Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is going on in the WILSON house!

What is going on in our house? LOTS!!! We have stayed busy since Christmas, but what is new. We like to stay on the go. Things are good here with the Wilsons. Just a quick update.

Charlee Kate is 5 months old today. I have officially lost the "week count" and we are now on the "month count". How is she so big!!! She is constantly talking, rolling from her back to stomach, but not stomach to back. I know.... she did that backwards, haha! She HATES, HATES the spoon and anything you put on it. Just give her the bottle, she has no interest in anything else. She is still on about 11 hours each night. She is down by 8:30 and up between 7:00 and 7:30. Mommy doesn't like it when she is off her schedule, but she is a good "stickler" to it. She weighed 15.7 pounds at the doctor the other day. She is so chunky and I love it. I was a chunky baby too, haha! Pumping is still part of my daily routine, but it still works for us so we are keeping up with it. It is no secret that I love to dress this child. That is soooo much fun! She has lots of new things in her closet. Her daddy ask me what I would do with it all and some will be made into her "favorite clothes quilt" and some I will save. It is so fun!!! Onesies and funky legwarmers seem to be a staple in her closet. She has about 16 pairs, but wears them all the time. I love them as I am sure you see in pictures. Mimi (Marty, her sitter) tells me all the time that I am so lucky to have such a sweet, happy baby!! She is so sweet and TRULY has Jeremy's personality. Thank god!!! However, I say all the time, if she cried every minute of the day, I would still be blessed to have her! She is our angel!

HAPPY 5 MONTHS!!! I took these very quick this morning before leaving, but my little girl is 5 months old today!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Last few days

On Monday afternoon, Jeremy's mom (Nana) came in to stay with us for the week. We really enjoyed having her here and it was a HUGE help since Jeremy had to be gone for several days and nights too. Charlee Kate stayed home with Nana while I went to work. She did a lot of things for me here at home and it was nice to have those "daily chores" already done when I came home from work. Here are a few pictures of my little girl the last few days.
She was TOTALLY wild and crazy today. I really didn't plan on leaving the fluffy marabou on her headband, but she left it alone and so I left it there. It became the "big hit" of the day.
Shopping at Nordstroms
She was VERY VOCAL at the mall today
This is how the headband and fluffy marabou became such a hit. As I have mentioned several times in my blogs, she LOVES the Baby B'jorn. She gets so excited to ride in it so people were able to see her and she would laugh and smile at anyone who would stop for her. If I would have known this baby b'jorn was going to be so popular, I would have found me a fancy one!!!
For all of you Neimans shoppers, the background lets you know exactly where I am.

This was a different day (obviously) before heading out to the doctor.

Charlee Kate with her mommy!!! I am not in too many pictures because I am always taking them, but when someone else is around, I try to get one here and there. You may not see another one of the two of us for awhile : )

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I know these pictures are a little like some previous ones, but I wanted some outside. The only really warm day I could get (78 degrees), it was so windy so CK wasn't too sure about that. There are some cute ones though. I know.... the bows are bigger than her head, but I love them. She will be wearing these bows at 5 years old. They can be clipped on anything. I love them though and the girl that makes them does so good!

This one is crazy big, but I love all the colors. I can't wait until she can wear it more
Chloe wanted her bed back!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I have too much fun...

I am definitely having too much fun with my little girl. Dressing her gets more fun EVERYDAY!!! Someone ask me where in the world do I have time to find all her outfits to be made and then take the pictures. I treasure everyday with her so the more pictures I take, the better, but I find the time somewhere. I love it! More pictures to come!

We had a great weekend with my mom (Gammy). Lots of shopping and staying busy. It went by way too fast. Nana (Jeremy's mom) flies in this afternoon for the whole week so she will be keeping CK through the week. Charlee Kate was so lucky to have both grandmothers here this weekend.

This outfit was way too cute and my picture taking skills were not the best this day. I will post some more soon.

Watching "Yo Gabba Gabba" in her swing before going to Martys

I had many projects going this weekend and this was one of them

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I can't pick just one!!!

I had a little photo shoot with my little girl... as I am STILL trying to decide a picture to blow up. I really want to take some outside on the grass on Chloe's leopard lounge chair. Those are coming this weekend when it is 77 outside. I can't wait... until then, I loved her little face in these pictures. I couldn't pick just one picture to post for my mom and Jeremy's mom so I posted lots!!! You will notice she got some new bows in. I have an awesome lady that makes them and you will see.... they look a little like her hats with the ostrich feathers. I love it! She can make anything!!! Enjoy the pictures!

Mommy makes so many crazy noises to make me laugh like this!!!

She looks like she is doing a little dance here, LOL

She is talking to her daddy!!! I loved this little outfit with her wild and crazy bow!