Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a random post...

I had this post ready to go last night and "Forgot to post it" so here it is, even though it is dated for Tuesday. These first few pictures are of Charlee Kate from THIS morning. She used the bathroom in the potty as soon as she woke up and she was sooooo excited! Of course, she got a surprise, so she was a happy camper, but she is hiding it behind her back, LOL! I loved these little tights and "C" shirt!

Look at me!!!!

Everytime you see her looking down or holding her pants, I would pull them down and she would "Hike them up". Not sure why but that made them too short, LOL. Loved this little outfit.

Everyday of being back in the "good ole south" somehow reminds me of how exciting and lucky I was to live in Florida. Sounds kind of crazy, but I learned so much that I don't think I would have learned if I stayed in Bama my whole life. I am so thankful God gave me those 6 years. I learned a lot while I was there, but I think I have learned more since I left. Is that possible??? YES, it is! I love that Charlee Kate has Tampa, Florida on her birth certificate because I have so much to share with her as she grows up, but I also have things I want to TEACH her as she grows up (good and not as good that I LEARNED while living there). I think a lot of this learning and reminiscing has a lot to do with my talk with my good old brother, Matt... our life lesson talks which we have always had and I love those talks, my daily devotions that put my mind in such a positive mode, and this random discussion I had with a teacher at my school, AFTER I started this post.

I met this teacher in the work room after school yesterday and we started talking about moving, leaving, etc... She is 51 years old and has never left Homewood! Went to school here, teaches here, etc... After I explained the feelings I had leaving Birmingham a long time ago, then coming back, she was amazed at how much I took from it and how beneficial it would be to go away. Especially to leave "the bubble". Don't get me wrong.... we LOVE LOVE our Bubble whether we live here or in Mountain Brook, but people who have NEVER left, is a different story. When we got done talking she told me "I need to leave the bubble and Bama for a little while and get a new perspective on life then come back". I told her, a lot of people should do that, you appreciate where you came from, grow in your marriage, meet people with WHOLE new walks of life that either make you appreciate how you grew up or drift you away. Luckily, Jeremy and I appreciate how we were raised and keep those values, yet we realize there is so much more to it! One of the best things I took from Florida was faith! People are SOOOO caught up in what church are you going to??? Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc... It is more about my beliefs and believing in God. I am not converting to some crazy religion by any means, but we still have our same beliefs and we are still who we are no matter what church we attend. In Florida, churches were non-denominational for the most part so people accepted that, not as much here, but we are finding what works for our little family.

So.... lots of random thoughts, but I am so thankful for our adventures and journeys that God leads us on. I feel like we are who we are because of that and I am so thankful for them!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Totally Mixed Feelings

Really... just looking at this sweet face, Need I say more???

I have had such a fabulous weekend so I write this with happiness, yet sadness because I really don't want the weekend to end. Now I know that there are probably a million peopl, in Birmingham alone, that feel the way that I do. It was just absolutely gorgeous weather this weekend, the most perfect weekend with Jeremy and Charlee Kate, and friends. It was just amazing and something we really needed!!!!

We had lots of time to rest and relax, that was so important. I feel like we need that after we go, go, go each week. I think I appreciate weekends so much more when I am working than during the summer when I am not. Saturday was probably the perfect day in Charlee Kate's eyes! We slept in, had breakfast, just played and hung out, took her to Shades Cahaba to the Winter Festival where we met The Hardens, then they all come back to our house and we had such a yummy lunch I cooked, then it was 2:30 before we knew it. Charlee Kate had not had a nap and was having the best time playing with Jace so Jenn and Michael offered to take her home with them while Jeremy and I went shopping to a few places that we had been wanting to go to. We finally accepted and Charlee Kate had the best time from what I understand.

Charlee Kate.... all loaded up! They had 3 little kiddos in the back seat!

We didn't get home until almost 7:00 and 5 minutes after leaving Jenn and Michael's, she was asleep. She was exhausted from so much fun!!! It was so nice to see her just laugh and play all day long. It is so exciting to think about the 32 years Jenn and I have had together and yet we are still doing things together, just with our spouses and babies now! Gosh, I love being back in Birmingham!

Sunday was just as wonderful! Sleeping in, I made an egg white, turkey sausage, spinach quiche. It seems that my cooking (which is really healthy) and baking (just plain normal, LOL) gets better and better each day, or at least I hope so. This quiche was so good and so good for you. It was half eaten before I took a picture haha!

Anyways, after having a great morning we walked to church around 11:00. We love this walking everywhere in the "bubble". I didn't wear work out clothes to church, we changed before heading off to lunch. Work out clothes would have been fabulous though!

