Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy December!

It is official. My camera is with me again 24/7. To show how old my papparazi camera is..... we saw it in the sale paper for $500 cheaper than when we bought it. Pretty crazy!!! Amazing how prices change, but we have had it forever and as you can see, I love to take pictures. So... here are a few more pictures from our week/weekend/ and so on. Oh and as you may notice, the blog background is finally changed. I don't spend a lot of time on the format, but I worry more about content. I like a change though!!!

In the majority of these pictures, someone is trying to "get her". She loves to play that game. What joy this little girl brings to us! I see that sweet smile and realize that we are so blessed. Even though things are not always how I want them to be, we are healthy, have wonderful family and friends, and have so much to be thankful for. I am so looking forward to the month of December and seeing this season through "Charlee Kate's eyes"

I am not sure if you can tell, but she is sucking on her tongue in this picture. That is a habit she has when she is snuggling with that blankee

The two sweet girls on the mountain in Bama. It was so cold but gorgeous!

Oh how Charlee Kate loves Brady, as you can tell

She went to town on this cupcake at Nana's house. She loved it

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday (just a little late) at his mom's house while we were home
Hopefully there will not be many more Christmas outfit pictures, where she is sleeveless. I hear a cold front is coming tonight and hopefully she will need long sleeves soon. I am ready for the cold!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well it is always good to be back home, but I just wish this "home" was in Birmingham a lot of times. Coming back from fun times with friends and family is never easy, but it was a little easier this time knowing that we have Christmas just around the corner. It was nice just being "home" in Bama and having that time there. It is late late Sunday night though and Charlee Kate and I flew in later this afternoon. I have tons of pictures to go through, 283 to be exact, so more posts to come this week. I have to start this week off right and get to bed on time. Until then... here are a few of my favorites. Notice how I just can't post one or two pictures : )

Lots of cute ones of these 2 baby girls! We loved dressing them in their matching outfits! It was a very very cold day for these pictures but they loved it! They had on those UGGS those.

Runny nose, stomach virus, and then a little pink eye... makes for an interesting picture

I love the fact that she got to wear lots of cold weather clothes. This coat, being one of my most favorites from Anthro last year!
Oh how these little girls were so cute in their ROLL TIDE outfits

Thursday, November 25, 2010

safe and thankful

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! How come all the fun has to go by so fast. Every day I realize how truly Thankful I am! God has blessed us with our health, family, friends, great jobs, a precious healthy little girl, and so much more. What an amazing trip we have had while we were home. We always do though no matter what. For the friends we didn't get to see, we will be back for Christmas very soon and that is going to be a super long trip.

There were a few "kinks" thrown into the trip which would include the stomach virus that I caught on Thanksgiving "Eve" and was unable to eat any good Thanksgiving food. Saltine crackers does not make for a good Thanksgiving meal. Charlee Kate got sick as well, but she bounced back much faster than me. Kids always do. Bama didn't pull off the game that we would love, but we had our year last year. It was a good first quarter though : ) Kelly found a fabulous saying by Nick Saben that soooo many people should remember whether you are Auburn, Alabama, Florida, FSU, or whatever fans it says "I don't think its about who you play, its about who you are". Thank goodness I live with the best Bama fan around b/c my husband is a die hard Bama fan, but sure knows how to be one with class! However its just him, he never says a bad thing about anyone, including Auburn! So.... a couple of more days here in Bama and then time to go back to Florida. I have so many pictures to post so they will be coming in several posts. Stay tuned.....

She loves loves the boys and really loves to hug them and lay in their laps!
Mom and dad have this kitchen at their house and Charlee Kate loves to cook in it. She had fun playing with all the new toys

This is Hunter.... boy is he into his costume
"Giving Hunter hugs" is what Charlee Kate loves loves to do! She gets so excited to see him.
Sweet Sweet Ella! When she smiles you see every tooth in her mouth, so cute
Uncle Jeremy made Hunter a tent over the air conditioner vent. Not sure who had more fun, Hunter or Uncle Jeremy
Giving Hunter more hugs!

All the great grandkids at Grand Ogles. Its the best we could do... not too many happy kids, LOL
Her first Christmas gifts to start opening. She got some balls and loved them!

Eating blueberries, a huge favorite. She has a blue mouth and blue fingers all the time
One of my favorite places in Birmingham!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Time for the big "ham"

Now... those of you that live in Birmingham know that I am talking about Birmingham and not actual Thanksgiving Ham, LOL. Even though I am ready for some good ole' southern Thanksgiving food. YUMMY! It is time to head that way. All packed up and ready to go! I am so excited about wearing UGGS and boots and it actually being cold outside, verses, wearing them here in Florida when it is still 77 degrees. Charlee Kate has hers as well... something to keep those feet warm. So.... off we go in several hours and praying for safe travels. In the midst of all the fun with family and friends and lots of shopping and lots of relaxing and lots of running... ROLL TIDE!!!! We are just so excited to go home. YAY!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Oh my goodness.... Baby Huggums.. Madam Alexander.. (that my mom and dad gave her last year) has become one of her favorites! She loves to carry this doll around. Mom did not want to buy them for her if I was just going to leave them in the box. What is the fun in that??? So we let her play with them and she loves it.

She even took her milk cup and tried to feed it to her baby doll. So sweet and fun. It is truly amazing how much she is catching on to these days. I am amazed how much she says now and how much she does.

Giving baby hugs!!!!

Being silly girl

After she woke up from her nap on Saturday, she sat with her daddy to watch football for about 10 minutes. She didn't even move. He loved every second of it.
This is her new thing, crawling up and down the stairs. She keeps us busy
Keep checking for posts during Thanksgiving! I am not a big POST EVERYTHING ON Facebook so for my friends that look for pictures there... you better come to the blog : )