Friday, August 30, 2013

It's back!!

The brown paper on the floors and the dust, but it's short lived this round and SO exciting! We are renovating our bathroom. We did not do it with the last set of renovations so it has worked out this time. I am really excited! This won't be the last either. We want the outside done next, with a big screened porch on the back. That's the fun in all of this...thinking of something next! 

TGIF! So excited football is finally here and it's a long weekend. Our plans are minimal except for fun things, that's what we like. Charlee Kate's actual birthday is Sunday so that will be a special special day. 

I am feeling great! This baby is super low! I may look low but it feels so low. I look forward to all my dr appts and next week I will go to my friend for a sonogram. I can't get enough of seeing and feeling this baby move. 

My sassy girl and all the brown paper on the floor! 
What could be better??? I love fall and pumpkin!!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Snow White... a movie star in the house!

Charlee Kate's birthday always falls on Labor Day weekend so we usually have her party the weekend before. This year... months and months before her party... she begged for a Snow White party. I found a girl that used to be on Broadway (or something close to it) that does Snow White birthday parties on a regular basis. Needless to say, she was amazing! She never left her "character" and Charlee Kate was absolutely just in love with her. The look on Charlee Kate's face the entire birthday party was priceless to me! It was hard preparing for the birthday party my first week back to school AND having it at my house, but it was so worth it!

Snow White put on the entire party. She was so amazing. It ended a little earlier than I thought because I was supposed to let Snow White serve all the food, but it was still just perfect. She sang Happy Birthday and stayed around, which to Charlee Kate.... was just like having a movie star in the house!

We missed a few people in this picture, but all the PRINCESSES were here!

Thank goodness I had LOTS and LOTS of help from Nana and Gammy and Pop!

After the party, the "Grands" all stayed for lunch! I totally forgot to put on CK's adorable birthday hat so I put it on for us to reinact blowing out the candles again. She was heading to Tuscaloosa later that afternoon, so she was already dressed and ready.

Sunday.... Charlee Kate had another birthday party on Sunday afternoon, with a lot of her same friends. They had a blast! It was a big birthday weekend! We still do a little celebraing this upcoming weekend on her actual birthday.

She was dressing up and such a mess! This is what she came up!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First day of 4K

Well.... its not pinterest or super cutesy, but to me... it beats both! Monday was Charlee Kate's first day of her new 4K class. Her school is year round, but of course during the summer, I just send her when I need to, so that was once a week every now and then. I think she went 6 days total. Its so wonderful to have somewhere like that if I "need" it. I don't have to pay for all summer either, just the days that she goes, so they are soooo wonderful to work with me. Anyways, all her friends, or most of them, had been there throughout summer, but she was just getting back into the swing of things. Since my students had their first day on Monday, Jeremy had to take her. Technically I could take her, but I would rather her sleep late and then let Jeremy take her when they are ready. When I left Monday morning, she was still sleeping!!! I had to leave out her cute little outfit and tell Jeremy how to fix her hair. Then I left out my notes of things "not to forget" along with her teacher gifts. Whew... that was a lot but I knew he could handle it!

Jeremy is the best! He followed all the notes and took the sweetest pictures. I expected to come home to one or two little pictures of her that I begged for and it just melted my heart to see the pictures he took. Soooo.... I forgot my chalkboard or cute little saying from pinterest, but to me, this was just the best to see how he took the time to get these pictures he knew I would want! Thank goodness this will be my last time to MISS her first day of school. I can do it after this... or I guess I should say... WE will do it together : )

Daddy did forget the bows in the braided piggy tails but that's ok! He did good!

Holding up one of her teacher gifts...and of course her baba (sleeping buddy) haha

CHarlee Kate and her little friend Frances 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cool weather

This weather has been amazing to say the least! Some people may or may not agree but I have loved it! It was so cool last night we even had our fire pit going! Jeremy built the fire pit, added a swing/chairs, etc...back yard looks amazing! He is good with those kinds of things. Now to keep this weather bc football season is around the corner! Yay!! 

Our fire pit! Hanging out with friends! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pink or Blue

So what will it be? Well it will be here before we know it I am sure! However, I just don't want this time to end quite yet so at least there is more time to enjoy the pregnancy. My thoughts do wonder boy or girl??? We have pretty much decided names. The exciting thing is... we can always change them, even up to the minute since I don't know. We do love these names so I doubt they will change, but who knows!

Girl: Hatley Bleu.
We would only call her Hatley. That is short for Whatley, but pronounced Hat-lee

Boy: Beckham Lance
We would call him Beckham. Lance is Jeremy's middle name and he really wanted that.

Sooooo.... I guess time will tell. Do we have a Hatley or a Beckham??

Friday, August 9, 2013

Our last week

Our last week has been great! Gearing back up to get in a normal routine after 2 1/2 months off. I have to say we have had a few hot days but nothing just ridiculous for days and days in a row! If we could escape summer and not have too many hot days it would be fabulous! 

The good thing about normal routines mean football and cooler weather come next! Yay that makes us happy happy happy! 

I have been feeling great for the most part! Some days this baby literally puts me at a halt and those of you that know me...know that never happens but sometimes I just have to stop for a bit. I can't believe I am beyond the half way mark. This is when pregnancy really gets fun though. I want to savor every moment. The only complaint is I feel like from morning to night my stomach majorly doubles in size haha! The food just has no where to go but in the middle of the night baby must eat it bc it shrinks so much...go figure! That baby is growing though! Nursery is half done so we are on a roll. 

Looking forward to Charlee Kate's upcoming bday party. Here is a picture of a nice walk to the park. Boy those legs are getting so long! Happy weekend!