Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The last week of October

Gosh I just love this little girl! She is growing and changing more every day. I don't think I could keep you updated fast enough on my blog. She is just taking everything in and absorbs it all like a sponge. I love it! I decided to do better and take lots of pictures this week, they may be random, but there are pictures.

My little girl at the airport. We were eating dinner and she was so happy and loves to just laugh at strangers. She does have a "boo boo" on her nose. She fell while playing outside
She waited so patiently while Jeremy checked in at the airport
This is how she likes to eat her dinner with her foot up on the table. Not very good table manners, but we were done eating at this point.
That poor little "boo boo" on her nose!!!
We have had dress up day at school this week. One of my most favorite days was College Game day! One of my sweet little girl's "Presley" wore a Bama t-shirt as her little dress with her cowboy boots. So cute and she knew I would LOVE the fact that it was Bama!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roll Tide/ Go Steelers! Fabulous Fabulous Weekend!!!

What a wonderful wonderful Saturday we had! It seems like I post more pictures on a "Saturday" when Charlee Kate is in her Bama gear!!! She was ready for Game day today and her daddy dressed her! He does so good picking out something to wear from all the outfits in her closet. I was a little uncertain about my morning though. I told my friend Karen I would run 24 miles with her (swearing this was the last time I would run this much for a long long time!). I was afraid for my knees/legs hurting. Well for some odd reason it was a fun run/some good laughs/ and I felt great! I ended up going the extra 2.2 miles to complete a marathon so I did a marathon this morning. I was all over the place (as anyone would be running 26.2 miles, but it felt good) It was a Great accomplishment for running the whole thing and lots of fun but I am not doing that again for a long time (until the NYC marathon MAYBE). Anyways... I was done before lunch in time to still have the whole day with my little girl. We played with her, took her to the neighborhood Fall Festival, played outside a lot, took a nap (yes I did this and I never do it), cooked dinner, and watched Football. I loved every minute of it! Now... looking forward to a great Sunday at church and hanging out at home all day.

See... she really does have some hair in the back, just not quite on top yet. It is getting there though!

Her new favorite thing to get and say all the time!!! Which is "ball". She loves it!

Going on a walk and she wanted to take along her football
Getting some water from daddy
For some random Sunday pictures.... college football ALWAYS means we pull for Bama, but NFL football we pull for the Steelers. We were all in Steeler gear after church! Charlee Kate has leg warmers to match and that really makes the outfit, but 87 degrees is too hot for leg warmers. Cool weather please come back because we miss you!!!!!

Her outfit has the ruffles on the booty and a chiffon football on the front

Getting ready for church and she wants to "push the buttons"

The pumpkin is a ball to her

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time for the Park

As everyone told me going through Target and Publix.... "I wish I could be as happy as she is". This has been my little girl all week! Just so happy! I had the JOY of staying home with her on Tuesday because her sitter could not keep her that day and Jeremy was in Miami. Gosh it was such a fun mommy/Charlee Kate day. From Day 1 my child has loved being on the go (maybe because I taught her that), but she just loves it and so do I. Today after school, we played outside and went to the park. She had a blast at the park. The last few times she was just "learning what a park really was about". This time, she truly loved it! It was so much fun to spend that time with her. From reading my previous post.... I realize that I am so lucky to have this happy healthy little girl!!! Here are my camera phone pictures. I hate just having my camera phone. I guess the papparazi (sp) camera will just have to run errands with me everywhere!!! It usually goes to the mall, but I forgot it for the park.

She loves drinking out of the chick fil a cup and putting the straw in and out and in and out!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are you ready for this????

This could be long, but it is time for a good update!!!! Grab some dunkin donuts coffee and something sweet (or at least that is what I would do) and read away!!

So this weekend was a weekend I have been looking forward to for a long time. For those of you that are new at reading these blogs or new in the "Wilson world"... we make this Fall trip to Birmingham every year and I am always so excited to go!!! We actually go to Birmingham all the time but there are several reasons why I really love it in fall. I love to see the leaves changing, the weather is always cooler, our friends and family are there, and I love to see everyone and every place ready for Bama and Auburn football. I am very blessed to get to come to Bama about every 4-6 weeks, but the fall is always a much more fun trip.

