Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 1 month old Charlee Kate

Well I am working on my blog from Jeremy's computer and it is not cooperating so the pictures are all turned around, but I wanted to post them! Here is my little angel and HAPPY 1 MONTH OLD BIRTHDAY to her!!! She is getting so big! I bought her very cute strawberry PJ's last night and she will get to wear them probably 1 week. I don't know how she is growing so fast. I have several beach pictures coming tomorrow! The bottom pictures were supposed to be first b/c they took us back to 1 month ago and what was happening at this time, but enjoy them all! For all our Bama friends and family.... we get to see you tomorrow as we are heading home from the condo. YAY!!!

I just love the back of her head! I think it is so cute! Her hair isn't as light as we thought it might be.
I loved this outfit and it is still pretty big on her, but I loved all the colors. Wish she had more hair for BOWS!!!! I can't wait to get bows in her hair.
Look at those cute feet and piggies (toes, haha) She may have her daddy's toes, very long!

My little angel is 1 month old today. GOSH, how is that possible?? Here are a few pictures down memory lane of what took place a month ago.

Waiting for her to make her arrival into the world!

That first little primp!!!

Her fancy little wardrobe and she was a little over a week old here.

It's a tough life...

But someone has to have it! We are at mom and dad's condo in the panhandle for several days while Jeremy is working and I keep asking myself why I don't come here more often in September/October! The weather is gorgeous! It was 55 this morning with a high of 75 and no humidity. Awww.... so nice! We walked with Charlee Kate on the beach last night and she loves her baby bjorn. She fell asleep in it. Yesterday when we got here, we ate on the balcony, took a nap on the balcony, and just sat. We are definitely going to enjoy this for a few more days before heading to Bama. There will be lots of pictures coming over the next 2 weeks with everything we will be doing. It is very weird to think that 3 months I was here with her in my belly and sweating too death as I sat outside. I like this situation much better!

Charlee Kate's first LONG car ride

Charlee Kate fell asleep on our beach walk in the baby bjorn

Even Chloe loves the balcony

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping, shopping,and more shopping!

Today Charlee Kate made her first appearance to International Mall. Her mommy was having withdrawals from not going, but I couldn't wait to take her! We were actually there all day and she did so good! I am already training her well!

Her little cousin Ella made her first trip to International too. They are being trained well together as I am sure they will be shopping lots together.

Here are the girls at Neiman Marcus!!

Her little friend Allie Gross gave her this Juicy onesie and it looked so cute on her. Thank you Miss Kelly and Allie, I love it!!! Yesterday after Charlee Kate's doctor's appointment we went to visit our friends Kelly and Allie. We had so much fun hanging out and can't wait to be closer when we are both in Bama! It is hard to pose a 4 month old and 3 week old, ha!

After a day of shopping from 9:30-5:30...We were all glad to be home! Charlee Kate was such a trooper. I am so proud of her and her daddy is doomed, haha!

Oh, one last sneak peak at what her car seat cover sort of looks like. I should have it by Friday or Saturday and I can't wait! Just in time for our trip home!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cardiologist says everything is okay!!!

Charlee Kate had her cardiologist appointment follow up today. Everything went great!! The doctor said she is a very normal healthy baby. We have to go back for one more appointment at 10 months old to see if her little problem is fixed, but he expects everything to be okay! Here she is all hooked up. She did SOOOO good while they did everything to her. After her doctor's appointment we went to visit some friends, Kelly and Allie. Pictures of that are soon to come!!! Thank you Allie for my cute outfits. I will be wearing one tomorrow : )

If you haven't checked out my photographer's pictures of Charlee Kate, check out the slideshow. It is only up 2 more days and it is amazing to say the least!!! Make sure you can hear the music.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just some cute pics

My little girl, ready to go to the doctor.

Jeremy kept Miss Charlee Kate while I went shopping with a friend on Saturday. We wanted to see how the Baby Bjorn worked so he put it on and put her in it. Within a few minutes, she was asleep! I guess she liked it..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

She still has it!

Well my Charlee Kate still has her sweetness to her because she let me take more pictures this morning. I didn't get to do nearly as many as I wanted, but here a few. She was alert for sure! Most of you have checked out my photographers pictures so these don't come anywhere close to hers, but they were a few I just thought I would take since she was so awake this morning.

Time for our first walk and stroller ride around the block. She loved it!

I think her most favorite thing to do is to lay on her window seat and look out the window.

Poor baby... she has had to take some mylanta for heartburn and fell asleep with half of it on her mouth.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures Finally!!!

Okay since February I have anticipated getting to do newborn pictures. I couldn't wait and i did a lot of research to find the perfect photographer and i found her!! She was amazing! I knew these would be the pics i would want until we did 1 year old pics. This would be the picture I would blow up big on a canvas because i always want to remember her this small. Well my photographer had more images and visions than I did. She was so fast to get these posted. Check out the pictures and keep in mind there are still more to come! I will send out the slideshow when I get it in a week or so.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some of my "firsts"

Charlee Kate loves to sleep with her daddy while he watches TV (so does Chloe too). Here is a picture of her first bath, which she loved and her first time to nap in her bed. OH SHE LOVED that!!! She had so much room! There are just a few other "random" pictures on here as well. She is just growing so much!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am a growing girl!

My Gammy and Pop gave me my first diamond necklace! That was my gift when I was born. I hope you can see it in the picture. It is a little big, but we will fix that when we go home to Alabama. I weighed 8.2 at the doctor yesterday. I have no problems eating at this point : )

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look what mommy bought me!

I won't be doing this very often but I got so excited to buy something girly!!! This is what I got!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Check out my bed!!!

This is Charlee Kate's bed right now. It is so nice because I can leave it next to my bed, then wheel it to my mom when she feeds her during the night, and then wheel it in the TV room if we are in there. I absolutely love it and it has been one of the best purchases yet! Charlee Kate loves it. Right now it is her bed, but will have to go to the crib before long : )

Today I had the photographer come that I have been WAITING on since February. I have been sooo excited about her and now that I have really met her in person, I know why. She was absolutely amazing and had visions that I would have never thought of. We were all over the neighborhood, outside, taking a million props all over the place, and practically working for a little over 4 hours. Mom, Rachel, and Jeremy did all the work though! Once you see these pictures you will know why she is so good. The best part was, Charlee Kate let us do anything and everything to her. She did not make a peep until the last 10 minutes and she was hungry. I was amazed! Now this afternoon, I think she was tired from all the pictures, but she was so good. I am so blessed!