Friday, February 27, 2015

Cold, cloudy days, ready for spring!

Big brown eyed boy! When his ears aren't hurting, he is THE happiest child ever! These ears have given us major fits the last 2 months so we are getting tubes next week! It's time! 
One of the cold snowy nights, CK and I had a red carpet party. We watched the Oscars and picked out our favorite dresses 
When she wakes him up, she crawls in his bed. He loves it! It's priceless 
Waiting for it to snow! ❄️❄️❄️
Water bottles, straws, mops, brooms...his favorite toys 
We did get one nice day and so we were able to get out and about with the stroller. I miss stroller days! So much better 
Daddy/daughter date night! She picked out her dress, how she wanted to wear her hair, make up, etc...she felt beautiful as everyone should on a night out. 

This was my date while Jeremy and Charlee Kate were gone 
School days! Going by too fast! 
After a long day and doctors appt, he fell asleep in the car. This hasn't happened in a long time! 
Playing in Chloe's food and sweeping. He's into everything 
There has to be cute ideas for AL game day dresses! Here's a new one! 

Back to normal

From never published! Looks like the Wilson house may be back to healthy and normal!! I hope and pray we are. It's music to my ears to hear Beckham laughing and playing instead of crying. Charlee Kate had a great weekend! Lots of fun and excitement! 
Saturday was the kids Mercedes race. It was colder than I thought and windy! She was a trooper though and took off running. I was so proud of her! 

She was so proud of her medal 

After the race, we headed to her school to the winter festival. These events are always chaos but the kids love them. She had a blast! 
On Sunday I got to sleep in. Much needed after the week we had. We still made it to church but it was a great day! 
This little boy discovered lollipops when he was sick. It was one of the only things to make him happy during that time so I gave it to him. We found one more in the car so I let him have it 😄🍭

Thursday, February 19, 2015

No pity party here!

No pity party here...just prayers! It's been a whirlwind of 6 days and believe me..we don't have it bad compared to so many. It's just still not easy for a mama to see her baby sick and not be able to do much! We MAY be on the mend to getting better. We will see in the next couple of days. 

We ended up taking Beckham to childrens on Tuesday night. My child was not himself! No smiles, no playing, not eating, barely drinking, horrible diarrhea, ear infections, you name it! He lost a little weight not eating and was hoarse from crying SO much. Broke my heart and I was just worried. Of course the minute we walked in the hospital, someone traded my child and I had my old Beckham back. Then we got home and it all changed again! Go figure!! Luckily we got a shot and hoping he is slowly getting better. He got another shot today at the doctor and we go back for one more tomorrow! We both have cabin fever but I just want my happy, get into everything, silly little boy back to himself!! And praying no one else gets this stomach bug!!!

Didn't cry for the doctor!! Of course! 
A hint of a smile! 

The first bite of food...a French fry! Nothing healthy but who cared at this point! It was also a HUGE deal that he sat in a shopping cart. I have carried him a whole lot lately. I have a huge right bicep at the moment 😄
A picture I got from Mrs. Letson at school on Wednesday. CK did her own side pony! Rocking the 80's! Survival mode in the Wilson house! Luckily she stayed with Gammy the night we went to the hospital

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy February

Little B getting into anything and everything! He's all boy but I love it! He just moves faster than I can snap a picture 
My jeans that I just love even though they say "Jamie". Both my kids wore them
Trampoline hair! Happens every time!
A little morning treat...dunkin donuts!
Lunch dates! We met my friend Catherine at FIVE! Boy was it yummy! of my favorite lunches! A good one after Whole 30 even though it doesn't happen often 
Valentines day! My two little valentines! One of my favorite holidays to celebrate. We had a great weekend despite the fact that it was the beginning of Beckham's sicknesses
Charlee Kate wanted little donkey for lunch so we let her choose. Steel city pops was the dessert 
Beckham kept us on our feet for 3 solid days! One of us would handle him and one entertain this sweet girl. Charlee Kate and I took a chilly walk to downtown Homewood for coffee Sunday afternoon. Then we headed to cvs and The pig to pick up a couple of things, walked to her school to play on the playground, then back home to bake some goods! It was some fun girl time! 
The dishwasher, mop, or vacuum were the things that made him happiest, even if it was just 5 minutes at a time. Turns out Beckham had double ear infections, strep, pink eye, and bad bad diarrhea. Poor guy!!! Hoping these meds kick in and he starts feeling better

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Enjoyable days

I must say our last few weeks have just been enjoyable! Things go on from time to time but lots of time to play with Baby Becks during the day, a few lunch dates, but not too much on the calendar. It's kind of nice after a busy fall with football, birthdays, and holidays (even though that's my favorite!) 

I started my volunteer work at The Bell Center on Tuesdays. That has been a blessing to me. It is such a reward to work with those precious children but has reminded me time and again how truly blessed we are! Beckham stays with my mom on those days that I volunteer and it's a few extra hours I can get some things done afterwards. 

These days that little man is everywhere! He can get into things faster than I can think. He makes me laugh through it all. Walking is going to happen any day now! Charlee Kate is growing up faster. School does that to kids. It's part of life I know... But it doesn't mean I am quiet ready for it. She has so much enthusiasm and loves her American girl doll, playing school, playing outside, anything! She's just full of life! When Jeremy is gone, she is a huge help with Beckham too. God knew what he was doing when he gave me my kids when he did! Thankful!!! 

Shopping for Charlee Kate is still more fun than for B. However it takes me longer to shop for B and find things I like! I do create a lot in my head for both of them and (luckily I have a lady who can see that vision and make it for me!). Dresses and boots are my favorites to buy for CK. Thank goodness for ONE girl!  

Dermatologist visit for me and Charlee Kate. I couldn't even keep B still for a picture

I love this elephant jacket! Luckily the kids and I had a great breakfast together the day of the appt. They were a hit with the regulars! Ha
Eating animal crackers! Those saved the day
Riding in the car. He "takes in the world" and loves to look out the window 
Jeremy's mom came over for two days. The kids loved her singing, reading books, and playing! 
I was looking through some pictures and took a trip down memory lane
Charlee Kate and Mary carter having a play date 
The 60 degree temperatures were perfect for a zoo day! How lucky we are to have it 5 minutes away
Family dinner out at Michaels 
B liked the lemons 
Another gorgeous day called for a walk to steel city pops then a stop at the park

Most Tuesday nights, Charlee Kate spends the night with my mom to have one on one time. This night they had a tea party. These are things she will remember