Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have seen Alabama in a state of emergency with tornadoes but never a snow storm! It's been absolutely crazy how fast and quickly this came on. It started snowing at 9:30 Tuesday and roads froze immediately! Literally every single road in Birmingham was frozen and they described it looked like Armageddon! The amount of cars and people stranded was beyond what you would think! This would be easier for people in the north to deal with, but something Alabama or any state in the south is not equipped for. 

I walked to pick up CK and her friend bc it froze so fast (thank goodness we live so close to downtown and CK's school and anything we need that we can just walk!) Jeremy was at Birmingham country club in mountain brook...only 3 miles from our house so he left his car and walked home. Everyone was walking...for miles to get where they needed to. My friend Jennifer and her little boy Jace came here and then Harper and her mom. They all ended up spending the night bc there was no way to go anywhere. Temps got in single digits that night too! The kids all had a blast in the ice and snow and with our "winter party"! We are so lucky we were so safe and warm and had power. There were a lot of people who weren't as lucky! 

Charlee Kate and Harper in the snow 
Harper, Charlee Kate, and Jace 

Having dinner...they thought this was so much fun!

Looking out....
Jenn's car in the yard...

Our street...these are abandoned cars that couldn't make it up the hill

Snow cream....made with clean snow. It was like homemade ice cream!
Eating their snow cream 

Highway 280....this was just a few hours after the snow started falling and it iced over. Those cars are all stuck not moving 
The backyard...2 days later still like a white blanket 

We are safe and has all started to thaw finally! The day after the storm, Wednesday, temps did not get out of freezing so things were not melting, but today they did. Yay!!! I love cold weather but was getting cabin fever!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some winter days at home!

Time is flying by! It's been so cold that we do spend a lot of time at home. That works out good though bc I am trying to get Beckham on a Schedule and work out his reflux meds. Luckily I think it is all falling into place finally! I had to cut out a lot of my favorite, chocolate, DP, tomatoes and anything tomato based bug it sure is making a difference so it's worth it. I can tell he feels better, smiles a lot, and is straying to coo and talk. I love it, but I feel like he's more baby now, not newborn. How does it go so fast! 

Charlee Kate loves to lay and talk with Beckham! Both kiddos lounged all day Saturday. CK was still wearing Christmas jammies and Beckham in CK's old Dylan's candy bar jammies (his others were dirty haha) they are a little girly but it was just us at home. 
Finally...he is starting to enjoy the baby b'jorn. I have pictures of Jeremy taking CK around in this. 
                Talking to mommy!
                  He spotted the fan!

A baby shower for Beckham given by Sue, Jennifer, Ashlee, and Sandy last week. It was precious and so special!!! More pictures from my camera to come soon 
The yummy yummy elephant cookies
It was a luncheon with some fabulous food!

He messed his outfit up first thing!
 The hostess gifts I gave....chalkboard trays with baby bites from pastry art. A favorite in Birmingham 

Charlee Kate had a fun day with her friend Anna Kathryn on MLK day!
Some sweet friends took Charlee Kate out one day for about 8 hours!! Zoo, lunch, playing barbies, and making cookies! She loved it! 

She can still fall asleep in the car so easy! 
A couple of weeks ago...Daddy and Charlee Kate dancing! It was so cute!
Yes...welcome back ahi tuna! I missed it while I was preggo!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beckham 1 month old

Beckham 1 month old! 
He is getting so big! Doesn't like the swing or bouncy too much. Maybe when this reflux medicine is all figured out he will. Basically our bathroom with the heater on makes him super happy to just lay down! The car and stroller rides are a success so far! Yay...praying those continue! Love my little man! 

His uggs and burberry outfit that he is growing out of FAST! Mommy doesn't know what to think of him growing so fast!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas morning!

The last Christmas post...What a great Christmas we had! We couldn't have ask for more...2 precious healthy babies! This year our house felt like "home" as we spent the 2nd Christmas here. It was such a wonderful one and one will never forget as we began it as a family of 4! 
She loves to make silly faces or really do anything silly!
Merry Christmas Charlee Kate and Beckham! 

Of course Gammy and Pop came for Christmas breakfast and for the day!
Santa did come! 

Charlee Kate said she only asks for 3 things! Such a sweet girl! 
The Barbie house has been her favorite! 
Santa ate the cookies and milk!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Eve tradition

As always...for years and years and years...we get together with The Jones's for christmas Eve breakfast. It's so amazing how much we have grown from the 2 families of 4, to a family of 10 and a family of 7! It's like we are all just one big family. It's truly a blessing that we started this back when we were so small and 30 years later, it is still going. Love love traditions! 

All the little kids!! (Minus Beckham)
Ella, Charlee Kate, Blake, Jace, Hunter
Silly faces

This was just 12 days after Beckham was born...We haven't mastered getting a good picture with 2 kiddos yet

I loved this...both sets of grandparents and the grand kids all mixed in! They would all claim any one of them
The traditional pose!
We are trying to pass the pose on down to the kids