Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey week

Turkey week... aka..Thanksgiving week, was an absolutely wonderful one! It went by way too fast! We have so much to be thankful for. Our health, family, friends, home, being back home, jobs, church, and the list goes on. We are definitely beyond blessed and enjoyed our holiday. Most of it was spent in Jacksonville because Kelly and Kevin and the kids were in town. We did get to enjoy Thanksgiving day at my grandparents. Then there was some Black Friday shopping (just me, mom, and Kelly... and lots of coffee). I know Black Friday is crazy but I love getting out in it and seeing the craziness. I like to find a good deal, but I love to get a good laugh more than anything. Then there was the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa, then Thanksgiving at Jeremy's parents house. It was such a great week. I am so excited that we still have Christmas and all the fun things about Christmas to look forward to.

Here are a few pictures from the last week. Charlee Kate enjoyed staying a few more days with Ella before Ella went back to Charlotte. Those 2 just absolutely have a blast together!

It was a cold night and perfect for roasting marshmellows and sitting by the fire. Loved it!

They are so lucky to have a great-granddaddy alive... actually 2 of them!

Game Time! ROLL TIDE!!

A Little video of the girls giving their "ROLL TIDE!"

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the pictures that we had taken of Charlee Kate! They were all in downtown Homewood. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Game day!

Saturday... Game day! Something we always look forward to whether Jeremy goes to the game with my dad, we are home watching it on tv, or we all get to go as a family! It was a gorgeous day in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, it was game day! That was one thing we loved when we moved back to Bama.... going to the games! It is always easier to take Charlee Kate on a Saturday where the team we play isn't a big deal so last saturday was a good one. She had so much fun! She Loved Big AL and LOVED playing with kids on the quad for hours afterwards. We met some of the basketball players that Jeremy played with in college. They all had their kids and Charlee Kate just hopped right in and started playing even though she didn't really know them. I loved watching her and it was such a fun day! I am not sure if Jeremy had more fun at the game or watching Oregon and Kansas get beat... it was a great day for football though. 

Iron Bowl is this Saturday and we get to go with the family! Kelly and Kevin are in town so it will be a lot of fun. 

We got a quick chance for her to get her picture with Big AL! So glad because she was waiting on him!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A nice long weekend

I had great intentions of sending this yesterday because I started it yesterday but somehow that goofy little "stomach bug" creeped into my life. It came last year on Christmas Eve and the year before on Thanksgiving day, so at least it wasn't on a holiday this year, but I am really okay with it not being around at all! Anyways... feeling a little better today so here is the post!

Oh this weekend was fabulous... (well minus the Alabama loss, but football doesn't rule our house. We love it, but it isn't the most important thing). The weather was fabulous, even cold, rainy weather makes me think of the holidays. I just love this nice cool weather. I decorated for Christmas, except my live garland and live tree. I love love to enjoy my Cmas decorations and last weekend was the only time I had to decorate. I love having it up and Charlee Kate just gets beside herself with all the decorations so it makes it even more fun. I wasn't ready to take my normal stuff down yet b/c I only had it up 4-5 days, but now that Christmas is up, I love it!!! I hope the holidays go super slow. So much to be thankful for and excited about.

Saturday it was just me and Charlee Kate. We had such a great day! Sunday, we had family pictures taken through the park and downtown Homewood. Charlee Kate was Miss Show-out! This child that I have never seen before just came out. I was amazed at her little personality but she was in heaven and I can't wait to see the pictures. It was really fun. Monday. she went to school super late because we slept in and had homemade pumpkin pancakes, then I ran a few errands, dentist (YUCK), then picked her up and off to the house we went. This is a short week and it is Thanksgiving week! We can't wait for K&K and the kids to come here. I have not even mentioned it to CK yet. She would be beside herself so I will tell her maybe the day before.

Looking forward to the upcoming holidays and time with family and friends! So many fun things ahead!!!

We were waiting on the photographer to get to our house and Charlee Kate ran upstairs to the playroom to get her mardi gras beads and this red headband thing. I think she wanted to wear them for pictures, but that didn't happen, haha!

On Saturday our next door neighbor had a birthday party. Charlee Kate wasn't so sure about it at first but then she warmed up and had a blast. It was a CARS party!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just some happenings....

For the past 3 days it has just been me and this little angel. We have had some great times together and have truly just enjoyed our house!!! Now that it has been normal for about 4 days.... this weekend I will decorate for Christmas. I guess its just time and I am excited! I love this time of the year.

One afternoon we had to run to the Juicy store. They gave her a lollipop there, but she would not dare let go of her lipgloss. She was in heaven with a lollipop and lipgloss. 

 One morning we were both ready super early so we headed off to Dunkin. She was loving her donut with pink and orange sprinkles. She was in her sleeveless leotard for dance too. It was only 37 degrees out. She is not a huge fan of jackets (so unlike me, haha). However, I let her wear UGGS to keep her feet warm. We put the jacket on when we get out of the car and then she takes it off before getting in car seat. She wears it outside, but doesn't love it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sneak Peak

There are still a few things... here and there.... that have to be finished with the renvoations. Outside isn't done so that won't be posted yet, but for the most part, the inside. It feels good! Here are a few pictures of our new home! The pictures at the beginning are the "old ones".... news one at the end and much more to come!

So here are the first few "BEFORE" pictures. I haven't done the whole house yet. I have all the pictures, but need to take the last few "afters". Anyways, this was the dining room. Red, red walls, and light oak floors. On the other side of the red wall was the kitchen. This wall was the one knocked out.

Kitchen... random light fixture, pinkish colored tile (only tile in the house), cabinets looked ok from a distance, but up close were old old old! The drawers didn't work either. 

This is what was on the other side of that "red wall" that was knocked out. This is the stove. It has to be as old as the house from the 1930's. The drawer with the handle was the pull out stove top. Yes, unique, but didn't want it. There is small side door on the right you can barely see. This went into the master bedroom (random), so we had that filled in so now it is a wall where the TV is mounted b/c its more of one big open room now.

Bathroom. Picture doesn't do it justice. Burgundy and ivory floors, tile is yellow and burgundy, and walls are olive green. Whew... thats changed!

The first glimpse at everything coming out in the bathroom.... stay tuned, I don't have an "AFTER" picture yet. 

Here are just a couple of the after pictures of the kitchen. This area you are looking out used to be the red wall and on the other side was the ancient stove and stove top. The opening to this room is huge now and boy is it totally different. We went with the white and gray marble countertops. Alabama white is the thing to use here right now, but I love it! 

One side of the kitchen... no more pink tile either. This was the only room we didn't have hardwoods so we had to add it. Its all through the house otherwise. Its not complete, but getting there. We need some bar stools. That has me stumped right now! 

Now for my little mess.... after church Sunday was just wild. She always is and always has so much fun there. I love to hear her randomly singing all her songs from Wednesday night choir. So sweet and just melts my heart. 

 More of the wild and crazy girl!

 Not too great of a picture. I need to start editing on my phone and using Instagram more. I am getting there.

Boy she looks like such a big girl in this picture. So sweet, yet I miss her being that baby too.

**More house pictures in the next week or so. They are doing finishing touches here and there this week and then I can add more pictures**