Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time with my baby girl

So this has been a hot week, but such a good week. My little girl and I have had so much fun together! I am so glad we were at home together this week with nothing to do. We spent a lot of time with Jennifer and Jace either here at my pool or her pool. One day we took the kids to the water park and they had so much fun. When I had errands to run, Charlee Kate was such a trooper and actually Little Miss Shopper! She entertained, tried on, and put on a show everywhere we went. Right now she is obsessed with trying my shoes on and the ones when I was at SAKS. I had to get her out fast... not the best place for a 3 year old rearranging shoes. She makes me laugh everyday and amazes me with things that she says. I am constantly amazed with how much she comprehends more and more every single day. I wouldn't trade these days I have with her for anything! We are off to the lake this weekend. I know she will have a blast! She will get to spend a lot of time with family and friends. 

She is and always is super excited to see her "boy cousins". I think my child is going to be boy crazy, LOL! She always ask about Ryan, Nathan, or Hunter. That does not mean everyone else isn't important.... she loves them all, but for always asks for those boys. I think it is because they play with her and don't chase her or try to hold her. She is so excited for our 5 days at the lake. 
I love these polka dot TOMS on her. She first started wearing TOMS before you could find them anywhere! She had them as a baby. She doesn't wear them as much now because her shoe choice has increased... haha, but I still buy her cute colored ones. I love them on her.

Trying on shoes at SAKS. She couldn't get them on fast enough and back on the shelf. Thank goodness all the people there like her

Off to Chick Fil A... one of our favorite fast foods and she is having her favorite part. Ice cream cone!

Juicy Couture... another favorite place of hers. They always have lots of bright colors and mirrors (of course) so she loves that place. This particular day she wanted to try on everything and carry around all the purses. Then she wanted me to try on tons of things. Finally we had to go because she thought this was a playroom.

Everyday before we leave, she makes sure Chloe is in her bed and loves on her. She absolutely loves her Chloe!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Time

I sit here and say its been a mild summer as the week ahead shows above 100 degrees for temps. However, we have had some of the nicest cooler weather and low humidity for June. I hate to say it but it makes me look forward to fall for sure. Turns out tropical storm Debbie did not disrupt the panhandle like we thought. We could have stayed but it's been so nice being home. We have had a great summer but this has been our first week to do what we wanted when we wanted. It's been pool days, relaxing, good morning runs, good cooking, and cleaning in between naps. Today holds the water park then tonight a little shopping for my girl and me. Tomorrow is project day, lots to refinish, sand, and paint! I still have CK's bedroom suit to post about too! So lots of pictures to post, my before and afters. I have big house plans as you can tell!!!

Here is one picture I just love but I don't think it's possible in a homewood house, lol. I will take homewood over the closet though. Its is definitely really cool! I have a feeling I can get something similiar, haha!


 We have 4-5 lake house days coming up! That's my summer and I am loving it! Some pictures to get caught up!!! I will still have to "back track" when I get pictures from Kelly, but here are a few more of ballet week!

The girls after their performance. I was just amazed at how much they did with the girls over a week's time. Charlee Kate just loved performing and did soooooo good! They performed for about 30 minutes, such a great thing for a week's worth of camp.

They had LOTS of visitors to come watch them!!! Gammy came over and she brought Grandmother Ogle too

How LUCKY these girls are to have their Great Grandmother come watch them perform together. Something that not many people are blessed with.

She also had her Nana, Molly, and Aunt Millie come watch her. 

My little "tween girl" as she looks in these pictures. She looked so cute, but yet so grown up!

Jace, Jennifer, and Blake came over to play in the pool and on the trampoline. The kids had a picnic on the trampoline!

Baby Blake loved her floaty!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Still slacking...

I know... I am so behind on blogging it is not even funny! I have about 50 pictures to get from my sister too so my summer blogging is going to be all over the place, but it will eventually get done. I even downloaded pictures from my mom's camera and now they have disappeared. Go figure so I will work on all of that tomorrow. 

I just love summer with this little girl. She has become a HUGE Mommy's girl too, mainly over the last month. It's crazy, but she is my "mini me" for sure. We are actually supposed to be at the beach right now. We left Saturday morning, drove down, and then drove back last night at 8:00 at night. We decided that sitting in the condo with that horrible wind and down pour that Tropical Storm Debbie was sending our way, wasn't worth it. I hate that we had to come home, yet I am looking forward to my whole week of nothing to do. I managed to clean, unpack, laundry, iron, and cook 3 meals today, while we went to the library and played in the pool for 2 hours. It was so much fun. Then... we painted nails and toenails. I love summer and no schedules. This week is going to be all fun stuff.

