Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!
I am so excited to be bringing in this new year with Jeremy and my little Charlee Kate. This time last year, I was bringing in 2009 pregnant so I am truly blessed as I think back over 2009 and look forward to 2010. We have such a healthy VERY happy little girl. She has recently discovered her voice, actually she found it on the plane ride back to Florida, and has been soooo loud ever since. She got a little off her schedule in Bama because she got sick. Jeremy and I are not used to her waking up in the middle of the night, but she was so stuffy. We did do a few things to help relieve her and then our first night back in Florida, she was back to 10.5-11 hours of sleeping. YAY for her schedule back!!! She has been so good. Today we had a fun family outing to Orlando to shop (sort of a late birthday get-a-way). We shopped everywhere and she had the time of her life, especially riding in the Baby B'jorn. We took some pictures at Mall of Millenia. They have beautiful Christmas decorations. Now we are home (for the first time in I can't tell you how long) to enjoy celebrating New Years Eve with our little girl. Happy New Year everyone!!
Daddy was showing Charlee Kate the musical snow globe at Bloomingdale's. She now has this in her room. She liked it!
She was such a trooper while we shopped. She just lounged in the stroller some.
She loved looking out in the Baby B'jorn.

The gorgeous decorations at Mall of Millenia

This was the first outfit I had on her. This is really a "shirt" that goes with the most adorable little pants that Gammy and pop gave her. She will wear it more next year, but I thought she could the top as a dress. She could have, but she wanted to eat the bow the whole time so I changed her. We did get a LOT of Roll Tides from people in Orlando because Jeremy and I had on our Bama gear.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Check me out!

Here is my little angel. Her Nana bought this hat in New York City about 7 years ago and Charlee Kate's cousin Molly wore it. I always told Millie (Molly's mom) that I wanted it and so now it is Charlee Kate's. I love it! She has really shown her personality the last few days and I could just eat her up. She has been so sweet. We are back home and the unpacking and organizing has started! So much fun with all the new toys and clothes for CK!!!
One of Charlee Kate's gifts from Gammy and Pop. I love this zebra and it has so much on it that she can play with and do. She needs a little more time to be able to sit up on her own, but once she does, I know she is just going to love it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a wonderful Christmas~

Here are some random pictures here and there from our wonderful Christmas here in Alabama. Only one more day and then we have to go back to Florida. How do the holidays go by soooo fast?I loved every minute of it with our Charlee Kate though. She is just growing too fast.

Nana gave her sunglasses. Look how funny and cute she looks. I love it!
Mommy and Charlee Kate at Nana's house
On our way to Nana's... first outfit. We tried to wear as many Christmas outfits as many times as we could so we had to change sometimes to make sure they all got plenty of "wear"
Daddy and Charlee Kate on Christmas night
Look at that sweet smile

Look at my fur hat and fur boots

The girls on Christmas day. They both had on our gowns (mine and Kellys) when we were both babies

We are so blessed to have friends that are definitely more like family than friends!!! We have known them for 32 years, but for 25 years we have celebrated Christmas Eve breakfast with them and that has never stopped. Of course, I am talking about The Jones's and we are so blessed to have such amazing friends. We had our celebration with them this morning and boy has our families grown. IT is so exciting that we can still get with such close friends and I can't wait to live near them again... VERY SOON I hope!
Not quite ready, haha

Friday, December 25, 2009


There are a lot of things about Christmas that are priceless, but one thing is the spirit of giving. This year we gave my dad plane tickets and hotel stay in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl... ALABAMA vs. TEXAS game. Well it turns out that the guys got 3 tickets from a "hook up" (perfect amount for Kevin, Jeremy, and dad) for the game!!! Anyone who is out looking for tickets knows that these tickets are very pricey and hard to come by right now. The best part is, they are in Saben's section. Saben had 100 tickets and the guys have 3 of them. Dad did not know this and so this was one of the last gifts that he opened. He was literally speechless. I don't think we could have ever given him a better gift. The guys are looking forward to a "guys trip" in Pasadena to the Rose Bowl and to watch a Lakers Game. The pictures still do not do the occasion justice, but it was definitely priceless.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Everyone. We are truly blessed to have our little angel to spend Christmas with this year. This is a fun Christmas with 3 little ones around the house. We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy our pictures.

Our little family.... even Chloe
Charlee Kate loved looking up at the Christmas Tree lights

Charlee Kate and Ella in their First Christmas PJ's

She had enough. Poor baby!
The picture says it all

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spending time in Alabama

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time so far in Alabama. It has been pretty low key so far and that has been nice! We have split up our time staying at mom and dad's house some and Jeremy's parents' some. Here are a few pictures of things going on while we have been here. We have lots of Christmas events coming up so there should be plenty of pictures up on the blog very soon!

I am sure you are wondering what on earth is going on with my poor little girl... she is having pottery pieces painted and this one will have her "bootie and footprints on it" that make an elephant head so it will be an Alabama platter. It turns out soooo cute!
This will be her "Santa Cookie Plate" that makes a sleigh and reindeer. This girl that makes these does such a wonderful job! I will post the finished product whenever I get them back.
Ella and her Aunt Jamie
Kevin, Kelly, Jeremy, me, and Ella all went to Jeffersons one night when mom and dad took Hunter to Zoolight Safari

Bath time... she is talking to her daddy
Jeremy was showing Charlee Kate all the Christmas lights and ornaments

Jeremy and his dad with Charlee Kate (before her bedtime)
Oh yeah.... the thumb is becoming pretty popular!