her jammies

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy places

We have had lots of happy places so far this summer! The last couple of weeks have been great ones...really the whole month! Charlee Kate and I tagged along with Jeremy to AU one night this week. We stayed at the Robert Trent jones golf course and it was gorgeous! It's always a nice get a way from me feeling like I need to do "house things" especially with all the projects I try to keep up! 

We also went to the lake Saturday and Sunday. That's always fun! Charlee Kate loves to go's a second home. Jeremy and I have an upcoming trip that I know will be a happy place! Salt Lake City and Park City. The mountains, hiking, relaxing, maybe a hot air balloon ride, and the best part...70 and 50 degree temps. We wanted to do this in the fall but it would be too close to the due date so we are doing it this summer. I can't wait!!! I know those temperatures will make me super excited for football weather. Here's to another great week and my friend and I are taking the girls to see the play Cinderella tomorrow along with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Always a favorite. 

A few 4th of July pictures my uncle took

It was actually chilly enough at night that we wanted to sit by the fire pit
Playing office and setting her desk up
The pool in AU was great for CHarlee Kate 
Getting her towel JUST right to lay out 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The week wrap up!

Bible school ended up working out great this week! Charlee Kate loved it and loved having her best friend Harper there. She also had a girl in there that will babysit her sometimes. It was a fun week. After bible school and gymnastics on Thursday we headed to Montgomery to stay with Jeremy while he had a show. It was a nice, quick getaway. The week flew by! Not sure where it all went but it was a good productive week. 

The girls playing at the pool at Ross bridge. They always want to do a funny face after the real pose!
Bible school program. They really didnt want to sing!
Leaving the last day of bible school. CK with Emma Clare 

So tired after her week and this was after gymnastics! We were off to Montgomery!! 
Playing at the hotel...roof top, zero entry pool which she loved!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Catching up!

We are back home! Yay! Our trip and the last 2 weeks were a lot of fun but we went full blast so it was time to get settled again! Here are s few "catch up" pictures. This week is VBS and whatever else comes our way. 

I did have a doctors appointment yesterday and everything was great! This was also the appointment to find out the gender of the baby! It's a mystery to us all but it is in an envelope just in case 😄

Hanging out at rosemary beach!
Waiting for The Sugar Shak to open

First day of bible school! She was so excited and couldn't wait to see Harper. I did get a call through the morning that CK was crying and whimpering for her mommy. She is a mommys girl. Thankfully she calmed down and was all smiles when I picked her up. 
Lisa and I took the girls to Olexas in mountain brook...a favorite Girly lunch place. These girls could spend 24/7 together and never get tired of each other!

Second day of bible school! No tears...all smiles and laughs. She realized she loves it!