Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big girls!

These girls are best best friends! After a much needed adult night out...the girls with their favorite sitter...we came home to two happy girls. They wanted their mommys high shoes on and thought they were something! We thought it was cute too. We enjoyed a fabulous meal at Gian Marcos which is definitely a Homewood must. 

We are excited for the Macs to arrive tomorrow. Charlee Kate is ready to see her cousins. We have some fun lake days and the beach coming up. I am sure there will be a lot of pictures as well. 

Not the best picture but I was using my phone on the screen. My friends mom did another ultrasound for me because I was having withdrawals. Wanting to see that baby! I could have looked to guess the sex but didnt. Whew...that was will power! Seeing that baby move nonstop just made my night though!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some June happenings!

This past week and weekend was a fun one! Well let's say the first part of the week was productive, not necessarily fun. Charlee Kate was at my moms with Ella and hunter, I did some serious cleaning and then my painting projects started again. I keep saying "I swear I am done painting, but I really think so this time!". I painted several things for the nursery, which I was glad to accomplish, and then some extra painting on furniture. I did have a doctors appointment. It all went well and that is something I always look forward to! 

After picking CK up from my moms we headed to the North Georgia mountains with some old high school friends. We both have girls about the same age and it was previous watching them play. I was in heaven! Cottage in the woods, temps in the low 60's at night and high 70's during the day! No humidity. Made this momma happy! We enjoyed literally hanging out, cooking, catching up, hiking up some waterfalls in the mountains, going to highlands, NC, going out on the boat on the lake, and we even saw Sabens too houses. It was a great R&R long weekend. This week ahead looks to be a lot of fun itself! (Not much painting left either!)

Heading to Highlands, NC...we took a stop for the scenic look. CHarlee Kate and Melena. 
2 best friends since birth! Adam and Jeremy 

Hiking on the mountain to see the waterfall

These 2 girls were the leaders on the way down...not so much coming up!
Eating and shopping!

The boat ride! It was sort of cool and definitely nice out on the water

Swimming in the lake. The daddys and girls swam...Carol and I sat on the boat

The day we had to leave. They were not ready. They had so much fun together!
On the way back to Atlanta (where our friends live), we made a final stop at cabbage patch baby land. Now this was exciting to me because I loved these dolls as a child! It was so cute. They watched the dolls being born, then CHarlee Kate picked out her first cabbage patch doll!

Taking her oath for adopting her doll. She named her Kellage Kelly. We don't know where that came from.

Showing off her new doll in the tinker bell dress she picked out

What am awesome weekend! We are so blessed to have lifelong friends!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


So here are the rest of the Disney pictures! CHarlee Kate's favorite part of Disney was definitely all the princesses. She was just all smiles and loved every minute! To my surprise, the end of May in Orlando was actually nice. We never got hot, it was breezy, and pleasant. Whew that was comforting to this preggo mom...mainly bc of the nausea. 

Rapunzel...she was wonderful!

 Princess Aurora 

Of course Cinderella, but her personality wasn't as great as the others.

 Mom and CHarlee Kate waiting on Snow White!

Charlee Kate loved the fairies and Tinkerbell!

The carousel was a must do! No lines!

She loved the people mover ride. The faster they went, the more she liked them.

After awhile, she was exhausted so she took an hour nap and that gave her tons of energy to make it to the fireworks and light parade!

Charlee Kate participated in the act with Belle. She loved her and this was one of my favorites too!

Dad and CHarlee Kate on Dumbo! The fast pass was the way to go. I could not do any round and round rides. Preggo nausea would have not agreed!

One more night in Tampa. We stayed in Tampa one more night after Orlando. CHarlee Kate and I got in one more international mall trip. She was trying on everything! It was nice. We stayed in a hotel by the airport then flew home the next morning. 

More hats...haha!

At the airport ready to go home. It was a fabulous trip but I was ready to be home after being gone 9 days. CHarlee Kate and Jeremy were too. We had to catch such an early flight that I left her in jammies! Little bow and flip flops with it...she was good to go!