Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No More Sunday Night blues for awhile!

I have been MIA for almost a week because of school ending, heading out town, trying to keep all of my ducks in a row, and just enjoy the beginning of summer. Its been crazy... maybe because I htink I need to accomplish it all at one time, but that is okay too! Memorial day weekend. It was a great one! It was so exciting to be OUT of school by Memorial Day. In Florida, we always had to go back after, so I enjoyed the fact that I was DONE before the Memorial Day holiday. We spent a lot of our weekend at the River. We did some good cleaning and organizing, but then lots of relaxing and enjoyment. My parents had lots of family and friends over and Charlee Kate loved it. We rode in the boat, road sea doos, the inner tubes behind the sea doos, swam, ate good food, etc... It was nice. 

Once the weekend was over, it was nice to come home knowing I didn't have anymore "Sunday night blues". Charlee Kate has been going to school this week and I have already accomplished some much needed things. 7-8 hours of cleaning, cleaning out, organizing, and being home. Still lots of fun things planned for the week to try and start this summer off productive. Here are some pictures from the weekend. More to come soon... 

The cover up was a pain... not a great choice, LOL. 

Charlee Kate had to have those rings. She loves her rings!!!

 Sweet girl was so excited and ready for everyone to come over.

 She was spinning around, modeling, and loving everything at this moment.

 At night at the river.... eating her ice cream, watching her movies on the iPad, all snuggled up in the chair. Boy... she had it made. 
 The day before we left for the river, we had our neighborhood party. It was so much fun! After all the kids went to bed... the women stayed out and talked forever. It was a great beginning to summer.

Charlee Kate had chocolate icing all over her face. Real nice...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May is the new December

How many of you are agreeing with this? It is definitely this way for a teacher by far, but just about anyone these days. May fills up so fast with special celebrations, Mother's Day, holidays, ending school, last minute stuff to finish up, and the list goes on. The exciting part is... May means SUMMER! Yay for that!!!! Its no secret I am not a die hard fan of 95 degree weather and humidity, but I welcome the break, especially the long one. Last Summer was short b/c I got out of school late in Florida and started earlier in Alabama, but this summer should be a longer one!

I am looking forward to the beginning of summer in just a few short days. It begins with some fun at the River for Memorial Day weekend. Pontoon boat, sea doos, and lots of friends and family... should be such a great way to start. Then next week... I cannot wait to clean, clean, clean and organize my house while CK is in school. Then I cannot wait to get her bedroom pieces painted and finished so I can decide on what else I want for her room and what color bedding I want. I am ready to accomplish some tasks that have been on my list for a few weeks and just impossible to do because "May is the new December!!".

 Oh she looks like SUCH A BIG girl in these pictures! I didn't think that this morning until I took the pictures and saw them. I just love this MJ and Persnickety together though! Those 2 brands go hand in hand!

 I know the picture is blurry but it was so cute!! My goofy camera is doing this to me!

 Time for school on Monday! When I pick her up and her hair is all sweaty, I decided that piggy tails would be best the next few days.

 She really wanted to wear a t-shirt to school. She loves them!!!! So Juicy has some of the cutest ones and it went with my favorite pants so I made her day and put on a t-shirt. It really isn't wrinkled... better not be since I spent so much time ironing, haha!
 She wanted fruit really bad so we stopped at Publix and bought some. She was eating her fruit and just talking to me. So sweet!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Perfect title for a lot of reasons...

1. Wonderful weekend
2. Last week of school
3. Memorial Day weekend coming up
4. Projects ahead of me...
5. And... life.... just something to be thankful for!

Our weekend was great! Mom and I had a wonderful time shopping in Atlanta. The meal at Capital Grille was amazing (as always!!!). Sunday we took Jeremy's mom to The Classic to eat brunch and it was fabulous as always too! We definitely had some delicious meals this past weekend.

Now... there are NO MORE Sunday night blues for a long time. I have 4 days of school left and a LOT to do in those 4 days. I am so excited my summer is almost here. Charlee Kate still has a full week of school next week. I am so excited about the fact that I have a full week to do tons of stuff while she is at school. Cleaning is number one on my list and then I have a huge project ahead of me. Figuring out her new big girl room. The colors/lamps/accessories/bedding has not "hit" me yet. I have some ideas in my head, but I haven't figured it out completely yet. Before I do that though, the furniture has to be painted and distressed. Check this out... GORGEOUS furniture!! I just have to decide what color to paint it so I can do it next week. I will be glad when that project is over!

