Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some fun activities

wanted to do lots of fun things with Charlee Kate before summer was over. I think there has been something exciting for her practically everyday this summer but I still let her pick some of her favorite ideas. We did these things before heading to the beach! Here are a few....when I remembered to take pictures. 

While daddy was in Chicago for a week, Charlee Kate had bible school. On the last night of bible school, we had movie night. She wanted to turn the lights out, make popcorn and cookies, and have a pallet. So we did! We watched Frozen. 

The park is ALWAYS a hit! This is "our" park, about a block or so away from the house but we have many to choose from. 
Painting with letters! 
One of her favorite things...popcicles
Another family movie night...
Going on a walk...but Charlee Kate wanted to run like her mommy. I thought after a few streets she would be tired but she kept going and going! 
We have had days like this 3 times in July! Ahhh...I am ready for fall 

So on a day with 61 degrees out and no humidity....we went to Flip burger at the summit. Sat outside and it was a perfect lunch day with Jennifer and Blake 

Not real sure how fun the last 2 pics was right before we headed out to buy a sectional for the playroom.

This was yet another painting project. Every time I have a project, I say I won't do anymore!!! My problem is I am just a busy bee

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Date night selfie

I have to admit...never have taken a selfie. I just laugh too hard thinking of people perfecting a selfie picture. Here is our best shot at a selfie! If it wasn't for being in public, I would have modeled for the picture haha but I wanted to take it fast. Any guesses on whose idea this was? 

Out for sushi for date night! It was a great night and the 60 degree weather was so pleasant! 

Ready or not...

Kindergarten is around the corner (sniff sniff). Can't believe it! PTO puts these signs in the yard before school starts. It was exciting to wake up one morning and find it in our yard. The joy of living in Homewood! 

New dress is purchased, new backpack, lunchbox, and for a few more personal touches! Personalized pencils too! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baby outfit

Jeremy's baby outfit! I had to take pictures before it was too small! Beckham's little face was so sweet in these pictures. 

Not good I know...but I was taking a picture of it in a frame. This was Jeremy obviously  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some good ole pictures

Forgot to post this adorable picture of the boys! Hunter LOVES Beckham and was so good with him. It's absolutely adorable 
Finally back home, cleaned, organized, settled! It felt good! Had friends over for what turned out to be a LATE night...this is why! Old school Mario brothers tournament! Haha
Beckham loves to swing! He loves to be on the go and moving! Charlee Kate was this way too. I do believe part of it is because I NEVER stop! While I was pregnant and after birth, it's moving all the time, going nonstop, and exercising. We are movers and groovers and I must admit I am just wired that way. 
A great week at bible school with her best friend Harper! 
They just LOVE each other!!!
One morning before bible school! Please please let us have an early fall...I am over heat and humidity! 
My favorite girl came to stay 2 days! My kids adore her and loved it! I loved it more having a "side kick" with me especially while Jeremy was in Chicago. Oh how we love Haley (she's been a Whatley since she was 6 months old...started babysitting her 16 yrs ago)
We get a date night once a week (even if it's a movie at home) but Sunday night we went out to one of our fav places in Bham! FIVE bar and grill! 

What a great week at home! Lots of fun, lots of cleaning and organizing, and lots of stuff with friends! That part I like about summer time. I am not ready to prepare my little girl for K! It starts soooo soon! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Clean living

Well...sometimes my OCD wins! Once we got home from Charlotte, something sparked a motivation in me to just move one piece of furniture! However, that led to rearranging rooms, reorganizing drawers and closets, completely redecorating, then cleaning along the way. A 48 hour project that wore me out but felt good when done! The last project is the huge yard sale in September to completely have a clean basement and redo a playroom. I just like my stuff cleaned and organized I guess. 

