Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out with a friend...

On Saturday, one of my very good friends here in Tampa, took me on a nice little get-a-way for the day. We went to Orlando all day and shopped. It was so much fun. I like to go there and shop, but very rarely do I just go and take my time. We did some outlet shopping at Neimans and SAKS and then went to one of the best malls ever, Mall of Millenia. After we had some fun shopping, we had a great dinner at P.F. Changs. This is where the fortune picture came from. This was my fortune. We both forgot our cameras and I was so mad b/c I could have had some interesting pictures. My friend Karen wasn't able to be at my baby shower or help out with it and I know she would have loved to so this was our way of doing something. It is nice to have such a good friend in the short amount of time we have lived here in Tampa. Thanks Karen... it was absolutely a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still growing and growing....

Here are a few recent pictures of me and Baby Wilson. Baby Wilson is really really growing! Some clothes make Baby Wilson look really big and some do not. He/she is moving constantly! I am feeling punches and kicks all the time. I do have to go for my 3 hour glucose test tomorrow. I think it is all fine, but it will not be the most fun I have had. I enjoy my Dr. Peppers, cookies, and candy bars way too much!!! 

My new turquoise toenail polish. It would go with the nursery and it is kind of "spunky". That is my new word. Jeremy was laughing at it, but it was a fun polish for a few days. I actually liked it, but my students LOVED it. They play with my feet everyday so my toenail polish is a big hit for them.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Wilson's Nursery

It has taken me awhile to post some pictures, but this is my nursery that is MOSTLY finished. Still a few more things to go, but you will see that it is getting there. The closet is sort of empty, which I kind of like (that is the OCD in me), but I am sure it will fill up soon. We do have a wardrobe and it is all filled up so we do have lots of storage. 

Deciding on how to do a "gender neutral" nursery was tough, but one day as I left the doctor's office, it all hit me and I don't think I would have liked it any better if I would have known what I was having. I designed everything in here from having the glider covered, to all the bedding and drapes being made, to the pictures painted, to the mobile, etc... The wardrobe was mom's when she was a child and we had it refinished then I added some Anthropologie knobs. It is my favorite piece in the house!!! I just love how all the designing came out. I hope you enjoy the pictures!!! More will be coming soon as we finish it up. Baby Wilson is going to be all set!

The mobile that I made.
I ordered all the cupcakes from a lady in Texas and bought the candy pieces that hang down at a boutique in Boston. I loved them!

Jeremy's mom made our drapes. I love, love how they turned out!!! She did such a good job!

The nursery took Jeremy a long time to measure this off, but he did a really good job of getting it exactly even.
Here is the glider I had recovered.

My friend Matt painted the lollipop pictures for the nursery. I love how they turned out.

Mom's wardrobe from when she was a child. The guy that refinished it did such an amazing job!

Jeremy's outfit when he was a baby!

My favorite little cow that mom got me in NYC and the Juicy pacis from Karen.

Buckets that my friend Courtney painted for me!

Why wouldn't everything have to be labeled? HAHA! Everything else in the house is.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

26 weeks... I think

I am starting to lose count of how far along I am. I just know that everyday I get bigger and bigger and this baby is continually growing. My belly has come out of nowhere, but that is a good thing!!! Here are a few pictures from this week. 

Tampa Baby Shower

I had another great Baby Shower. I have been so very blessed to have 2 wonderful baby showers. One in Bama and one here in Tampa. Kelly, my friend Ashley, and my friend Susan threw my shower here in Tampa. It was such a fun shower. They did a great job at making this shower as perfect as possible. It was all very special. Here are a few pictures of the shower decorations. Thank you Susan for taking all of my pictures : 

A couple of pictures of me opening gifts. I didn't include them all, but I got some cute things!!

THE DELICIOUS CAKE!!!! Candy underneath from the party favor candy bar!

CANDY BAR!!!!!!!!!!!   YUMMY YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have lots of things going on besides baby showers, nurseries being created, school ending, etc...

Jeremy decided to go fishing on Saturday while I had my baby shower. He was so excited about going. He went with our "Target friends" and the guy he was going with was just as anxious to go. However, Jeremy likes to throw things off a little when he goes out. After fishing for a little while, he caught a fish that he was very excited about. Some how the fish jumped and something else happened and the hook hooked itself in Jeremy's foot. Sounds great I am sure! I thought the same thing, then I got a picture of it. It was very gross looking so I am choosing not to post the picture. After he went to Trinity Urgent Care, the hook is out and everything is okay. We like to lead exciting lives!

One thing, we get Hunter every Monday. He is very set in his routine when he comes to Aunt Jamie's and Uncle Jeremy's. It is really cute. Here are a few pictures of the little man when he came over last night. 

Uncle Jeremy gives Hunter his bath and last night he decide to fix his hair. Hunter thought it was so funny!!!

Poor little man! Jeremy kept pulling up his pajama pants and Hunter didn't know any different. After the picture, I fixed his pajamas. 
Say Cheese!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A few sneak peaks until....

I have more time! I wanted to post a few pictures of a few sneak peaks of everything that has been going on. Here is a 25 week picture. Jeremy snapped the quick picture (at the bottom.... since this uploading still confuses me) and I forgot to post. Baby Wilson grows more and more everyday! I can notice he/she growing and kicking more! I love it! Time is going by faster than I want it to, but things are going very good. So here a few sneak peaks of all the upcoming pictures. Keep checking the blog! I plan to put up a bunch this week. 

Both of these pictures have to do with my nursery. I love it but couldn't take all the pictures because it got too dark outside. More pictures are coming soon...

The cake from my Tampa Baby Shower. That will be a whole post in itself. It was an amazing shower and everything about it was perfect! This was one of the cakes. It was just the most adorable thing.... and VERY VERY good! Thanks Kelly, Ashley, and Susan. It was perfect.