Walking to have lunch! We walked about 3-4 miles just going to church, lunch, and the park!! How fabulous is that!!!

After we got done with lunch, Charlee Kate danced on the sidewalk to the band playing. Forget the bow at this point, LOL! Her hair was everywhere and I didn't care!

It was so unbelievable outside that we decided to walk downtown and have lunch, a nice run while CK napped, then we walked to the park. One of my favorite parts after that.... The Academy Awards. I love the Red Carpet and can't wait to pick out my favorite dress. I know in the grand scheme of things, that is soooo insignificant, but sometimes it is just fun to listen to the craziness and enjoy the "girlie girl" side of me that I love to enjoy. I just love dressing up and as I described the dresses to CK she just looked at me. Maybe we should have played dress up and acted it out??? LOL. I have been counting it down all week. Now that was play by play details, that probably no one cared about, but we just truly enjoyed the weekend. I hear bad weather is set for the week. That makes me scared, but I do have Jeremy here all week. Thank you God for such a beautiful weekend with my family and friends to relax, rest, and enjoy!! That was a blessing that we are so thankful for!!! Off to Monday, but we are going to make this a wonderful week!!!

WHEW... maybe I should have WASHED my hair after working out before heading to the festival. I tried to make it work at least. IT was Saturday, why worry???

Ready to go to a Winter Festival! All dressed and ready. I will be sad when UGG season is over. I love UGGS! But.... I am sure I can get some swavorski flip flops to be cute too!

I was not pleased with her hair, but it was so "fly a way" today and I just was like whatever. It will be fine. Just didn't matter at that point.

Jeremy was so tired of me taking pictures here, but not my baby girl!!! (for once)

It was bedtime and Charlee Kate ran to the mirror to talk to herself. She always wants to do this right before bedtime. I should have videoed it because it was so sweet!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday, or yesterday morning, was one of those days that I stopped and decided that I needed to see the "positive" in the day that God has blessed us with. For some reason, my little girl woke up several times during the night, which does make for a tired mommy sometimes, yet God always gives me that little bit of extra energy when he knows I have been up more than normal and I have to go to work. It was one of those days. I had to wake up my precious baby girl (because her daddy was gone so she couldn't sleep in extra today) and I brought her breakfast on her little tray all ready for her. She immediately started saying "No mama, no mama, crying, and then she just fell apart". I didn't know why! She had a hot breakfast on her cute little tray and her favorite show on the TV so she could "wake up". I immediately thought "OH NO, this can't happen like this today". I walked in the other room and gathered my positive thoughts (said a quick prayer b/c I was feeling horrible as a mommy)... as she is sitting there crying, then went back to her.

This was my conclusion: She just needed her mommy. If I was late to work today, so be it! If we needed to make another breakfast, so be it! If things were not completely together, so be it! I sat there, hugged her, held her, and let her pick out something different to start her day. Within 5 minutes, she was totally different and I felt totally different. I just couldn't stand that thought of her starting a day upset. From those 5 little minutes and that little prayer, our day was different. She was happy, ate her breakfast, couldn't wait to see her friends at school, and felt better. Those little times can make or break us, but I know she just wanted to be with her mommy b/c I could have just stayed with her too, yet she was so excited for her day. It all turned out just perfect, but sometimes I have to really remind myself to be positive, stop and think about what is really important, and then things come into perspective a little more. When I picked her up from school they said she had THE BEST day. She loves her friends SoPia and Max (I love to hear her say SoPia instead of SoPHia, LOL). Jenna, her babysitter, came over so Jenn, Ashlee, and I could have a girls night out and she was beyond excited for Jenna. I mean she LOVES her!!! So it turned out to be a super super day. Thank you for that little extra prayer!

Now it is Friday and it is over! That makes me super excited b/c we are home all weekend and Jeremy is here too. He has had lots of shows to go to over the last 2 months and lots going on. Knowing that we get to be home for awhile is the best feeling!!!! Fun times with the Hardens!

Check out that diaper! She had some adorable bloomers on after I saw that she wanted to show her diapers. I am thinking we won't be seeing diapers much longer. Potty training is taking place!
A lot of times we go to Icing on the Cookie after I pick her up from school. She loves to go pick out a cookie. This particular day we came home, made cookies, and added our own icing and sprinkles. Oh she was so excited and had so much fun doing it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome back legs!!!

A cute picture mom took this morning before Charlee Kate headed off to see her Nana!