Charlee Kate is so much fun to watch right now. Everyday I am amazed or I laugh at something she does: She loves to....
- sing (which she always has since she was a baby), 
- play dress up, 
- look at herself in the mirror and play make believe, 
- watch the Princesses... especially Snow White, 
- color 
- wear smocked dresses and her MJ dresses... she wakes up wanting dresses on!!! (THAT is my child)
- then.... after wearing a dress all day, she wants a t-shirt on to hang out at home (THAT is my child too)
- paint her nails and toenails
- put lip gloss on all the time
- eat fruit
- put all her clothes on herself... very independent

The list goes on and on. Everyday she comes up with something and says something that makes me laugh or smile and go "Wow, where did she learn that!"She is like a sponge, taking everything in!!! Right now, her accent is very much an English/Scottish accent. Sounds funny, but this has been going on for 3 weeks now and we don't know where it is coming from. The first thing someone says is "where is that accent coming from??". I love it though but she doesn't sound like my child haha! 

So that is what is happening in a nutshell. We have been going, going, going! I have slacked on pictures and keeping up so I plan to do much better the next few weeks. Gosh I love my summer with my little girl. 

Here are two more ballet pictures until I can download the others....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little catching up....

I had a few minutes to do a little catching up.... our weeks and days have been busier than I EVER thought Summer would be! Not sure how it has been so busy, but yet it is a good thing! It's all good things, so I can't complain. We are either going to the lake, I was in Tampa, we have play dates, out and about, and Kelly and the kids have been here for 7 days so it has just be fun, fun, fun!!! Sometimes, I miss our schedule because it keeps us on track, but I love that we can do whatever we want to, when we want to! Charlee Kate has really loved ballet camp (after she gets over crying for me). I go in early and watch her and she just loves it!! She just hates leaving her mommy. She is there for 3 hours, but she always puts the mommy guilt on me and gives me some tears when I leave. 

All the cousins (Ella, Hunter, and CK) have had so much fun together. Charlee Kate asks about them alllll the time! She has loved her time here and she will be so excited when we go to Charlotte in July. My baby girl is just getting too big. Kelly and I do NOT know where time has gone. I can't believe a 3 year old birthday party is in my near future. 

Well here are pictures... that is what is happening this week at least. Leaving for the beach on Saturday, which I can't wait to take CK back to. I have about 50 pics to download from Kelly's camera and then I can have a lot to post about.

Last weekend, we were at the lake for 3 days. We love the boats, sea doos, intertubes, pool, whatever! Kelly and I took the girls out on the intertube. They both liked it at first, then Charlee Kate was done with it, but Ella wanted to go longer. She is a dare devil.

 Eating dinner at the lake house... they just love each other.
We kept Hunter one night to have some time with him before all the kids were together. We met Jennifer to see Jace and Blake and go swimming. They had a lot of fun together!!!

 One morning, I walked in and saw this. CK had made a pallet on the floor with her doll. I thought it was so sweet!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy summer!!!

I swore I would not get this behind again on blogging but this summer has ended up being a very very busy one. So many wonderful fun things happening, but we are so busy! Lots of updates for the Wilson's coming soon as SOON as I can sit down long enough to type. This is a quick picture.... Charlee Kate and Ella are at Ballet Camp all week. They love it together! They go 3 hours every day and a recital on Friday. More news coming soon, hopefully before the end of summer haha!..... Happy June!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am back!

The trip to Florida was exciting! Lots to take in and do. It was truly a fun trip but I am lacking on sleep (Ashley and Karen, lol) It started with landing in Orlando and Ashley and I hitting the malls and outlets!! This is a girl who I can shop with and we stay out late. We were exhausted by midnight when we went to bed. The next day involved more shopping and a nice dinner. We stayed at the Gaylord with her mom and the room and hotel was fabulous. Love that place. We had some good laughs like we always do!!!! I miss her but I am so thankful we became so close 7 years ago. She and her husband are planning a Bama trip soon and I can't wait to show them good southern hospitality!!! 

I went from Orlando to Tampa to stay with Karen, aka "Asian sister". We ran an old time route, had toenails painted, then a fun night out with lots of hard laughs. Especially when I saw a lady smoking, crazy outfit, and a goat on a leash (at the restaurant we were going into). Never a dull moment in the good ole NPR! That meant we needed to head to South Tampa and Howard street.  Sunday was a lazy beach day and I don't think Karen and I left our beach chairs for over 4 hours!!!! I saw Marty (Charlee Kate's Mimi for 2 years) and my fabulous friend Jacki and Mae. We were play date friends and always enjoyed them! So sad how fast time flies. 

We decided to get our toes painted a fun color! I feel so tan until I am with Karen. Boy my feet look pasty white! LOL

The "going out feet" didn't look as bad!

