Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time to update...

Well things are moving along great in the Wilson house! While Jeremy has traveled and worked in the yard, I have been trying to find things I need for the nursery. I am a little over 18 weeks now and feeling great! My nausea went away at about 16 weeks and now I feel like a new person. However, I learned to function as normal with nausea too. We go back to the doctor on April 17th for our last sonogram. That is the last time we will see this little peanut. That would have been the time to see if it is a boy or a girl, but we are not finding out. Until then, we are just constantly guessing!!! 

Luckily this is my last week of school before Spring Break! I think the kids have Spring fever worse than the teachers and that is pretty bad! Jeremy and I are flying out early Saturday morning for Kennebunk Port, Maine and Boston. We will be there for about 6 days. We have so many fun things planned, sporting events to go to, and I am sure some shopping here and there. I am really excited about the Bed and Breakfast in Kennebunk Port where they make hot chocolate chip cookies each night. YUMMY! After Boston, Jeremy flies back to Tampa, and I will fly to NYC to meet my mom. After 8 years of being married, it seems I have NOT missed a year in NYC so why stop now? I will be there with mom for 4 days. I can't wait to go shopping and enjoy time in the city. I absolutely love it!  I will try to post more pictures soon and will update once we are on our trip. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring is Here!!

We have had such gorgeous Spring Weather for almost 4-5 weeks now. It is just beautiful. However, last Friday (the first day of Spring), our plant that Jeremy's mom gave us bloomed. From my understanding it only blooms once a year, ha! I would not know this information because I definitely have a "black thumb". Anyways, this sits outside of our kitchen window and we were waiting everyday for the bloom to open and it did, on the first day of Spring!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Weekly Breakfast Date!

Every week, I meet one of my friends, Susan, here in Tampa for breakfast. We actually met each other in the Target parking lot about a year and a half ago. She and her husband lived in Birmingham for a long time before moving here to Tampa, where she is from. They both went to Auburn as well. She is pregnant and about 8 weeks ahead of me. We always meet once a week at a different place for breakfast, but Chick-Fil-A happens to be a favorite!!! The four of us love to hang out and go eat. The guys love to fish too!!! It has been a blessing to find some good Southern friends that are a lot like us!!! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Okay so this posting and saving is new to me, LOL! Scroll down, past the "Daily News" post and you will the "bump" pictures. I will leave you with a picture taken back in February at Hunter's birthday. I have to do better about taking pictures of us together. 

Daily News!!!

Before I post the bump pictures which are coming later today, I have to show you why I told my students so early!!! Now as my mom as always said, I wear my clothes pretty fitted. Because I like to wear them so fitted, this did not allow much growing room in my regular clothes. I do still have a good bit that I can wear, but they are not my most fitted outfits. This is also why my students noticed the "bump" a lot earlier! They definitely pay attention to my outfits. Each morning my students write about what I look like, what my outfit resembles, and what they think about it on our Daily News chart. This.... is why they learned of Baby Wilson so quickly!!! 

Monday, March 16, 2009

The First posting of Baby Wilson!!!

Well finally I have pictures up and lots of them. I have tried to take some over the last few days. So here it is... the first bump pictures. Some of you may be laughing, but to me it is a bump. In some clothes you can really see it good, but in some, it totally disappears! I am sure I have plenty of time for this little peanut to grow though. We go to the doctor today for our regular appointment. At this point I am almost 17 weeks. These pictures I posted range from the last week; however, I think the bump has just about been the same. I am feeling really good now! I love it. Being pregnant has been so much fun and I have loved every minute of it, even when I was sick : )

Enjoy the pictures. I will post new ones soon along with lots of new updates. Our lives seem to be changing everyday!!! 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hang Man Anyone?

Today was the day that I told my students I was pregnant. Believe it or not, I have been trying to "hide my bump" from them until my doctor's appointment next week, but it was starting to get a little obvious. I guess I wasn't hiding it too well!!! This morning when they came in, I decided we would play a game and find out the mystery phrase. They were so excited! Of course, I had to explain to them that I would be here all year. Then the questions started pouring in!!! 
*Is it a boy or girl?
*What will you name it?
*Your baby is learning so much already because you are a teacher!
*Do babies start as eggs?
*How big is it right now?
*We are scaring your baby by getting all excited!
*Can you feel it kick?

HERE IS THE BEST ONE BY FAR!!!!!! The student said "Mrs. Wilson, Do you know you are pregnant?". There was no comment on that!

It was really cute! They all started hugging me then. The top picture is of a few of my students with the saying. They begged me to take their picture with the "hang man" picture!!! I will post a bump picture soon!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a sight!!!

This is what our weekend looked like.... 75 degrees and just gorgeous! This is probably my most favorite part of Tampa... Bayshore Blvd. Jeremy and I really enjoyed the weekend by relaxing by the pool, cooking out, and then heading towards Bayshore. We had a few things to do in Tampa and then we had to take our trip to Hyde Park and Bayshore to find a place to eat. It would have been a hard move to make if we would of lived near here and then had to move. It makes it much easier to leave since we did not end up buying down there. We ate at the cutest restaurant today that is an old house with beautiful Oak trees near the water. It was just gorgeous as we sat outside for dinner. However, as much as we love this place, we can find these cute places in Birmingham I am sure. Now, off to another week here in Sunny Florida with gorgeous weather!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boy... is he a lucky guy!!!

I can't believe I would start my blog without posting this exciting picture. Well this past weekend I took a day off and went to Orlando with Jeremy. The guys had a Nike Conference there and guess who was the keynote speaker! Nick Saben. I really didn't think we would see him, but we walked in and there he was, just talking to a couple of people. Once Kelly got there, I made her ask for the picture, ha! How could he say no to the ONLY girls around, since it was a coaches conference. It was too much to ask him to take 5-6 until we liked how we looked so we kind of had to go with the first one. Boy he was lucky, ha!!! Check out the one below too. 

Jimbo Fisher... soon to be FSU head coach. Very nice guy and who would have guessed, his wife is from Piedmont. What a small world!

I FINALLY did it!!

I finally decided to take part in this blogging thing only because I like to view some of my friends blogs and we seem to have friends all over the place. This way, just maybe, I can keep everyone up to date with our lives. Lord knows, we are movers and we are all over the place so this should be a good way to update. Of course, I did have to start out with an ALABAMA picture. That is just the best way to start this blog off!