With the last couple of nice weather days, I decided to go for a good run. The 23 degree run last week for 13.1 miles, made me want to stay on the elliptical for a few days and not run. However, the gorgeous weather yesterday had me back out and going! Definitely waking these legs back up b/c they were wondering what in the world is happening. It was really nice though and I really enjoyed it!!!!

Back in the swing of things for the week, but at least it is Tuesday. Charlee Kate is still with my mom but I can't wait to see her tomorrow! She has had a BLAST with my mom. They called us last night and she was talking so much and so fast on the phone we couldn't hear or understand her, but we were laughing so hard. It was so cute!!!! Jeremy and I were able to enjoy a really fabulous dinner at Gian Marcos here in Homewood. Such a cute quaint restuarant that is literally right in the middle of the neighborhood. You either have to have reservations (no matter what night you go) or sit at the bar. It is always packed!!!! We sat at the bar and just enjoyed our dinner. We were there almost 2 hours. It was amazing and we might be like a lot of the elderly regulars, LOL. We just may have to order out some considering the environment is not completely compatiable for CK. They probably don't have crayons and that is not her "cup of tea" LOL. It was such a nice night out on a Monday though.

We are officially on the countdown until Spring Break. I really didn't get enough "winter" but this weather has been so crazy. In 3 weeks we "Spring forward" with time so it won't be long and I will enjoy the spring like weather with it staying light outside longer. That means we can do more walks with Charlee Kate and take her to the park more in the afternoons and we do LOVE to do that! In 3 weeks, we also go to the River because the BOAT IS BEING DELIVERED! Mom and dad got a boat! So excited to have that now. The river is really going to be a nice place to visit now with the boat, pool, dock, aww..... that will be exciting for Spring and Summer ahead. Then with a trip planned at Spring Break.... lots to look forward to!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Title.... no words!

This picture should sum it all up and say it all! Such a sweet sweet girl this weekend. I don't really have much to post about. At one point today I thought of the perfect day/days in many different ways.... heading off to Atlanta for a few days to sleep, shop, and dine (like we did at Christmas time), or just to have the week to hang out at home and do what I wanted when I wanted, or....even just sitting on the beach, with a nice breeze and good dinner ahead! All are very very random thoughts, but I had the Sunday night blues pretty bad today. LOL. However, our weekend was actually THE PERFECT day/days and it didn't involve any of the above. It involved sleep, truly playing and relaxing with Charlee Kate and Jeremy, a nice brunch at The Classic with my parents, and then a fabulous dinner with friends. It was perfect and it was so nice. Why does it have to end???

I have a few cute pictures from the last few days. February is almost over, ready for Spring Break. I am on the count down. We just still can't decide where to go. Last night we went through every city in the USA. NYC, Colorado, California, Chicago, Boston, Miami, seriously....for some reason or another, very few are places we want to go b/c we have been lately or because we just truly want to relax. So where will we end up???? We have a few more ideas : )
Jeremy and Charlee Kate relaxing after waking up

Cute yellow frye boots to go with the outfit, but Jeremy cut them out of the picture. LOL... they really did make the outfit cute though.
My St. Patty's Day tree. I wanted something cute to stay up since the Valentines Tree had to come down. Its white, with the big green bow, and green underneath. Simple, I like it, and it works! I actually tried to look on pinterest for ideas... NONE! Oh and I don't get this whole pinterest thing. How are people following me, when I am not even pinning things and I get on ONCE in a blue moon!! It so confusing.
A video of Charlee Kate singing.... out of the 46 seconds only 20 is of her singing, but hilarious! She did this FOREVER!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I started.... but never finished.

I started this post, and feel asleep in the middle so it really speaks from yesterday but I just couldn't finish last night.

The end of the week... I welcome it! Busy busy week! Somehow, someway, I managed to get the house super super clean, my St. Patricks Day tree up (yes I love a little tree for each occasion), and lots of other chores/projects FINISHED! It is a good feeling because I want to enjoy the weekend and Saturday is a Girl's Day with my baby girl until her daddy gets home late that afternoon. I am really looking forward to it all. This week, I flew by the seat of my pants, and the threads of my superwoman cape, because this crazed woman doesn't have much left in her for the week. Thats okay since it is Friday. If it was Monday.... oh no, we would be in trouble! I told myself no baking this weekend and easy dinners. I really enjoy it, but really just want to do nothing. I am still finishing up antibiotics and just now finished up my steroid meds. They made all my food taste funny, kind of weird, but ready for it all to taste normal.