The kids rooms were the first make overs. They are still my favorite. I recently painted a table for them that goes in the kitchen. I have had my feel for painting. I think I did everything in their rooms. I keep doing it but can't say that I love too. I just love a finished product 😄

After all was finally done, I lighted candles, melted my waxes, and it felt complete. For some reason I melted my pumpkin waxes. Maybe the cool weather outside sparked that...but you mix a fall smell and cool weather, makes me want FALL! 🏈

The suitcase now houses toys for Beckham 
The little table I painted for the kids. CK loves to draw and do school work while I am cooking. I love having it in the kitchen so she is in there with me. She also likes to clean my make up containers and organize here! 💄...yep she's my child!  My granddaddy made this table years ago.

I have actually considered selling the Gucci diaper bag. I guess I am a favorite brand girl but if anyone's interested let me know. mom sells these essential oils. They are huge here and making their way around. The diffuser is awesome. I always diffuse an oil based on why we need a certain one, clean with thieves, drink the ninxa drink, and my kids use it for any type of sickness, scar, need! If you don't know about this and like that organic, clean, healthy way to live...this is the other half if it : ) 😋

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Charlotte trip

We took a trip to see K&K and kids! It always fly by and we stay busy (but it's fun stuff)! All 3 kids were upset not wanting to leave each other. They do have so much fun together. Jeremy and I decided it would be best to travel with B leaving at bed time. It was nice bc tgere wasn't any traffic but tough at the end. 

B actually did great being in a new place. He slept great especially the first day. We all slept until 9:15. That was much needed sleep. Each morning we would sleep and relax. Kids would just's a few pictures of the time away

Little shopping at South Park! Our mini mes
Hunter turned on thd iPad for Beckham and put a hat on his head! Hilarious!
We got some great sleep on our trip! This particular morning everyone was still sleeping at 9:15! Even B! It was great, but once he wakes up we let him stir around and talk. The girls woke up and heard him then decided to go see him. Kelly and I watched from the monitor. 
Here is what took place: 

CK: what are you doing Ella? (As Ella is hopping out of the pack n play)
Ella: getting out before I get into trouble
CK: oh me too
***both girls hop out***
2 minutes later...both girls hop back in. 

I guess the "trouble" thing didn't matter anymore. 
Made us laugh!
The guys took the kids out on the boat at Lake Norman. 
Little snow cone fun after lunch 

We had a babysitter one night and adults night out at Cowfish, a favorite! Jeremy was in charge of most of the pictures which is pretty obvious
Haha...playing dress up with goggles
This is the kind of weather we came home too...cooler and no humidity! Wish it would stay 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Appts, relaxing, playing!

That's what our week has been are A few little pictures of my babies! This week has been laid back sort of! Charlee Kate has had gymnastics camp in the mornings, afternoons we just play and hang here at night (unless we go grab ice cream). Appts, hair cuts, all the good stuff in between! It's been nice being home for the week!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

This July 4th was a quiet one. There are usually tons of people and a big party at the lake house, but with so much happening it was just is this year but was very relaxing! We could have used more people for the usual corn hole tournament though. We couldn't have ask for a better day though...gorgeous weather, fun things to do, relaxing!!! It was a wonderful 4th! 

My crew first thing in the morning. I think I will keep these three for sure
Love love these two! Couldn't get enough of them. B was in a great mood, probably bc his first tooth has finally poked through and he had some Motrin 
Swim suit and onesie...casual picture
I talked her into the red, white, and blue swimsuit since it was the 4th

Her little scar on her face is slowly healing...poor thing

Grandmother ogle came today and Charlee Kate loved it! 
She was beside herself excited all day...swimming in the pool, the sea doo riding (which we did lots of), swimming in the lake (with daddy of course), riding on the boat, fishing, fireworks, riding in the kabota and golf cart! Man...that's a good day with all that fun!! 
Fishing before time to shoot fireworks 
Last but not absolutely amazing gorgeous run...68 degrees and no humidity at all to start the day! Not sure how we got that lucky in July but definitely makes me ready for fall