Boy doesn't this look like a fun project!!!! The headboard is on it's side too so it is super tall! It will DEFINITELY be a big project, but one I will love when it is all completed. Here are my before pictures. Ordering knobs today for the dresser and deciding on paint colors. I will post an "after" picture in several weeks.
We have a fun Memorial Day weekend planned at the River. With a new pontoon boat and NOW new sea doos, I see that place being very popular and fun over the summer.

The summer holds so many fun things ahead. The beach, Kelly and the kids coming, a trip to North Carolina, and then lots of time to be home. We need that "home time" considering last summer we did not have very much.

So there is much to blog about, but that is just a quick summary. Here are a few pictures of the past several days. More to come soon!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 more days!

Only one more "Sunday night" and then 12 Sunday nights with nothing planned ahead. That is the excitement of a teacher!! I can't believe we only have 5 days left. Doesn't seem like that is possible and now with the new law that just passed for Alabama... we will be starting later and that is 2 more weeks of summer. Not complaining here. I am looking forward to this summer. Last summer was a very productive summer that we were SO BLESSED to have. It consisted of A LOT of packing and unpacking boxes considering we moved 9 hours back home, then the surgery that had me down for a couple of weeks, then getting settled into a new school and neighborhood, just kept the summer super busy. This summer looks a little more like beach trips, trips to The Carolinas to see the fam, and then a lot of doing what we want to WHEN we want to. I can't wait! It is a well deserved break. Moving into another house will eventually have to come, but that is another story another day. Still just praying for all those pieces to fall into place, which I know will happen, because God always has a plan.

Here are a few pictures from the week. Not much in the way of pictures. I have just accepted that between now and the last day of school, things are insanely busy. Luckily, Charlee Kate has a good week of school AFTER I get out of school, then she can go when I want her to (1 or 2 days a week). I just decided that week she is still in school and I am done, I will try to get things back in order. Too much on the plate. We are looking forward to traveling home this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. Mom and I are going to Atlanta on Saturday and then we go to The Classic on Sunday to celebrate with Jeremy's mom. I hope to get some pictures from those occasions.

TGIF and TGI... A (almost) S (summer).
I love how she gets so excited to see Chloe (and vice verse). They love each other!! I love Charlee Kate in yellow and these yellow Livie and Luca shoes were my favorite!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Well it's been a wonderful mothers day weekend! It started with muffins for mom at Charlee Kate's school. That was so special but what made it so exciting was watching Charlee Kate as she gave me something she made there, and as I had breakfast with her at her school. It was priceless and I would not trade those 20 minutes for anything. 

Saturday my parents came over so the guys could move new exercise equipment to the house! Now we need a bigger place to put it all. Love our Wilson gym and when all the pieces can be together in one room. Mom and I did a few things but we didn't have a whole lot of time. We are going to Atlanta one day next weekend to eat and shop for mothers day and her birthday. 

Saturday night we really "stepped out of the box". We stayed our with CK until about 10:30. That is late for her and we usually give in but we were having too much fun with Jenn Michael and the kids! Jace and Blake were sound asleep but Charlee Kate held her own and stayed awake. I live nights where you are having so much fun with friends and low key. Sunday was special as always!!! 

After the movie was going... we loved this picture!

I felt achy Saturday night so the Tylenol pm I took was making it hard to wake up! Jeremy made sure I got my favorite coffee from DD that he went to pick up, a few special surprises, a wonderful lunch at Michaels here in Homewood... Which we will visit often. Amazing meal!!! Afternoon with my family, a good "rainy" run (nothing you can do once you are out there and far from home, just have to run), then cereal for dinner. Jeremy was going to the grocery store and going to cook but we had such a big lunch we opted for cereal. All of the "fluff" was special bc Jeremy knew what l loved and wanted me to have the best day but... Nothing is more special and more of a blessing than the 2 1/2 year old that gives me the mommy title! I love that girl more and more everyday and today she wanted to show it. She gave so many hugs, sang and danced for anyone anywhere!!!! It made us laugh!! She used those sweet manners and it just melts my heart. Thank you God for allowing me to be Jeremy's wife and Charlee Kate's parents

Matching girls with our Hunter rain boots! She can finally wear hers. I have only had them for 8 months now!


I mean this has to be an all time favorite dress. Jeremy wanted to do everything for me today, including dressing her and fixing her hair. He did such a good job! I hinted for the rain boots and was glad she loved them!

We decided at the last minute to go to Michaels here in Homewood. It was sooooo good!!!! The absolute perfect lunch.

Charlee Kate wanted to show out, dance and sing! She was sitting in the window seat singing to us.