Thursday, October 30, 2014

Red ribbon day!

So it was career I tried to really explain to Charlee Kate about professions/making money etc...hard for a 5 year old to truly grasp! After going back and forth with several choices she finally said "I want to be a makeup artist like the place you buy makeup". They are always so sweet to her and put some on her and it stood out in her mind. It helps that MAC has funky colors for her to look at 😜

So the night before, I created the blCk ensemble and apron. Those that know me, know that I DO NOT thrive off last minute preparations but I was super happy with this one! She felt beautiful! I could just tell! As long as she loved it, mission was accomplished! 

She had all her make up and brushes in her pockets. 
Her MAC shopping bag to put her make up in during the school day (to keep it from getting lost or her in trouble)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend trip

Friday fun day!!! After dropping CK off at school I was getting ready for our weekend trip to Tennessee! We couldn't wait to go stay with one of my closest childhood friends Emily and her husband and little boy. My mom went with me and stayed at Emily's mom's house. After 30+ years, it's such a blessing to still be such close friends! 
After Friday night of playing, these two settled on the couch for a little TV
This little guy is a CHAMP! What other 10 month old rides for 3 hrs, listens to music, looks out the window, or just plays with a toy, yet only naps 30 minutes?? Jeremy Wilson's child ha! So much like daddy for the most part!
Bath time for the three kiddos
So....this will probably never be seen again! My poor child was not sure about a new house and new people so he wanted ME to hold him nonstop! Luckily Justin, Emily's husband, was able to take him to play for a few minutes. However, I come in and found this!!!' (Emily is an AU fan). Charlee Kate said "what is he wearing?" I sent the pictures to Jeremy and this was his response 🙈🙉🙊

I didn't DARE show my dad! 
Look at that lip...doesn't like this jersey! this is more like it! RTR
Glad we are all good sports and can do this laughing 

Game day in TN! My family was definitely AL ready! 
Charlee Kate collecting different colored leaves. 
We went to a huge festival in downtown franklin. It was kind of crazy with kids but found some great things. These 2 had fun trick or treating at tents 
Me and little man taking a swing while waiting in everyone to arrive at Emily's house. We were locked out lol! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

10 months old

Well Beckham has definitely changed over the last month. There's a lot more "movement" going on so I really have to watch this little guy! His favorite toy is my vacuum. Loves to chase it and the mop! Ha...he's watched mommy quiet a bit I guess. He has a 6th tooth that is thru and two more almost in. I have noticed when he is teething, but it isn't as bad as it was with Charlee Kate. He is already facing forward in his car seat. He is so long that he was kicking the back seat. Now he's definitely passed the weight limit too! 

He just sits up in the bath tub for his bath now. Scares me because I have to watch every move to keep him from falling over. Charlee Kate usually sits in there with him so we bathe both at once. 

I seriously want to freeze time and I say that everyday! Beckham is always so happy, smiling, and is attached to his mama. I love it though! I prayed for this for so long and I am eating it up! 9 months began my favorite time for Charlee Kate and it's the same with Beckham. I feel like we have this two kid thing down and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Beckham still loves a good stroller ride thank goodness. He talks and babbles all the time. He does love his bottle and hopefully will break from it as easy as CK did. She was done at 1 year old. Washing bottles isn't fun but the thought of being done with them makes me sad too! 

God is so amazing and continuously blesses us. I am living my dream and so thankful he chose me to be Beckham and Charlee Kate's mommy! ❤️💙

His sticker says 10 months old but he would NOT stay still for a second! 
I love that little head!! God have me two amazing healthy babies! He even went over and beyond and knew my deepest thoughts as to wanting two blonde heads!! He knows all! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch field trip day!! It was so much fun going as a chaperone! I loved being on this side of field trips even though I found myself still counting heads! I guess the teacher never leaves you!
Charlee Kate and her friend Addison
Mary Addison, Charlee Kate, and Addison 
Picking cotton! 
She says she found the perfect pumpkin!!!
Beckham stayed with mom and dad while I was on the field trip. Golf cart rides are always a favorite 
Chilly mornings = uggs and Patagonia 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Football Saturday

Biting those lips!! He does some funny faces!

Riding the train! Girls loved it, B loved it...and I did until I lost my phone on it and didn't realize until I got home!! Whew it was found though thanks to Lisa! 

Feeding the birds which she loved!
These girls LOVE each other!!! Fun fun day at the zoo! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mid October!

This had Beckham one day so I enjoyed lots of hours cleaning and got to go eat lunch with Charlee Kate. (Picture of her and her friend Addison above). 

Pancake picture...from Bham magazine. It's about Over Easy, my favorite breakfast place in town. Great for those who are healthy and even those who just want something not as healthy ideas, time, lists, projects have started for Beckham's birthday. November and December look to be pretty full so getting ahead of the my middle name 

Fall weather has arrived 👍🎃❤️!! First year I have done A LOT with fall decorating and I am enjoying it. Of course, pumpkins will exit early bc I like Christmas decorations up early!!
Matching sweet babies
Quick family snapshot and no one prepared!
Time for a trim and blow out for little Miss
This is a routine thing for my kids in the afternoon! Especially when the weather is cool and I roll the windows down 

Coffee at O Heneys one nice cool morning! This Patagonia may not fit long! (***growing boy!!!)

That tongue! He loves to stick it out
Whew...this girl has recovered from strep but needs a long weekend rest/break! You can tell by the look on her face