Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlee Kate!

Happy Birthday to the most precious gift that God could give us! We are so blessed to have Charlee Kate in our lives and to have the privilege to be her mommy and daddy! To watch all the many milestones she has already accomplished in life, is amazing! I love to watch every new thing she does every day, but one of my most favorites is.... that sweet smile that I see each morning when I go into her room. I just love it! Jeremy did the most amazing video of my pregnancy and her birth. It was videos and pictures all put into one amazing video. He is doing the same thing for her first year of life, but we wanted to include her first birthday parties so once those are over, I will post the video.

Happy Birthday my little LOVEY! WE love you!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Smash Cake!

Look at my little clown. She was so cute eating her icing from her smash cake! Enjoy all the pictures. I love this next picture and those BIG BLUE EYES!!!

Birthday Party... Part 1.

Boy did we have a fun day on Saturday!!! It was Charlee Kate's birthday party here in Tampa. We kept it small and simple (I thought), but I soon realized that ANY type of party is definitely tiring and never simple, LOL. It turned out great though. Charlee Kate was not feeling her best at all, but she did good considering she didn't feel good, had a fever that morning, and hardly napped. I took millions of pictures so I will post them over the next several days. Stay tuned because she has a big party in Bama in a few weeks too.

**This is just a sneak peak at her smash cake pictures. I have so many cute ones. Those will come tomorrow though **
I am such a crazy person about always taking pictures and forgot to do family ones. I am telling you, this "whole party thing" will take some time for me to get used to. I will be much more conscious about her pictures when we have the party in Bama. Thank you to Karen, Kelly, and Susan for grabbing my camera or I would have had VERY FEW pictures.

She didn't feel too good, obviously because her toy is the medicine dropper because I had just given her motrin, LOL!

This is right when we first got there. She was sort of in a daze!!!
Getting ready for the smash cake. I wasn't about to get this cute outfit dirty!
Still getting undressed!
We were getting ready to sing Happy Birthday. She just couldn't figure out why she was naked in her high chair
Notice the cute birthday hat on the table. I never even thought to put it on until she was eating her smash cake... once again, "This whole party thing" will take me some time. I should be a pro by Bama party time, haha!
We opened a few gifts, but took most of them home for her to open because too much was happening
I LOVED LOVED her smash cake! It was so cute, but..... it did not taste that great, but it sure was cute. I love how fondant cakes look but they do not taste as good as other cakes. Luckily the big cake I bought was chocolate with peanut butter icing from Wrights Deli in South Tampa. NOW THAT was an amazing cake to eat!!!!

Her bib and hat that I had made for the party
Her chair cover that mom and dad gave her

Here are the cakes. Her smash cake sat on the cute polka dotted cake stand that was from her "Auntie Ashley" and she gave it to her for her baby shower. However, the cardboard that the cake is on covered it up. You could see it from the side though. I love it and will always put her cake on it. THe other cake was the delicious one from Wrights.
We served lunch with lots of dips, pizza, drinks, and cake!

Lots of party guests!!! Miss Ella thought she would check out the gifts since Charlee Kate was into them at the moment
Wyatt... one of her play date friends. Look how cute! Maybe "future boyfriend"
Lily and Charlee Kate. I have had Lily in my classroom for 3 years in a row, but this year she is in Intermediate. She has become "half mine". She is so good with Charlee Kate. I may have to adopt her when I need help!
Charlee Kate's mall friend, dunkin donuts friend, and running friend ... Mae
Ayden and Cooper... our sweet Southern friends! They were so excited to give Charlee Kate her gift, I just wish she could have "understood" it better.
We had so many other people there, but there again, I slacked on the "whole party thing". Hunter was there, my dad, Marty (her sitter), and all the parents that are our friends and that belong to all these sweet kids!!!

Here are these two cuties again..
This was outfit number 2... after the smash cake. Both of these babies are going for the balloons

Ella and my dad. Mom couldn't come to this party, but she will be here all Labor Day weekend and of course, will be hosting the Bama party. We are so glad Pop made it though