Friday, January 30, 2015

Days in The Wilson World

Just a January day before school. This month has flown by! I wish we would get one good snow!!!

Time for a trim. This lady always does a good blow out for CK. Who doesn't love a good hair blow out 
Off to Tuscaloosa to see AL perform in gymnastics! They won too! We went with our fabulous neighbors Alexa and Ada. What a blessing it is to have such amazing neighbors!
We have definitely enjoyed the gorgeous days outside!! My little guy is almost too big for this swing. How is that possible??

I washed my car...she played with the umbrella. We made it a family thing
Off to Gammys house we go! Beckham stays with Gammy on Tuesdays while I volunteer at The Bell Center. 
Eating carrots at Gammys house

Fresh flowers just brighten my day. They make a house just a little cozier too. Tulips are my favorite!!!
My little tornado! He's into things faster than I can clean up. At least he does it with a smile
Never too big to fall aaleep in daddy's lap. One of her favorite ways to go to sleep 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What would I do without these three?

No need for captions! The pictures capture it all! These were taken in November, close to B's birthday somewhat. I wanted to capture him at this age...1 year old! Precious pictures! How will I choose?? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Some fun with The Family!

Our trip to Charlotte was so much fun! It was short and sweet but worth every second! Beckham flew up early with Jeremy. I missed him lots but enjoyed my 2 days of girl time with CK! We did leave early early Friday so we would have half a day of extra playing! 

On Saturday, Kelly and I took the girls to American Girl bistro to eat and to Southpark mall. They had a blast! American girl place is always a treat! The girls did say they would like their dolls to go back to their AG "home" meaning NYC! Yep...I am right there with them 
Spinning the wheel for a prize at the mall
We had Make your own pizza night for the kids! Then cupcake decorating 
Cinnamon roll waffles for the kids! Yum yum!
My sweet baby B! I found this adorable velour "Toothless" costume /outfit. Loved it!! 
Sunday was the most gorgeous day! We spent lots of time outside. Kids played nonstop! They played upstairs, played with dolls, did flips, played outside, went to the park, boys had a basketball game, kids took B in wagon...amazing day!!
Jeremy had to throw in some coaching tips too! This is his element/his thing! I know he will love doing this with Beckham one day. I love watching him in his element too
Wagon riding time

Kids were messy but this picture truly captures the fun they were having 

Watching a little NFL play offs 
Kelly and I gave the kids their valentine happies!! Just a little early but Happy Valentines Day! We love holidays! 

Friday, January 16, 2015


Beckham's first airplane ride! He went to Charlotte with Jeremy to stay with aunt Kelly and the kids until Charlee Kate and I could come on Friday. Jeremy said he did great on the plane! CK flew so much as a baby but for B, this was his first flight. 

I am pretty sure he is getting spoiled rotten!!' 

Airplane pictures!!
Pictures with his cousins when they saw him the first time after school 
The McElroy kids and Charlee Kate at Nothing but Noodles. What a fun night!! Charlee Kate and I had some dinner dates and fun while it was just the two of us