Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday time!

Oh I just love the holidays and this time of year! How special it is and how blessed we are! I have loved having CK home the first part of the week to just do fun schedule! Tuesday was the best! We took a trip to the zoo which we so enjoyed then came home where both kids rested and napped! Christmas decor is up and I love having my lights on and being home to enjoy it!! I always love to wake up to the lights and sounds of Christmas!! 

Blessings are abundant here! So thankful for God's blessings
- my desire to be a mommy to the two most perfect babies
- the amazing husband that I get to call "mine"
- our family and friends 
- our home, community, and neighborhood. Somewhere I always dreamed of coming back to live
- the opportunity to be a teacher and come in contact with some amazing families. Teaching also taught me a lot about being a mommy and patience! Now...I get to stay home with my babies! A job that is beyond rewarding!!!
- health and knowing we have things we need
- many more things that are "fun" exciting life adventures 

We had thanksgiving in Jacksonville with Jeremy's family on Wednesday night. It was an enjoyable night. The kids have all grown up and we enjoy playing games! B and CK get the best end of the deal being babies of 9. They get lots of attention and love their cousins. 

Thursday we went to see my moms side of the family then dad's. Watching the kids run and play and never skip a beat, was precious. Since then Ella, CK, hunter, and B have been together nonstop. I love that they are all so close! Not everyone has that πŸ˜„πŸ˜„thankful!!!

Playing at granddaddy whatleys! They played in all the fun places that I remember playing as a child
Beckham loved leaning against the window to see kids 

They had a great imagination and used old plastic fruit to pretend they were selling it 

Look how cute!! (Got to love a good ole wood burning fireplace)
Beckham giving kisses (and bites!)
The great grand kids with Frandmother Ogle
My cousin Emily playing with baby B

Girls playing hide and go seek

Me, mom, and Kelly couldn't miss a night of Black Friday shopping! We haven't missed in 23 years!!! The kids stayed at my house. So when I came home in the wee hours of the morning, these sweet things are what I saw! 
Next morning...dress up time! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Grandpals day!

Grandpals day is a HUGE event that Homewood has always done. It is a day event that the whole school prepares for and makes such a big deal about it. I always loved this day as a teacher but definitely as a parent as well. All Charlee Kate's grandparents were able to attend hers this year and that was a blessing. It was Friday, November 21st. She was beside herself excited and ready for that special day!!! Here are a few pictures that Barbara took: 

Her pictures she made were priceless. I always loved when kids started to really read and write. That was one of my favorite moments as a teacher but definitely as a parent too!
Showing them her red working folder

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Alabama game 11-15-14

It was a great day altogether!! Good weather, good tailgating, and a great win! These are the kind of football days I love!!! It won't be long and Beckham will be going with us too. 

Playing corn hole...having a snack 
She is all about the football games but especially if Josh is there! 

I love these pictures of paper, rock, scissors!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy birthday Jeremy!

I typed this on Jeremy's birthday but forgot to post it. It's only 1 week late 😁

This fabulous husband deserves the best day ever! I am so blessed that God choose me to be Jeremy's wife and the daddy to my two babies! He is a very selfless, loving, patient, calm, amazing husband and daddy! There are 3 lucky people that live in this household with him. Glad we can call him "ours"! 

Happy birthday Jeremy! 

Atlanta girls day

On Saturday November 8, Charlee Kate and I went to ATL for my friend Jennifer's baby shower. We surprised her and it was so much fun! 

After the baby shower we headed to Phipps plaza for a few things and then to Lenox for Charlee Kate to ride the pink pig. 
We rode it several times...but she loved it

The day before Atlanta...she won't let me do bows often but it looked so cute this day! 
On Sunday we just enjoyed being home (after church). It was a much needed R&R day! CK picked this outfit out and her daddy let her! I just laughed and let her wear it...we were just going to SAMs. Haha

Saturday, November 15, 2014

NYC day 4

This day was basically just an easy morning and ice skating! It was absolutely the most amazing weather for ice skating!! I was so proud of Charlee Kate for trying it over and over. She loved it!

Time to head home!! Single file line ladies! Kelly and I packed a million bags to the brim! We taught these girls about NYC shopping! CK still says "I wish I was in NYC!"

Friday, November 14, 2014

NYC day 3

We decided to take the girls to the a Today's Show. We didn't go too early but they were actually excited! 
The girls are standing on Kelly's legs so they can see. Tamera was about to go back in but these sweet faces did get a few extra head turns, moves to the front, and extras
This is when she noticed Kelly 

After The Today's Show, we had breakfast in Rockefeller. 

Next stop...two of my favorite places! Serendipity and Dylans Candy Bar! We never miss these places when making a trip to NYC! 

Yum.....the frozen hot chocolate 

After frozen hot was Dylans Candy Bar! The girls were in heaven 

We took the girls to the central park zoo next. It was a small zoo but so much fun! The girls ran and looked at animals and just enjoyed being outside 

We sat here for a long time while the girls had snacks and watched the sea lions. Kelly and I just sat on a bench with these 2 views. It was hard to beat! 

Walking through the city! They are professionals now 
Ending the day with a horse and carriage ride through Central Park 
One of my favorite pictures!! 45 minutes- 1 hour of them having a snack, watching sea lions, and all of us just relaxing. It was a good view...good moment!
They loved this slide at the park in NYC! 
This was probably my favorite day of the whole trip! Priceless smiles and giggles