Friday, July 29, 2016

Doctors visit ✔️

Last few appointments are done before summer is over. All is great with these two! No one has to tell me "I will miss these days because I KNOW I will". I want to keep them this small. Never grow up ❤️💙

Modeling one of her new Bama dresses
Her first spend the night buddy, Ada
A last minute decision to go to the zoo. It was actually a nice breezy morning. We enjoyed seeing our favorites: the monkeys, lions, elephants, snakes, and giraffes. It was the perfect summer morning!

Love these two!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Soaking up a little more summer

may not "love" 99 degree temps but I really love every minute I get with these babies at home (or out and about)

A day at the mall and riding the carousel is always one of their favorite things to do. 
Girls night out with Jennifer and Blake to see The Little Mermaid on stage. It was a great show

Little traveling with daddy. The kids love a hotel, especially when mommy and daddy play catch for hours in the big open spaces
I love him in a hat. He loves to wear them now too

We took a last minute trip to the lake this past weekend. It was so hot but so peaceful and relaxing 

His first time to really fish with daddy
Painting with mommy! I have big plans for this project that we made
This is priceless! 
Homemade ice cream with fresh grown veggies. Perfect summer meal 
Mommy and CK take on the water park. This is an annual summer tradition and next year Beckham can start going too

Monday, July 18, 2016

The mountains

A trip to Beech Mountain!!! Definitely a much needed and wonderful trip. It's really no secret that I don't just love summer. It's probably my least favorite season in fact. So I was so ready to head to Beech mountain and feel those cool temperatures. 60 degrees at night and 70's during the day. It truly felt like fall. We stayed at Kevin and Kelly's mountain house. The cousins were all excited to see each other. On our way up to the mountains, we were able to stop in Greenville and watch Hunter play his last All Stars baseball game. Then the next day, we all headed to the mountains! 

One weekend we were at the lake with 90 degree temps! The other weekend we were in the mountains with 70 degree temps
This view!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hanging out with friends, watching deer walk by, relaxing! 
Throwing rocks. Beckham would sit and do this all day long 
Kelly and I took the girls on a long hike through the woods on the trail. We had a great time! (Minus my fall 😂)
Heading home...we weren't ready to leave that "fall like weather" but it was time to be at home. The kids were starving and Waffle House was our first restaurant we found. I can't believe I agreed to it! Their first Waffle House experience 
When we got home, I had plenty of unpacking and cleaning to do. This little princess dressed herself up as Elsa and ask me to take her picture 💗👑

Monday, July 11, 2016

We go WAY back

Another weekend at the river! We go way back with these friends...the guys started out in cribs at church together, but we all started school together early on. I am so thankful that 30+ years later, we still get together and now with our babies. The girls have been friends since birth. They are only 10 months apart and play together like they see each other everyday. It's definitely a true friendship. 

The guys and their girls 

Charlee Kate and Malena
Time for a ride on the boat. Beckham, Charlee Kate, Malena, and Sam. (Little Adam didn't make it on this trip)
Driving the boat. He's daddy's boy! 

They would have stayed on this all day! 

After The Hollis' left, we did an early morning sea doo ride. Just the 4 of us. Water was like glass

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Camp Gigi's

Charlee Kate was super excited about spending a few nights at my cousin Gena's house. She has a daughter that is 13 so this would be super fun for CK! She went home with them from the lake on Sunday and stayed until Thursday. For Charlee Kate, this was heaven! She had a lot of undivided attention and I am pretty sure she was spoiled rotten! I was so happy she could go and spend this fun time with them. Making memories...and oh how much fun it was for her. 

Gena (aka Gigi), would send me pictures everyday of their fun! I didn't save all the pictures but here are just a few. The 4th of July involved swimming, going out to eat, visiting Berry college and looking at the deer, and then riding in the jeep to watch fireworks. 

They have a pool so they swam a lot! She did flips and Uncle Marc threw her up in the air! 

Watching movies in the theatre room
Treats...lots of them! 
Manicures...then out to eat at restaurants, and night swimming! She had the BEST week!!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Where did the last few weeks go?

I have no idea where the last 2 weeks went and my pictures! I have not been as great but will try to do better!!! 

June ended with a summer show off camp that Charlee Kate went to. She had a great time and had her own solo part. We were amazed at how confident she was with her part. Definitely one of the best camps by far! This was a camp for fun and one that had so many benefits! 
These two matching Wilson boys for church 
Riding his tractor! All of a sudden this little boy isn't scared of much. He loves to ride...ANYTHING
A day out...Charlee Kate and her teacher. This was all her teacher's idea. Talk about the best teacher ever!!!! They had a great day at the movies, the mall, and eating snacks 

July 4th weekend at the river. Nothing better than sun, pool, riding toys, and family! Oh...and good food! 
The ice cream boat! River treat! 
When chlorine turns your hair green, mommy has to think of something. Home remedy and ketchup worked 

My river rats! 
A few more perks at the river,...the "beach" as CK calls it!