If I could back up to about 5 years ago.... I can give a quick update. We moved from Birmingham to Tallahassee, where we lived for 2 years, then moved to Tampa, where we live now and have for 3 years. Tallahassee really made me grow as a person, but made me realize how much I loved "home/Birmingham". The day I pulled out of Birmingham was the day Jeremy and I both realized... we would be back eventually and it would be our place to call "home". I was going through this withdrawal of leaving the area with my friend Lindsay at the time. She lived away in Fairhope, Alabama... which was such a cute town too. Our husbands would always make fun of us and say "do you have the feeling?" Now "the feeling" was just something that only the 2 of us could understand and it just IMMEDIATELY made us happy! They would always say this the moment our cars pulled into Birmingham because it was just the comforting "feeling" that we loved!!!! Well Lindsay moved back about 2 years ago so she gets to keep the feeling, where I am still battling it, LOL!!! It is now a big joke, but yet, it really is true. Anyways, to make a long story short... Tallahassee was a very growing experience for us and then we had the opportunity to move to Tampa. That has been a much more positive experience. I couldn't say enough good things about Tampa and it has been great, but still.... ready to move back home.

The opportunity opened up almost 2 years ago (in February) for us to move back home. Jeremy got the Alabama territory with his job. Boy were we excited! Even though we are still excited, the "exact moment of moving" just is yet to be known. We have tried to pin point it over and over and it just isn't working. You all know how we have been trying to give an "exact date" and that doesn't always work in God's book. I have had to turn it over to prayers and lots of them, for the right timing to come back to Bama! Some days/most days it is easy, then there are the days here and there that make me want to go RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT!!! I know life is short so I have taken the opportunity to enjoy the here and now that we are currently living in... our health, our precious baby girl, our family, our friends, job, etc... God has me right where I am for a reason so why dwell on something else every day! It takes some mental effort, but it is true. So for those of you wondering "when do you get to move back?" I would say hopefully very soon and we just pray for those signs for the right timing!!!!

Being home all weekend did not make any of this any easier. The "feeling" was hard to leave, our family was hard to leave, our favorite things that we do every time when we come home like places to eat/shop was hard to leave, the TRUE SOUTHERN town was hard to leave, taking Charlee Kate away from her Gammy, Pop, Nana, and Papa was hard to leave, and spending a lot of time with Jenn and Michael and Lindsay made it hard to leave. But.... I know we had to do it. It was such an amazing weekend that I needed and loved! I know I get to do this every few weeks and I will be back in 5 weeks, but it is always harder in the fall. Just not sure why. So for all my blogging friends, just pray for us, we are READY TO COME HOME!

Enjoy our pictures! Lots were taken with my camera phone because my husband forgot to bring the camera, but that's okay. This works : )

We went out with Jennifer and Michael and spent the night with them. We had so much fun and we laughed so hard!!! Jeremy and Michael just pick up and start laughing/joking as if they talked every day. That just goes to show what good friends we truly have. We miss you guys and thank you for letting us stay!!!

Jeremy and I stayed in the Mountain Brook area and went running one morning. Look at this gorgeous house for sale. The houses and trees are just beautiful! Its amazing how all of those back roads just come right back to you.
I took a picture of Mountain Brook Elementary (would have taken it of your school Jennifer, but wasn't running that way, haha). I took this picture to show how gorgeous a school can be and not just a big block of concrete! Even my old Elementary school where I went for 6 years is a pretty school!
This cracked me up!!! Even hotels in Bama have bags that are monogrammed. This was not my own monogrammed bag, it was the hotel's.
Just the beautiful streets and shopping areas of B'ham!

Jennifer and Michael's new house. It is so adorable and the inside is gorgeous. She didn't want me to take pics quite yet because it wasn't finished, but it is adorable how it is!!! I understand because I am the same way. I like everyone to see everything finished!
Charlee Kate playing at her Nana's house outside. She loved playing out there.
Jeremy jumping on the trampoline with the nieces and nephews. Charlee Kate loved watching!
My little lovey ready for GAME DAY!!! Her outfit says Juicy Couture, but it is red and she has on her Alabama squeakers!!

Charlee Kate with her Pop!

Playing in the Halloween basket with balls. She loves it! "Ball" is one of her MANY new words. She is starting to talk like crazy! It is truly amazing how much they pick up on and learn so quickly.
This picture was taken when mom and I flew home with Charlee Kate. She loved looking out of the window.
Gammy and Charlee Kate walking through the airport
Look at that sweet girl laughing!

Eating with my grandparents at the best brunch place there ever was!!!

She loves to turn upside down! haha
Time to go eat at yogurt Mountain! I love this place and so does Charlee Kate

Shopping at the mall... my child loves it THANK GOODNESS!