Monday, June 28, 2010

Check out my new mesh shirt!

We had our 10 month re-check at the cardiologist yesterday. Well really.... they just gave us a heart monitor to wear for 24 hours. She did really good to have all those wires taped to her and the actual heart monitor part. We go back in 3 weeks to get results and actually see the cardiologist. He felt like everything would be fine when we saw him at 3 weeks old so I feel sure it is all okay, just good for a re-check! Loving the new style of shirts!!! LOL, it kept everything in place.

Her heart monitor in the back
She has had such a runny nose, but here are the wires before they all came off!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Like mommy, like daughter...

I have been saying for awhile now (actually the first day that it was 90 degrees), that I was ready for football season, but today we were all dressed and ready as if it were a fall day, haha! Everyone in red and white, Bama gear, and mommy and Charlee Kate in their denim minis. Loved it!

Jeremy is such a trooper because he does get tired of taking pictures but just does them anyways.
Now for the topic that is controversial, but luckily, was a decision that Jeremy and I made together. He has been pushing for this longer than me, but it turned out to be such an easy experience for us both and Charlee Kate did so good! She got her ears pierced on Saturday. Lots of anxiety on my end and trying to decide if it was good timing, etc, but it worked out just fine
: )

Now for me to let her sit and watch all the kids play. She was not on the germy equipment, but she loves to just watch all the other kids play.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I love my friend Ashley!

My friend Ashley came to see me for 3 days. Gosh how I have missed this girl!! We met in Tallahassee 5 years ago. That was the best thing that ever happened when we lived in Tallahassee. We totally enjoyed ourselves for these 3 days. Lots of shopping, good eats, and the best part...lots of laughing. One day we sat at International Mall for over an hour, people watching. I don't think I have enjoyed myself that good in a long time. Kelly was like "you are at the mall, without a child, and you are not shopping, just people watching???". I know that sounds like a shocker, but we had shopped for 2 days already so rest assured, I had done some good shopping. It was great though. We also attended 2 stores "shopping parties". That was fun in itself too. Charlee Kate fell in love with "Auntie Ashley". Ashley... we miss you and Charlee Kate misses you making her laugh! See you soon in West Palm Beach!

We took Charlee Kate on a walk

Charlee Kate loves to prop her feet up!
Oh the gorgeous gorgeous Jimmy Choos! There is a story behind this.... will tell you all about it someday

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Play dates...I love summer!

Look at Miss Hollywood and her new shades! She thought she was hot stuff!
PLaying with her friend Wyatt! They get along so good! Could be a future boyfriend?? Still have to figure out that Alabama/Auburn thing though, LOL

She ate a strawberry while mommy put away groceries, LOVED IT!
Her entertainment place while mommy works in the kitchen
Some cute and funny pictures that I forgot to post from the beach
All in their own world
Charlee Kate with her Gammy and Pop
What a crew!

Love this picture! It was the end of the photo session that night

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a great day!

We are so lucky to have had such a great day and spend Father's Day with Jeremy. We had such a relaxing day with breakfast, church, relaxing, and taking Charlee Kate out. As much as we enjoyed the beach, getting home is always nice too. Little Miss Priss is doing pretty good but wanting to become very independent very fast! She is deciding that crawling isn't her thing and is really wanting to walk. Even since we have been home from the beach she has balanced really well and stood up a lot on her own. She doesn't think she is a baby. She is still sooooo happy, but gets mad quick if she can't get what she wants... UH-OH!! She smiles at every stranger she meets but Aunt Kelly still has to work for a smile. Go figure! I am sure that won't last long when she realizes Aunt Kelly gives her more than the random strangers when we are out and about. Until then.... lots of play dates ahead and lots of fun times with my little girl!

Heading out to church!

I absolutely love her facial expressions!

She loves to show number "1"
Family picture... we set the camera up on the porch, haha!
Shopping at SAMS. She never meets a stranger and will smile at every one that passes us!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I never had to think twice on whether or not Jeremy would be a good daddy, but he is definitely the best daddy this little girl could ever have. He has so much patience with her and we are so lucky to celebrate this day with him! Pictures of our day will come soon, but Happy FIRST Father's Day Jeremy (daddy).

Charlee Kate on our last day before leaving the condo
Happy Father's Day.... Charlee Kate is one lucky little girl!
She was not feeling well and it is a pitiful little face, but I loved the picture anyways

See that big smile??? Her daddy just walked up!

Outfit is a little big, but I have been waiting on her to wear this. I love it!