This morning I made Jeremy and Charlee Kate, whole wheat nutella/strawberry french toast in the shape of hearts and egg white muffins (which are soooo good). I could have worked on my presentation longer for a picture, but the fact that I got it made on a school morning and everything all cleaned up was amazing so I had to take a quick picture. Jeremy's plate looked better than CK's, LOL. However, CK thought it was cute but didn't want to eat it. Soooo... then she got a heart shaped pancake. One day she will love those extra little things haha! She did enjoy a heart shaped pancake though.

Sooo... a random thought, as I went back and reviewed my race results from Sunday, I realized, I missed this race as being my "best" by about 8 minutes, LOL. I guess I have done better but I was just so excited to finish and I finished much faster than I thought I would considering all the odds working against me. I think the adrenline and the pressure to do my best just kicked in. I was sore, but stretched, worked it out, and was back to my old self in a day. I must say, I am glad I am not running in 23 degree weather and getting up at 3:00 a.m. on Sunday. Instead, we get to go have a fabulous BRUNCH at The Classic and then my mom will have CK for a few days.

So what else is happening with The Wilsons? Just enjoying each day/each week/ and making plans for the future. I can't believe February is almost over, but that means Spring Break is around the corner. I am excited about that! Jeremy and I are going somewhere, but going to wait and make it a last minute trip. That sounds so fun to me. We always do big city, big fun (which we may still do), but for once in a LONG time I told Jeremy I wanted to go somewhere that only required relaxing! Last year we were in Seattle at a resort in the mountains (sick) but sleeping 12-13 hours and not even leaving the hotel room. Funny how that sounds great, but it does the body good physically... however, more importantly it does the MIND good mentally! As mommys, daddys, working parents, in this crazy technological world.... that is something we need.

Thank you God for a great Valentines Week and the strength to get through another week. Happy Happy Weekend!!!

Mother of the Year I am sure!!! Well we have visited the LV store quite a bit lately and I need her to be very content. I can't take any risks here, haha! So yes.... the lollipop and IPOD worked for her and it kept her happy for quite awhile. I would have left the lollipop "off the list" but she already saw it. This was after school.... little orphan like, but it worked.

This was the face of "i am ready for the weekend and don't want to leave the house at the moment". I felt the same way, but at least it was Friday!

She is such a happy girl in the mornings and loves school! She loves her friends there and the teachers. We are so blessed to have such an amazing place for her to go to!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I love when this holiday FALLS during the year. Right in the middle of the "blah" winter months so it is always a refresher! I was so excited for Valentines Day because Charlee Kate understands it so much more this year. I started the day off early with a trip to DD so I could have some yummy coffee and then I got Charlee Kate a heart donut with chocolate icing and chocolate chips. Jeremy didn't want anything (party pooper). Yes, very sweet and sugary (which her teachers probably loved), but oh she was so excited! You can see it on the table here with her powdered munchkin. She loved the heart donut!

I had her cute zebra LOVE outfit out and ready for her today. It is too small though. Good thing we got some more wear out of it in Gatlinburg, but I still loved her little outfit today. She has a pink striped blazer and UGGS to wear with it. So cute. She was ready for her little party at school. I sent all her cute "Shovel valentines that say "I dig you" with the M&M's in them", her cookies and plates for the party, and her teacher's gifts. I have the hang of this fun stuff now and I start way ahead of time so they all have their super cute gifts and treats haha! My day should be a great one as well. Jeremy is coming to lunch and he said he would bring me anything. I have been online... do I want sushi, Cheesecake Factory, Ummmm???? These meds have messed up my taste buds up big time so coffee was number one on the list. Then for dinner I was going to cook fresh sea bass from Fresh Market. You know I am on my BIG cooking and baking thing. I have been for awhile now. We eat such good fresh healthy meals (most of the time). However, since the taste buds are off, I decided not to cook b/c if I don't like it (like most of my meals the last 2 nights b/c of these meds), I throw it out and sea bass is expensive. Sooo... Jeremy said he would go get Bonefish, 26, or Metro Prime. YUM! We don't go out on the actual Valentines night. Too crazy and not worth the hassel. We will celebrate in a few days and enjoy a nice night at home. Looking forward to this day and I can't wait to get to CK's party and see how it goes!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentines Day! Stay warm and enjoy this red and pink day! There are a few very exciting things coming up today, but will have to wait and mention them after the day is over!!! YIPPEE!

She is showing the donuts here. Look at the powdered sugar all over her face, LOL

Not very happy right here.... I wasn't letting her sit by the donuts!

OOPS... same picture again

Celebraing Valentines Day allllll week! Here she is YESTERDAY in her red. Love this dress on her.

SHe is holding an Anniversary sign for my grandparents. We did not make it to their party last weekend because I was sick. SO SAD because it is such a milestone to be married 60 plus years!!! I took this picture to send to them.