Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve and day

Christmas Eve was one of the best days we had as a family. Everyone slept in and got some good sleep, we played outside, anticipation and excitement was everywhere, Beckham and I took a walk, we attended Christmas Eve Childrens service at our church, had a nice dinner out, looked at cmas lights, opened presents, prepared cookies for Santa and oatmeal for the reindeer, and everyone was in bed early. The whole day was just calm, relaxing, celebrating...all the things I would want with my kids the day before Christmas. Such a blessing to experience Christmas with these two. I pray that these moments will last for awhile! 

We choose a great restaurant each Christmas Eve. This year it was Cheesecake Factory 

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve night from our family. Charlee Kate got a trip to disney world in January...along with plenty of "Disney goodies". I was so excited for her to open this!
Who knew that reindeer needed oatmeal with sparkles!

Charlee Kate set up her place for Santa very carefully. 
She also helped to set and prepare the table for Christmas breakfast. She took her time to prepare it very special! This little girl has such a big heart

Christmas morning excitement 

Happy birthday Jesus! 
Santa did come! Our kids get 3 gifts from Santa...for several reasons. The original idea was 3 gifts like baby Jesus received 3 gifts from the wise men. The other thought..."Santa" doesn't get all the credit for giving all the good things, mommy and daddy give them lots too 😂
Beckham's stash 
Out of all these wonderful things...CK played with her little shopkins most and Beckham loved the spinning Elf candy pop. You never know what will be a child's favorite 
She loved her new slippers from The Macs
2 days after was laid back. It was pajama, donut, coffee day and one service

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pajama breakfast

We had a Christmas breakfast in Jammies for Charlee Kate and all her shades Cahaba friends. It was such a sweet morning with 12 little girls!!!
She was so excited and ready for her company. We set the table to get ready for her friends
We had two table of girls...luckily I had my mom and Kelly to help the party flow

My cookie lady made the best cookies for the party. We did some Christmas ones but the shopkins cookies were a hit!
The grinch fruit hats!
Breakfast is served! Chick Fil A chicken minis, cookies, pretzels, fruit, and crackers
(Top) Mary Brandon, Ella, Frances, Leyton, Ada, Mary Addison
(Bottom) Madison, Addison, CK, Mary Carter, Evie
Crazy faces! That's always their favorite
Three super sweet girls
Mary Kyser made it for this picture
Movie time...The grinch 
The grandkids headed out with my parents for a day and night of fun with Gammy and pop. All the "big kids" headed out with friends. It was such a great night of fun and laughs. We laughed so hard our faces and abs hurt!

Gian Marcos dinner...then back to our house for fun!! (Guys not pictured)
The grands out at The Bass Pro Shop

A weekend with families

Our weekend was such a great one! Nonstop family fun and the perfect weekend!! Saturday was Christmas at The Ogles. That's truly a blessing to still be able to get with extended family!! Kelly, Kevin, and the kids got in on Saturday as well. Our little ones were beyond excited to see each other and it was so sweet! 

Sunday we had Christmas at the lake house with Jeremy's family. We chose a neutral location this year because it would be a hard year without Loved ones. It truly turned out to be a day of celebration, fun, and enjoying each other. We have so much to still be thankful for!!! 

Heading to Anniston to my grandmothers....We made a pit stop at the outlets to keep B from falling asleep 

My grandmother is loved by many! 

Sunday...beautiful day at the river celebrating with The Wilson side

The grands!! What a great picture

Playing dirty Santa...this girl opened a box full of candy. Made her day
Barbara with her boys