Friday, June 26, 2015

Just to be home....

It's the first time this summer just to be home. Just to have play dates, run errands, random pool trips, random lunch dates, just chill at's been nice. We have a lot of fun things planned for summer but I like no plans as well!! 

Doctor fun! I guess they are necessary though. Then off to the mall for a cookie and change of scenery. It was just too hot to be outside 

Big trucks...oh how he loves a big truck 
Afternoon time after naps...happy boy. Just his milk and no couch cushions 
Summit farmers market! Stopped in a few stores to window shop, wish list. That has to be fast when Beckham is around 
The summit always has such gorgeous flowers 
Lunch date at Babalu with some of our favorites! Catherine and Sawyer 
Pool days ZAPP him every time...makes for s good nap! 
Mary carter and Charlee kate play date...sprinkler and water balloons 
Popsicles in the bath tub are a must!!!
Lots of doctors appointments this summer! Whew, no fun!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Yes we get to call this man ours...he provides for us, takes care of us, puts our needs before his, does so much with the kids, and we get to go through life with him. He is definitely perfect to me and I am so thankful that God picked him to be my husband and a daddy to my two little miracles. Jeremy had the perfect example as a father. His daddy taught him so much and I see him passing down those traits, characteristics, skills, to our kids. 

We had the perfect family/Father's Day weekend! 

Starting our day with early church 
This little momma sure does help me every Sunday when it's time to take Beckham to the nursery 
Friday was hot but not too humid! It didn't keep us from walking to Little Donkey and Steel City Pops
Makes her day...these are the things that she will remember. His time with her
We spent a lot of time at the HW pool! The only way to get through these hot hot summer days 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The last of the beach

I was almost ready to come home until that last day, then I wanted to stay longer. We had great low humidity, breezy weather so the beach was fabulous!! I guess all fun things have to end sometime. I am ready for the next trip! 

Beckham loves birds! I love this picture that my parents took when they had the kids outside.  

The first putt putt experience! Super successful and she's ready to go again! 
I remember it was always more exciting to pick out the color of your golf ball

Beckham taking Chloe out early one morning. He loves holding the leash 
Beckham loves his Hunter
Daddy doing just a little work while B has his morning milk 
"Knuckles" and "high five!"
Goofy girls! It was a great 10 days together! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Beach... a few more days

My girl loves the beach...especially at night looking for crabs! Memories! 
Beckham wasn't looking for crabs but totally laying and playing in the sand. He truly loves his daddy

Sweet girls...ready to swim all day 

Matching in their blue! I love royal blue
The kids and Pop
Ready for the amusement park. 

The girls are really too big but they still have fun. It's time to move up to the bigger parks 

Kevin...never a dull moment 
He never cracked a smile but did like the train. Thankful Hunter rode with him

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The beach...1st day

We were Beach bound for a week! I have been ready to see the beach!!! Jeremy and I had Hunter and Beckham. My parents had the girls. We braved the drive during the day...won't happen again. At this point in our lives, leaving at night is much better! 
Early early morning tent set up and playing on the beach
He absolutely LOVES the sand!!! Pictures will tell that story 
Gammy and Beckham in the pool. It took him a few days to love it

Popcicles on the beach??? What a treat! Now if only the ice cream boat had come by this trip 

I wanted just ONE of these! He was a little scared but it made my day
Helicopters or airplanes are his favorite

After lunch, wardrobe change, and back outside we go

These cuties have had the best time together. They did lots of cheer moves in the pool