Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rest, what's that??

What a great month March has been but it's almost over 😢. Please slow down 2015!!! 

St. Patrick's girl was all dressed in green! Green sparkly toes and nails! We do that every year!! 💚💚

In 2 seconds he had all of daddy's clothes out of the drawer! 
Big boy in his rocker! Oh how I love some chuck Taylor's (converse). My kiddos start out in these! Charlee kate has a rainbow collection! 💜💚❤️💙💛
I wanted a date with my two babies when daddy was out of town. We headed to Babalu! Love love that place
Someone has mommy's heart! My boy! My world is bright with my group of 3, well 4 (chloe)
Thank you Pop for going on a kindergarten field trip with Charlee Kate to the zoo! What a special memory for her!! Mommy was in surgery that day and I was so glad he went! 
Ready for surgery! Love me some Dr. Jack! It was 5 hours of my life that I have no idea what was going on...but it was good sleep! NOW this explains my caption/subject! I don't rest. I go go go, and surgery is the ONLY way I will rest and nap. Therefore, I love it! My wonderful parents took the kids Thursday night before surgery. Jeremy and I had a date night and sat and talked and watched TV shows. We slept late Friday, then headed off to the doctor, I was in surgery several hrs, then back home we came. All weekend it was just the two of us. Sometimes sitting on the couch watching TV, me...lots of was just some good R&R. Of course, I couldn't wait to hear the pitter patter of those kiddos feet when they came home. Jeremy's mom came to help out, my mom has helped over and over, and Jeremy has had to take on a lot of my duties which he does with a smile...I am still recovering but we are blessed with wonderful wonderful parents!!! Everyday is getting better. I just want to hold my baby boy!!!!!! Not much longer 
Sunday brunch after surgery
Babies were back home. My heart was happy 
Looking out the window for daddy
Lunch with Mindi and haley. Haley needs to move in with babies love her! 
A day at home...just me. It was a recovery day. Do you know how hard it was not to clean, organize, go run, cook, bake, just something!!!! That took will power 
 Homewood is definitely home. The friends that have brought lunch, mNy many dinners, my favorite flowers, mailed gift cards to get dinner, take my babies to play, bring flowers, bring coffee, send texts...the list goes on. Absolutely amazing! I love this place and all of our wonderful friends and family! I wouldn't have it any other way!!!! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Gala, March 14

The Guild Gala is in March every year. It supports the bell center which is such a great cause. We had a lot of fun this year because we had several friends that went with us. My parents had the kids! We had people over before it all started, then headed to The Club for auctions, dinner, and dancing! Loved it!!! 

Sweet treats for the sweet friends that came over! Life is too short not to have these every now and then! 

March is flying by!

March is flying by! I realized I have not posted in a week! It's just been a busier few weeks than normal but I hope sicknesses are gone, teeth are in (at least for awhile), and tubes will help B's ears. It's about time for warmer weather. I don't say that often but my kids are ready to be outside!! 

Birthday party fun for Charlee Kate's best friend Harper! It was the sweetest and very girlie "How to train a dragon party" face painting and lots of fun
Charlee Kate and Mary Addison 
Beckham wants to be outside nonstop! I love winter but can honestly say I am ready for warmer weather. He just loves to be out there! 

Jeremy and I had lunch at Gilchrist. A favorite local spot. Beckham had a drink of his first milkshake. Pure heaven! 
His surgery went great for tubes. He was such a trooper that morning and never cried until it was over. So many answered prayers!!! 
The day after tubes...silly boy! Loves a lollipop! 
Charlee Kate was out of school Friday march 13. We went to Nanas and the kids had a blast. Charlee Kate and nana made cookies, she always has new toys out for them, and they never miss a beat of playing. 

The kids stayed with mom and dad this past weekend. We had our Gala to go to Saturday night so they had them a good 24 hrs. It was a much needed break for us but the kids had a blast. Golf cart rides, the park, ice cream truck and picnic at the creek, so many fun things! It finally stopped raining so this was all possible!! 
Daddy had little man in his sweatband. Cracks me up! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday's sunny!

The fact that we have sunshine today, makes the day so much better! I don't care how cold it is, I am just happy we have sun! Kids were out of school yesterday bc of possible ice. Luckily everything was ok. Crazy AL was 66 Wednesday and 26 Thursday! That's just asking for sickness! Ready for spring! 

I did enjoy having CK home an extra day though and so does Beckham! We had the best day and did a lot of playing with neighbors! They both took some good naps and got good sleep! It was a great restful day! Charlee Kate was excited for school today! The last Dr Seuss celebration day with fun activities. Today was wockets and pockets. She picked to take Isabel instead of a stuffed animal. 

If his sister was standing on a desk, he thought he should too! 
What a mess
Fun with Wells and Collins! Playing and pizza! 

This girl decided to put herself down for a nap yesterday! She has always been my good sleep girl!