Thursday, May 29, 2014

Charlee Kate's graduation

My little girl has graduated from 4K! What a blessing OLS was! Charlee Kate had precious teachers that loved her and taught her. She also made the best of friends there! She gets to go periodically throughout summer bc it's a year round school but we just go a few days a month! 

Her best best friend Harper!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Last week

Wow let's see...all random phone pictures but my catch up pictures! Last week was so chaotic, busy, and one of those "everything can go wrong" kind of weeks! I think this week is off to a better start! 

I found this picture of me, compared it to CK! I think blonde hair is still her only resemblance to me 👗👙👘...maybe fashion too 
This is probably my all time favorite art piece. She was SO proud of it and said I looked like Elsa! Her Mother's Day picture
Publix rain trip with both kids...wasn't the best idea I had that week ☔️
Some days he will flip, some days he won't. Tummy time makes him so mad after awhile. I am afraid once he starts rolling he will never stop! His legs have never stopped moving since being in my tummy
Birthday party last week...sweet girls
5 months...and 5 days! I love this sweet thing! 

Talking to his daddy! He loves for you to talk to him 

Monday, May 19, 2014

A few videos

A few videos of Beckham! One of Beckham talking to me and Charlee Kate! Yes he is already in his patriotic pj's, haha! The other one is Jeremy talking to Beckham which he absolutely loves!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Mother's Day is a day that I feel extremely blessed, yet guilty in some ways as well. I guess I realize how God has blessed me with two babies that I wanted so very badly and prayed and prayed for. Both were gifts from God from Modern medicine, but I believe prayers, faith, and hope were my ultimate strength. I have people that say "my story" gives them hope, but I do believe it's God's story... he just used and still uses me to hopefully encourage others. My Mother's Day was a wonderful one and one that was relaxed. That is what we needed... a very laid back easy day. It was special, but special because of the two babies that make me a mommy; however, I said an extra special prayer on that day for those that long to be a mommy for the first time or even the second or third time (they all hurt the same!). So on that holiday I just can't forget those that are suffering and in pain...whether it's from infertility, loss or unanswered prayers. Its a blessing to be a mommy and one that was worth the wait for me!

I am learning to braid as best as I can. Her hair is growing so long and thick that it gets more challenging. I love it though
We met our best friends for yogurt Mother's Day night...the girls had so much fun

Look at those full bellies from yogurt!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wrights favorite!

The best husband ever!!! He brought back my favorite dessert when he was in Tampa!! I had to cut it into small plates to freeze for later (even have some of my friends here a little taste of my heaven). I miss this place!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Preview day

What a fun day!! It was a day for Charlee Kate to tour Shades Cahaba, where she will go to kindergarten. It's so exciting (not emotional yet bc she hasn't officially started 😢). We all went for the tour and she loved her school! Just like Homewood houses, this school has been here for years...80 or so?? The character far exceeds anything! It's about 0.4 miles from the house so yes we will be walkers quite often! 

Her 3 sweet friends from her 4K school...Mary Addison and Frances. She has several others that will go to Edgewood (another HW old one I taught at) and a few going to vestavia. At least she will have some familiar faces. 

On our way! She has to wear her shades like mommy and daddy
After her tour, she was dying to go to school! I thought she might want a lunch date with us, but her friends won! We had lunch at flip burger boutique. A new fav of mine!! I had raw tuna tartar and Jeremy had something amazing but can't remember the name. 
He was all smiles ALL day! SOOO lucky to be his mommy!!
Afterwards we splurged...a Krispie Kreme milkshake! It's definitely as amazing as it sounds!

Monday, May 5, 2014

The last week

Thank God we were safe and sound through all those storms and tornadoes last week! Tornadoes are my worst fear! When we lived in Tampa, I very very rarely had to worry about them and that was nice! It was a yucky night Monday...we were in the basement for an hour and a half but we were safe! 
My college friend Steph came in to visit last week..I was able to spend lots of time with her and was so excited she and her husband Matt came in from D.C. They are both in the secret service and have really cool jobs! I always tell her that I love to hear her stories! We reminisced a lot from the old days! Boy do I miss her! 
Hanging outside before the's always calm before the storm, which gets weird! 
Charlee Kate wears these Elsa jammies all the time! Definitely her favorite 

Church choir program...B in mommys old overalls. SO cute on my little man! 

I would swear he is getting a tooth! He practically eats his hands and the last few nights I can just tell he isn't comfortable when sleeping! 
It was a perfect weekend! Saturday was girls day! Manicures and pedicures, a little shopping, the pool, and we ❤️ Homewood day! 

Lots of the neighbors for We 💜 Homewood day! Everyone headed to the parade and street party afterwards
Taking the kiddos to target Sunday while daddy was helping my my dad move stuff into their new house. Charlee Kate ask me all the time if Gammy and pop are in their new house yet

Friday, May 2, 2014

Brother and sister

Here are a few shots of these two together. I wasn't sure if I posted all of these or not, but here are just a few from the last month or so. Charlee Kate loves to hold him and take a picture anytime! She is so so good with him. The other day she said to me "Mommy, I really want to keep Beckham forever and I never want him to go live anywhere else". So precious and I love the innocent thoughts of my 4 1/2 year old. She truly just loves her little brother and has never once thought any different. Totally melts my heart!!!