Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hershey's chocolate world

The start of our day...some good good sleep, breakfast, then off to Hershey world! 

This was a really neat place. The movie was cute...took CK awhile to adjust to 4D

Getting ready to create her own candybar 

She created a white chocolate bar, with sprinkles of course! 

Riding the Hershey's ride to learn about chocolate 
The different Hershey's cupcakes
The crash!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

First day of trip

We decided to take Charlee Kate on a getaway for a few days without her baby brother. We really wanted to go out west to CA or skiing but I wasn't ready to be gone from Beckham as long as I would need to for a trip out west. The beach and doing nothing sounded awesome to me but it's always chancing it with weather, so we tried a few places we haven't been! We flew into Philly with the options of staying in Atlantic city and visiting the boardwalk, taking the train into NYC, and visiting Hershey's, PA. Either way...CK was so excited about a trip to the big city!! I may be having Beckham withdrawals after a few days but it was good to give her one on one time!

She had the hardest time going to bed the night before! 
At the airport! As much as she has flown, she only really remembers 2 times!

Of course...watching Frozen and singing the songs with the movie 
Her first taxi cab ride! 
Alice in wonderland exhibit 
Max Brenner chocolate bar! Amazing!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beckham's baptism

What a special day it was to dedicate this little man to his creator! God has given us an amazing baby boy! I can't wait to watch him grow and hope that he becomes a man just like his daddy! I pray that both of my kids get their daddy's Christian/family values, positive attitude, and always "glass half-full attitude"! What a great day we had with some of our family. 

What precious angels we have!

Luckily my parents, Jeremy's mom, and my grandmother could make it!

She was SO proud to stand up there for Beckham! 

Pop and Gammy with Charlee Kate and Beckham 
He was not happy for a few minutes! My parents and grandmother had to leave before we got another picture 

What a special service! We do the contemporary chapel service vs the traditional and we love it! It's such a great church 

Oh my favorite little smile

The yummy strawberry cake!
And after the day was over...we walked to the park and steel city pops! Once spring gets here we go there OFTEN!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mini me

On her way to school and digging in mommys bag for lip gloss!

Shopping one Saturday...her new lipgloss! Rainbow 
Baby b'jorn walking day
Watching the last of Frozen before school. That was only the 100th time

Friday, March 14, 2014

3 months old

Is he really this big? 3 months has flown by! Each day Beckham is developing his own little personality...smiles and talks and makes my day. Charlee Kate is in love with him as much as her mommy and daddy are.