Monday, August 29, 2016

Glow in the dark yoga party

Charlee Kate is like her mommy and loves to plan ahead! She planned this party months ago and it was so much fun! She had a glow in the dark yoga party at Ivivva. The girls were wild and had a blast! This was just the beginning of her birthday week. She has plans to go to the candy store with her best friend Harper on her actual birthday. Then the next day, off to Dallas for the AL football game. So much excitement! I can't believe she is about to turn 7! 

The yoga cookies!! Kim always amazes me with her designs! Charlee Kate helped design exactly what she wanted
Her cake! So delicious! She designed this cake from Dreamcakes
Simple food, all her favorite! Goldfish, pretzels, sandwiches, cake, and cookies
The girls had glow in the dark paint on them along with glow in the dark bracelets

It was HOT in there doing yoga! Jeremy called it hot yoga

Charlee Kate and her best friend Harper 
After the big party, we headed to the summit to eat dinner with the grands. It was a great birthday night! 

I like pictures..

I love pictures and I don't always take the best ones but I keep them! My blog books, my chat books...they are my favorite and I can look through them for days. They tell a story...of what we do each day 

Charlee Kate and Madison...sweet friends before school starts 
Showing her shades Cahaba spirit 
These two can play together so good (most of the time)
Supporting our Homewood police. Some Homewood residents did 30 days of showing our police department how much we appreciate them. We took doughnuts and chicken fingers up to the police department to tell them how much we appreciate them

Monday, August 22, 2016

River rats ...once again

The river has a way of relaxing is for sure. It's such a nice getaway but we don't have far to go. This weekend our neighbors came with us. It was a last minute trip so I am lucky we all had swimsuits in the bag, but it was worth it. The excitement from the kids could be heard miles away!! 

The Mayfair crew! 
My kids never get tired of the riding out on the water

Taking a boat ride to lunch 

It's a rare moment for these two to be sitting still. It was totally the Cheetos 
Sunday morning...a sea doo ride to breakfast

Monday, August 15, 2016

A weekend of relaxing

A weekend of sleep, relaxing, and spending time with friends! 

These two girls spent all night catching roly polys. Who knew 30+ years later, they would be doing what their mommies always loved to do!
A little painting project after church 
Charlee Kate and Harper in oak mountain hiking ... The best of friends! 

A walk to downtown Homewood to enjoy pizza with friends! Beautiful way to end the weekend 

First week of school

First week of school ✔️ It was a great week! Beckham loves his school and asks to go (that couldn't make me happier!). Charlee Kate, of course, loves it! She has a wonderful teacher and all her sweet friends in her class!!! It's Monday though, time to do this "school thing" another week! 

"Best day ever" banner! Hopefully she will always love school

Charlee Kate and Ms Anderson 

2nd day of school! She is ready for the year!
Daddy dropped Beckham off on one of his first days. My big boy! 💙

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Out with with school

The last few days of summer fun! 

Charlee Kate and Ella had a little birthday celebration at the river with lots of family in town. I can't believe these two will be 7 years old so soon! These years are way too short! 

Our kids are lucky and so blessed to have two great grandparents alive and well in their 90's! 
Mommy/daughter Mani/pedi before school starts 
After dinner at Little Donkey, it was off to Steel City Pops! Our usual treat, but the best! 
This little guy loves to cut grass and work outside. He will cut the grass as long as Jeremy does. He does it with a smile and sweats just as hard. He may not HAVE to do this when he's older, but he will know how to work. Beckham is ALL boy! Loves anything to do with outside 
Happy birthday to my dad! Birthday celebration at The Cheesecake Factory on Sunday. 

And just like that....summer is over! Meet the teacher day! Charlee Kate has Miss Anderson  for 2nd grade and she has a great group of friends in that class. It is going to be "the best year ever" (words from Charlee Kate's mouth). I pray that she always has this much excitement for school