Our old house on Durrance. It doesn't quite look the same and taken care of as much.

Monday, my beastie/little brother Matt took me to the airport after a Trip to Blue Moon in South Tampa, Wrights to take home a whole cake for myself, Mosh Posh (then I opted out....wasn't important), and hit International Mall. Home away from home, even though I don't think it's what it used to be. Lunch at Capital Grille/Bar Louie then off to the airport. Thought I wouldn't make my flight because it was overbooked and I was on stand by, but we had some good laughs at the airport and I made the flight! Whew! Thank God I had a fabulous friend to sit and wait at the airport!!! As I have said often, Florida has fond memories and I miss my friends, people, and everyone who crossed my path there. God blessed me beyond measures! I DID realize how blessed I am to be back home but miss some dear friends!! I did visit good ole Durance Street, where we lived. Lots of good memories and flashbacks to walking with my baby girl on those sidewalks everyday and running with my neighbor!!! It was bittersweet, but was so so blessed to see 2 faces getting off the plane...Jeremy and Charlee Kate. Oh how excited I was!!! 

Bayshore! Probably one of my most favorite places to run and I loved coming here. Brought back so many memories.
Of course... little shopping. Check out these newbies! I love some bright colored shoes

And here is the precious sweet face that I MISSED so much! a nutshell, somewhat....., I had a fabulous trip! I took a trip down memory lane and even made new memories, but realized God has placed us exactly where HE and WE want to be!! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else at the moment I will be back friends! I made 2 trips this year so I'll make another one too.

I have lots lots more to posts, but then again, we have 3 houses to look at, and one to go back to. Makes me nervous but exciting!!!! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just a little mascara...

I have been out of school for over a week now and I think a little mascara is about all I have used. Don't get me wrong... I am a girly girl and I love to get all dressed up, but it has been so nice starting my summer a little more relaxed. I needed that. This past weekend we planned a last minute trip to the river with some friends. It was so much fun. I laughed so hard one night that my face was hurting afterwards. I felt like Jeremy, Charlee Kate, and I had a couple of times to go eat together and just truly relax!!! Of course, the cold, yes... COLD weather helped. I kept thinking any second I would hear an Alabama Football game on the TV and see the leaves changing colors. I loved our 2 days of fall weather. It was so fabulous!!!!!

Another exciting thing was I ran into Maggie... my blog friend. I met her 2 years ago at Hobby Lobby and we became "blogger friends". I met her husband Jamie and her sweet Sophie Claire. Charlee Kate loved Sophie Claire in the 2 minutes she saw her. She talked about her all night. I so hope we can get those 2 girls together. I just know they would "hit it off".

SO my next topic.... TIME!!!! Where does time go? Don't we all ask this question like all the time??? I cannot believe school is out and I have been out for a week and a half!!! I love summer time being off (weather... little "iffy", but time off...LOVE). I think I appreciate summers because I am a teacher, sounds crazy, but I really do appreciate it more. This one has started off with a bang! WOW... 

Well let me get to the pictures and then more to come... I find that blogging this summer has taken a back seat. I just relax and enjoy it more, but I will try to keep pics up to date. I leave for Orlando and Tampa in 2 days. So excited to see my friends and so thankful I can fly back and see them all. It was a VERY important part of my adventure of life that God took us on! We learned so much from that time in Florida and I will post on that soon. It has almost been a year since we have been gone!!!!

Charlee Kate had her first dentist appointment and let me just say they were beyond amazing! I loved it and she was in heaven. Sooooo wonderful and what a great experience. You can tell right here with her picture with the dentist. He was just amazing with her and everything looked good!
 Watching the dinosaur video about teeth before she went into the dental room.
How sweet was this!!!!

Playing with trains while she waits on him to come check out her teeth

She picked out a brand new toothbrush, several stickers, a bouncy ball, her bubble gum toothpaste, lollipop and goody bag. WOW... what happened to one prize, LOL. Hello... Dr. Norby's just had a prize box (you get that Jenn, Ashlee, and Kelly)

Here is our weekend at the River. Charlee Kate loved "her Ashwee". That is all I heard. Where is my Ashwee!!!! I don't think anyone else existed when Ashwee was there!! She had a blast and so did all of us. Jeremy and Michael bet each other they could swim dock to dock in the river. I didn't think they would or COULD do it, but they both did! Sooo... proud of them! I joined them, but did not make it. I freaked out thinking I was tired so I hopped on the sea doo.

Charlee Kate wanted her nails and toenails painted, Riley said he would paint them.... probably not thinking I would have polish, but I did!!! He worked so hard on her nails and toenails and she loved it.

So.... more pictures to come soon, but this works for a few days!